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On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 11, Lavon lost the merger.

And, just as it looked as if Bluebell would become Fillmore, the glorious Lt. Governor swooped in to save the day!

Other than Bluebell being saved, the best part of the night was when we finally bid goodbye to Lynly Hayes. We can all rejoice now that she is gone, yet there was a flip side to this good side: it looks like Shelby may be out of here as well.

Now that Lynly is gone, I wonder: to whom will I direct all of my disdain? There always has to be that one character that you just utterly dislike. Who is going to be next? Guess we will have to see.

On Hart of Dixie Season 2 Episode 10, Brick and Shelby reconciled and I was so happy. My joy quickly faded, though, when Shelby left with her baby daddy. That's right, baby daddy. She wasn't artificially inseminated like she claimed, instead she got knocked up by the Lt. Governor.

Does anyone else want Shelby to come running back to Brick again? They're so adorable and compatible.

You know who else is compatible? Joel and Zoe. I regret nothing about this and every episode I fall more in love with them even though I know I shouldn't.

Eventually, Zoe will break Joel's heart and he will have to move back to New York. I won't like it when this happens. Joel is smart, funny, adorable, and not to mention, he treats Zoe like a queen.

What was Zoe's relationship like with Wade? They were always arguing, fighting about something new and, come on, Wade cheated on Zoe.

Am I the only one who remembers this? Am I the only one who finds it hard to want them back together so quickly?

I understand that things change and people should be forgiven... but Zoe moved onto Joel and he is awesome. I see on Twitter and Tumblr all of this Joel hate and I don't understand it. He treats our main character with so much love and compassion, why does he need to leave?

Why do we find ourselves disliking Joel? He treats Zoe better than Wade did. I think he's very good for her.

Elsewhere, we were lead to believe that Lavon lost the battle to keep Bluebell and I was shocked but also excited. For a second there, I thought the writers were going to take us down a new path but with a quick twist, Bluebell remains.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode. Even though it was a bit more dramatic and bit less comedic, it worked. Also, Harley Junior came back and he is so adorable; he needs to make more appearances.

As far as this season goes, as Joel put it tonight: I'm all in too.

What shocked you most about the episode?


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The reason people give Joel hate is because he just came in there out of nowhere. We haven't got to see any character growth, we don't know how he and Zoe met and how everything happened. Usually, when a new character is brought into the show we get to know them and slowly see them get to know everyone else. Because Joel came in at the 3rd season premiere, after a 5 month gap in time, we missed the whole introduction thing. We saw Wade and George and even the other minor love interests get to know Zoe but Joel was just suddenly there. Like a traitor. If he had have been slowly brought in, things might have been different. Also he is just boring. Yes he treats Zoe right, but he has nothing else really going for him. Nothing exciting ever happens with him. It was okay to not make Zoe immediately with one of the former characters but the writers could have introduced Joel much better and got rid of him sooner. And they only would have been dating for like 4 months when s3 premiered and they already were live together and constantly say how much they love eachother. No one cares. Zade were together for a few months and they never even said they loved eachother (excluding the season 2 finale when Wade said he loved Zoe.) I can't wait until they get rid of Joel. He's just annoying. It's ruining the show for me.


I don't know if anyone feels the same way I do, but what upsets me even more is that, how are the writers going to put zoe and wade back together at the end, if it seems like there are no more feelings between then??? They act like they were over a decade ago (specially wade)!!! For example in Grey's Anatomy, we always knew Avery and April had feelings for each other because of some behaviors or looks, so *SPOILER ALERT* what happened in the midseason finale was fully expectable, but here no! How do they go back, after having clearly moving on with their lives? How doesn't wade show a little bit of guilt for dating zoe's cousin??? the writers completely ruined this couple, I was always a Zade shipper, but I feel like it would be better if they leave it like that.... and that "ruined my life thing"??? wtf writers, this was very poorly written because the answer to that clearly was "you're the one who ruined my life when you cheated on me"..

