Glee to Move to New York City Full-Time on Season 5

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Fox President Kevin Reilly confirmed yesterday that a big move is in store on Glee Season 5... to The Big Apple!

Following the show's two-week 100th episode celebration (which will feature Gwyneth Paltrow, Chace Crawford and other big names) on March 18 and 25, the series “will go to New York exclusively for the second half” of this season, according to Reilly.

And, yes, this will mean saying goodbye to some Lima, Ohio residents.

Twerking in the Hall

“Creatively, it would ridiculous if everybody moves to New York,” said Reilly. “This season, there’s going to be a graduation [from Lima's William McKinley High]. Several of the cast members will move on, and a few others will go to New York.”

What about Jane Lynch's Sue, who would seem to have no NYC connection at all?

“As long as there’s a show, there’s Jane,” Reilly assured viewers.

It's also possible we'll see some non-New Yorkers here and thee when the series airs "special episodes," the executive said, adding: The way it’s going to dovetail next season, we’re going to see some familiar faces coming around in some capacity.

Reilly also confirmed that Season 6 will mark the end for Glee and that creator Ryan Murphy “got some fantastic ideas on what we’re going to next year for the final year.”

What do you think of the show making a permanent move to New York? Watch Glee online and sound off now.

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Why can't grreasy hairs Blaine and Sam just stay in Lima? Don't let them ruin NY as well!


Thank Goodness! I have been taping the show and watching it later just so I can fast-forward through the Lima parts. The new characters are as dull as dish water and make us miss the original cast even more. Horrible casting!


I couldn't be more thrilled to hear this! Most of the McKinley characters are useless! As long as they move Blaine and Sam to New York, that's all I care about. The rest can go wherever they're going to go. I'd love to get the focus back on the ones with all the talent. I don't care for any of the new cast members at all really, except for Kitty. She's the only interesting one. So this will be good for the show!


NOOOOOOOOOOO I don't like this! They got us so attached to the new characters and now they are just dropping them. That's BS! Honestly if they aren't in the nest season I'm dropping Glee.


I'm actually really excited about this! In my opinion I have been finding the New York story lines more interesting than McKinley High ones lately. So I think this will be pretty cool

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I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.