How I Met Your Mother Review: Slappetite for Destruction

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Slappy New Year everyone!

The holidays have come and gone, but Marshall had one last gift to give Barney beneath the willow tree. How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 14 revisited one of the most beloved pastimes in the show's nine season run:

Marshall slapping Barney.

Marshall, Ready to Slap

As we flashed back several to several weeks ago, the tables were turned on Barney as, for once, he was made to sit through a fantastically fake story. Marshall's meetings with the three masters of slap were highlighted by a great montage of him getting slapped by a number of Barney's exes.

As his hand began to glow with the disdain of Barney's girlfriends past, Marshall realized that with his great new power came responsibility... and also some unforeseen downside.

Look at this thing! I'll never have cold pizza again! I'll never have cold pizza again...


Of the three "masters" Marshall visited, Ted as The Calligrapher was my favorite. Marshall took numerous shots at his best friend, but Ted also got in on the action, calling out his single status.

Barney tried to appeal to Robin's love for him, but even she would not dare step in the way of the inevitable. So Barney took it like a man and was rewarded with a song from Boyz II Men and another montage, this time full of Marshall's slaps over the years.

With 17 hours to go until the wedding, there was almost no reference to the big finale, which leads to to think and hope, we might be in store for some more great How I Met Your Mother traditions to be revisited once more before the season's end. The question is, which ones?

Marshall still has one slap left. Will Barney be sporting matching Marshall hand prints when it comes time to say "I do?"

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Typical Hollywood tv show final season. Sucks like hell... Don't know why I'm keep watchin' this but still want to finish the journey.


It was the worst episode of the season so far but it did have some funny parts. I just want more episodes with the mom and seeing her meet everyone but Ted. Hope the next episode is better.


I honestly feel like I just got slapped by the writers. What a way to disappoint the show's life long fans. Not to mention the offensive yellowface that they used that wasn't even all that funny. All I know is, if they make up for it within the next month.....


I agree with the rest of the comments...this whole season is trash...and I was SOOOO excited for it. I think the writers thought it would be a great idea to do the whole season over the wedding weekend, and then realized oh wait, we are quickly going to run out of things to do, so we better put in a bunch of fillers. Honestly, if they HAD to do the whole thing over the wedding weekend, they should have put in PLENTY of flash forwards (at least one per episode), so that we could watch Ted's relationship with the girl blossom and be in love with them before they even met...They tried to do that with the proposal, but it fell flat since we don't know the characters together at all. Its truly an awful end to an amazing show and I'm surprised that the cast is standing for it. But I don't think anyone getting paid by the show cares at all, everyone is going to watch because we have 8 years of investment in it so we want to see it through, but NO ONE is going to buy this season on DVD or watch it on netflix (unless they aren't watching it now).


i think by now everyone knows how i feel about the destruction of this show from this season, but i mean, this just perfectly exemplified it. the remaining question i have is do these actors actually think they are putting in good work to this show? do they think these episodes are brilliant, and maybe we are all missing something here? i have never seen a great show break bad so quickly and at such an inopportune time. i mean even the final season of OC was better than this!

Drea xoxo

This could have been left for the dvd collection! there was no reference to the mum and no relevance to the wedding either!!!! thanks for wasting 20 minutes of my life


This was probably the most irrelevant episode of the season... If not ever.... Seriously what was the point? A slap that simply needed 2 seconds of screen time. Episodes like this are the reason we want the show to end!


worst episode ever. completely astonished that this was given 4 stars. the plotline was all over the place (literally), just really disappointed. i hope they step up their game before the end of this series.


Awful. I just couldnt with this episode. Absolutely terrible. Instead of moving past the original concept of the show they've forced the season into the most exhausting corner. I loved this show and am so disappointed that this is what they've done to it. I am so sick of that inn. I cant stand going back there. Show the wedding and how he met the mother. Show what happens after. Show how he wins her over. Much more interesting.


This may have been the worst episode in the history of the show. Instead of having the wedding be the last 3-4 episodes of last season, they got greedy and really milked meeting the mother. Half of this season's material has had nothing to do with the wedding. It's just filler.

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Suit like that only needs one button, self destruct.


Look at this thing! I'll never have cold pizza again! I'll never have cold pizza again...