Grimm Review: True Colors

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If there’s one thing that I learned at the end of Grimm Season 3 Episode 10, it’s this:

Don’t give Juliette a frying pan. Not since Rapunzel in Tangled have I witnessed someone mercilessly beat the bad guys to a pulp with one.

What's Going On With Juliette?

Frying pan humor aside, this installment focused mostly on Juliette and Hank. While Juliette and Hank were doing completely different things, at the end both of their stories tied together thematically. This theme of Wesen acceptance is a cornerstone of Grimm, but this was the only episode that really took more than a passing glance at the idea.

As Rosalee explained, most Wesen only want to hide from the world. Most feel shame over their heritage and who they are. They work to suppress it and run from it.

Rosalee hung around with some bad people in her past, and Alicia - no matter what the evidence presented - continued to deny everything. They’re so used to being killed and beheaded for who they are they they’ve adapted to running, denying and changing their appearances completely.

Juliette beating up Joe continued Juliette’s arc of finding a place where she belongs. She’s certainly not been the best of characters in the past, but watching her fend off Joe to protect a friend she loves and adores, Wesen or not, was very endearing.

She used everything she could remember from a self-defense class and was able to beat back Joe completely. The fight was a good indicator of the type of moral code she follows.

She looks past masks or facades and tries to get to know the person. She accepts Alicia in the same manner as Rosalee and Monroe. She likes them as people, and that’s all she needs. Just the same, Wesen or human, she’s going to fight you off if you’re hurting her friends and family.

It’s a drastic and welcome improvement for her character.

Hank is in a similar position to Juliette. He knows about the Wesen world and he’s “adapting” to it. Hank may not be as understanding and as accepting as Juliette probably because he sees the horrors humans and Wesen can do on the job, but he definitely understands the pressures Wesen are under.

He’s really beginning to fall for Zuri, but Zuri is so afraid of her Wesen form or maybe losing her temper that she doesn’t want to put anyone under that kind of stress. She’s willing to continue blowing off Hank’s advances even after he accepts her exactly as she is. It’s a good start, but until Zuri can accept herself a relationship with Hank is doomed before it even begins.

In the end, the themes presented were allegorical to the fears and emotions of LGBT people.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Apartment 310, Episode 310. I rather enjoy seeing television shows do this.
  • That poor house needs some Grimm insurance with the amount bodies, walls, furniture and knick-knacks being broken.
  • I envy the people with enough willpower to not finish their bowl of ice cream. Quite honestly, I would probably still finish my ice cream even if there was gang violence going on outside my diner window. I’d just bring the bowl with me if I had to duck.

What’s your opinion of Juliette now?


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There where rumors that there was going to be another Grimm in the picture. It would be nice if it was a woman and her and Nick hit it off give Juliette something to worry about. But Nick is such a good guy he would never do that to Juliette and I have to say I love the fact that Nick is such a good guy.


I really enjoy this show even though it had way too much Juliette. Last year Juliette was a total wuss and a moron and this year she is wonder woman all of sudden. The guy knocks out Nick a Grimm and yet boney Juliette can beat him up .....Really? The writers took her too far last year and this year they are trying too hard to make up for what they did to her last year and it is not working with me. Yes I am going to point out again that last week they had a guest bedroom but last season Nick was sleeping on the sofa! Where was my girl Adilend and not enough cool sexy badass the captain! Also where is Stepfania aka Renard's momma! It looks like Adilend will have her baby next week. I wonder how Nick and Hank will feel if the baby is the Captains? Also will Adilend just hand her baby over to get her powers back? I knew Zuri was going to be Wessen. I think this is going to be a storyline with Hank this year. I like Hank and really missed him last season, him and Zuri would be a great storyline to follow. Now if they could just figure more to do with Wu Wu! I also caught the 310 I watch for it in every show. So glad Grimm is back on track this year. More everyone else and less Juliette!


Loved the episode. Juliette fighting off Joes to protect Alicia was cool and just Watching her kick his ass was awesome. I'm am really loving her character this season ever since she found out the truth she's become much more exciting. I hope Zuri can learn to accept herself and finally go out with Hank because he's ok with what she is and he needs someone in his life. Monroe and Rosalie haven't played a major part in these last 2 episodes but it looks like that will change next week when Monroe meets Rosalie's parents which should be and interesting episode. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


So Hank let the girl get away with murder and he didn't even get a date out of it? Wow. Harsh. Nice review. This episode really excelled a great allegory for the LGBT experience. That being said, it could do a little better racially. Black Wesen are rare on the show (which is fine, minority and all that), but goodness, their storylines. We got one black Wesen from Haiti that of course makes voodoo-ish undead people. And now, it's been AGES since we've seen black wesen in the procedural side of Grimm, but of course they're gang members and jailed fathers. Honestly. Throw us a white-collar crime once in a while :-) Anyway, my favourite thing about the episode was Monroe and Rosalee's acceptance of each other. And Monroe killing it with the cello. He was still playing in the background as Rosalee and Juliette chatted, SO GOOD. It's always fun watching Nick use his "Grimmness" to intimidate people, which he did quite a bit this episode.


I like that Hank and Juliette are more incorporated into the Wesen world, but there hasn't been much Monroe and Rosalee. I hope they are able to find a balance because those two bring a lot of heart and humor to Grimm.


every girl on this show needs to fight..i wanna see Rosalee lose her temper and fight just once


*fears and emotions that LGBT people experience.

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Grimm Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm not impressed!


You don’t realize how different you and Nick and Hank are. That you don’t judge or, more importantly, cut off our heads.