@ Oreo

and that "ruined my life thing"??? wtf writers, this was very poorly written because the answer to that clearly was "you're the one who ruined my life when you cheated on me".. - EXACTLY.


Yes, Zoe and Wade are compatible but that doesn't really make for a very interesting couple although they would make good friends or siblings. I thought that was the very point the show was trying to make, that people can be from different backgrounds and still come together. I thought the theme of the show was about a fast talking, high living, ambitious doctor who comes to a charming small town and falls in love with the people of the town. Instead it turns out they weren't quite good enough so she went back to New York, got another New Yorker and then came back. Why did she come back? She had just started to fit in and now quite frankly neither Zoe or Joel seem to fit in. If Zoe were practicing medicine that would make her seem more invested in the town but she and Joel just kind of mosey around getting into other people's business. I also thought medicine was an integral part of the show but that no longer seems to be true. Lemon said it best when she said Zoe brought the best out in Wade and Wade brought the best out in Zoe. That's a good couple, that means they compliment each other. Not to mention it makes for very interesting story lines. Life is much more interesting when everything is new and you're learning different things. It also serves as a way of showing the viewers different perspectives.

@ ann turner

Your comment confused me a little, Ann. "Yes, Zoe and Wade are compatible but that doesn't really make for a very interesting couple although they would make good friends or siblings" but then the remainder of your comment was for Zoe and Wade and I completely agree with everything else you said. Putting Zoe and Wade aside (although they ARE a huge aspect of this shows success... why many of us initially watched waiting impatiently for the next episode) the show has dropped so many other great aspects of its appeal. Yes, there are fans that like the musical medleys, the over the top *everything is perfect* change of the show, and the... here's ANOTHER quirky town event/situation! But its lost depth, a range of emotions for the audience to enjoy during an episode, quality dialogue between characters that maintains your interest. It's boring. What's scarier is maybe this is the show those behind the scenes are proud of and want to have this way. Maybe us viewers/fans need to accept it's a show that is what it is now. :/


I was hoping Brick and Shelby would be together.


I think AB is great but not with lavon .
lavon and lemon make a great couple and I love the chemistry and the connection with them
lavon love for AB is going end off season 3
lemon and lavon together for a season four and stay together and endgames of season four lavon and lemon wedding AB need to be with joel there match together I think then ZOE


WHAT IS UP WITH THE LYNLY HATE????? I don't get it!


i like joel just not with zoe. I hope the character stays in town after they eventually break up. The character adds so much to the town and the show!


I'm glad to see Lynly go. I really like the pairing of Tansy and George.
I don't like the idea of Joel and Zoe buying a house.. I'm hoping that maybe they will move back into the Carriage House. I like Joel.. just not with Zoe.. and don't think I'd be all that sad when he does leave.
I too LOVE AB.. she deserves more lines and her and Lavon are perfect together. Hoping for a season four, and for HOD getting back to the HOD of season 1 & 2 ..and hopefully Zade getting back together


I think in the end Zoe and Wade will get back together.....I just think it's going to be a while, so Wade can 'grow up'. But Zoe needs to grow up herself. I really like Joel and it will be sad when they split....but I'm pretty sure that eventually they WILL split.


I love Zoe and Joel together. He's cute, they're so compatible, and he treats her well. Wade is entertaining to watch, but he's still a child and Zade is a bad, bad idea. Always thought Zoe and Wade are way too different and the relationship would fizzle out... eventually, they'd become one of those couples where the sexual attraction has waned and the lack of common pursuits would bore them both. Wade and Vivian look good together. Plus, I definitely don't want to see Wade with Zoe after we see him all hot for her cousin. Ugh. Zade for me was always only about their physical attraction and if you mess with that element.... there isn't much left.

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Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

[To Harley Jr.] Zoe Hart will win you over.


[To Wade] He says he's going to kill oyu in your sleep unless you break up with my mom.

Harley Jr