Hart of Dixie: Watch Season 3 Episode 9 Online

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Hart of Dixie finally returned with a new episode this week, following far too long of a winter hiatus.

Fortunately, as the title teased, Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 9 did give fans "Something to Talk About."

We had Lavon fearing what will happen when Bluebell merges with Filmore. We had Tansy, Shelby and Rose all returning to help fill the void left by Lemon. And we faced a near certainty that Lynly will soon depart.

Will Lavon really be recalled as Mayor? Do you love Shelby as much as we do? What about Tansy?'

There's plenty of characters to discuss and breakdown from this installment, so watch Hart of Dixie online below and then sound off on the latest happenings.

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I used to love this show.. what happend. I just don't understand one single episode of season 3. Joel?? What for. There is NO connection between him and Zoey. Linly?? Nobody needs this charakter. And worst Wade an Vivian. The show lost all the emotional ups and downs I used to love. I'm truely disapointed. Every episode I hope for Joel and Zoey to finally break up. Now I'm only hoping for a acceptable season finally..


GOOD TOGETHER YES YES YES YES .......... wade and zoe
george and tansy
joel and AB
meatball and linly
lavon and lemon
all this people couple have CHEMISTRY AND SPARKS .


still love lavon and lemon together so good sparks and chemistry this two never see sparks with AB if lemon was here she will help lavon this two much get together and get merry there is not chemistry with AB there


Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

[To Zoe] Maybe the truth is that everyone in this town can see that I've changed except for you. You need to ask yourself why it is exactly you don't want me dating so close to home.


[To Zoe] How long do you plan on punishing me?