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Duck Dynasty Review: The Movie Men

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Duck Dynasty returned this week without any discussion of the Phil Robertson controversy, gay marriage or, heck, even ducks fo that matter.

No, Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 1 and Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 2 were all about...  movies?

Yes, the family welcomed back Rebecca, Willie and Korie’s exchange-student-turned-daughter who spent the last couple years interning in Los Angeles in the fashion industry.

But the highlights of the premiere centered on some rather intense film discussions and debates, none more pressing than this:

Si believes Air Bud is superior to Jason Bourne. Seriously!

With Si under the weather and watching his beloved golden retriever (on VHS, of course), this duck caller refused to let Phil pop in a Bourne movie, arguing that the dog is a far better action hero.

"Could a dog do what Bourne does?" Phil asks: "You'll take a dog playing basketball over Bourne?"

Si said yes... and then professed his affection for the animal athlete genre overall: "Seventh Inning Fetch – it made Field of Dreams look like Rookie of the Year."

We mean... what can one even say to that?!?

On the second installment, meanwhile, Willie needed an assistant. And he was initially turned off by his wife's cousin, John David, because he looked like a "cave men." But a few Nacho Libre quote exchanges later and - bam! - Willie had his number-two.

There was also some talk about how Phil stays healthy by tossing around dung, along with John Luke explaining how much he loves the art of the emoji.

But we should end this recap with another movie reference. Take it away, Si, after being told by his wife that he can't stay home alone.

"I'm like that young kid who was home alone. Macaulay Culkin. I'll be alright."

What did you think of the opener? Click the videos above to watch Duck Dynasty online and then sound off: Air Bud or Jason Bourne?



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Hello I just wanted to say duck dynasty's show rocks and all the people out there should at least try to watch it it is a mix of comedy / hunting I am 12 and me and my dad love to hunt and we think duck dynasty is a learning experience for people who might want to try to hunt I love all the cast members and I hope that they can continue there wonderful life on TV from Alexa kishel