How I Met Your Mother Review: Unbroken

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And the truth shall set you free!

What an episode we were treated to tonight.

Barney's face was still red from Marshall's latest slap, as I'm sure there were some fans who were still feeling the sting of disappointment from the last installment.

It was widely debated, but I can't imagine there were many fans who were left disappointed after How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 15.

To start things off, we saw Ted in bed with an extremely pregnant mother. Their chemistry was adorable and everything I have come to expect from the future couple.

As they finally decided it was time to get to the hospital, I loved the quick shot of the pink pacifier left sitting on the nightstand. It was a great little hint that this was the birth of the son they were heading off to.

By the end of the half hour, it was revealed they were indeed on the way to  Luke's birth with their daughter Penny in tow. All the speculation was finally laid to rest as we learned the names of both their children. Thank you, C&C Mother Factory, for that.

With the pause still in place, Marshall shared some embarrassing souvenirs he picked up while visiting Ted's childhood home. The Totally Awesome Ted mug should definitely be offered on CBS' online store. After the final item was revealed, the attention moved from Ted and his balloon friend to the very intoxicated Barney.

Ted's review of the various levels of Barney's drunkenness over the years was one of my favorite montages of the season.

Speaking like Jabba the Hutt was pretty epic, but Barney's Richard Dawson drunk was an entirely different level of amazing. If you've never seen the late, great, former host of Family Feud in action, you must do so. You will quickly see why he was a perfect fit for someone Barney would channel while in a drunken fugue state.

Before Ted and Robin could take advantage of Barney's truth serum drunk, they first had to make sure this newest shade of blacked out was legit.

Ted: Uh Barney who's taller, me or you?
Barney: You're taller, I wear lifts in all my shoes.

With its validity established, the fun began. Ted and Robin took turns asking questions and the truth came out about Barney and Ted's mom. We also learned/confirmed how Robin's family is loaded.

The most epic truth, though, was Ted finally getting to the bottom of what Barney actually does for a living. As Barney explained how he ended up in his job and ultimately revealed to his boss how he had been corroborating with the authorities, I couldn't help but sense a little nod to Meet Joe Black.

At one point during that sequence, Barney's hair actually resembled Brad Pitt's in the film. Anyone else get that? Either way, it was a pretty good twist. Robin had already gone to bed, but I really liked when Barney explained to Ted just how happy he was.

For a long time, deep down I felt sort of, broken? But I don't feel that way anymore. Robin, along with the idea that vengeance will soon be mine, has made me 100% awesome.


Robin went to bed content, having gotten what she wanted to know out of Barney - but as we saw in the final scene, Trevor Hudson looked to be quite a bear of a ring bearer. Barney wasn't necessarily lying, though. He certainly could have worked with his mother during some stint with a circus or while at the M.I.T.

Robin will no doubt have her own claws out when she sees Trevor walk down that aisle, but Marshall saw an entirely different kind of anger in Lily's eyes when the two finally un-paused their truce.

Initially the situation took on a funny tone, with Marshall trying to prolong sex with Lily. He even gave us one of the night's best references when he recalled the Unscrambled Spice Channel Glitch of '93.

With just hours to go until the wedding, it looked like Lily and Marshall still had some serious reconciling still to do. I assumed it was Ranjit Lily called to come pick her up. Then Ted and the mother exited the inn moments later as far as the scene went, but years into the future as we well know.

I just thought it a strange shot cinematographically. Maybe I am entering the over analyzing drunk stage. After all, I thought this was one of the best episodes of the season and it could not have come at a better time.

What did you other mother minions think?


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i realy liked it!!!!!!!!!!!! i so am on marshalls side on this fight. i am so over liiy running off when things look bad.


This episode was very revealing about Marshall and Lily's relationship which is approximately 15 years old. They have apparently gone through many of the trials and tribulations of young marriages with more to come. Money, jobs, friends, and ambitions is all part of it. Many on the reviews have sided with Marshall, he has a stronger foundation education wise, more likelihood to advance in his career. Plus apparently, Marshall has made sacrifices for Lily's indiscretions whatever form they came in. However, playing the devil's advocate I would like to point out that one of Lily's biggest insecurities is her career. She told the group awhile ago that she felt sub par in comparison to their aggressively advancing careers with possibly six figure salaries. Barney gets paid to do nothing and when his boys needed a job, he snapped his fingers and gave them one. Ted has his own New York Building, Robin has her face in lights and apparently her Marshall can get a job as judge just by thinking it. Its an intimidating group. She is trying to catch up, but what's worse she wants to be their equivalent. Many of us have an idea, of how we see ourselves in the future of the person we want to be. Lily sees herself in designer clothes, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous buying and selling what she loves. When you don't reach the dream of the person you want to be. It can eat away at you, corrupting everything you do. This is something many of us can relate to. I won't dismiss Lily's Italy. The art world is a networking field. It is about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. If she flakes on this offer, another may not come forth. I wish them luck on whatever they decide, one of them will have to make a sacrifice. Then they must let it go and move forward, its not called forgiveness for nothing.


some douche ruined the average by a .1 THIS was the definition of a 5 star, perfect episode simply incredible, thank you Bays and Thomas for making a 9 year wait for moments and reveals we got in this so incredibly worth every second


This really was a great episode of the show! Barney was hilarious, as usual. And we finally got to see what he did. Bays said we'll start getting to see more of Ted and the mother's relationship, so I hope it keeps continuing like this. And I can't wait for next week's episode about what she's been up to for the last 8 years. Yeah I'm on team Marshall with this one. He spent so much time and money on schooling to get where he is. She really can be an art buyer anywhere... Just find a different client. So I'm a little over their fight.


I really liked this episode! It was great to finally have someone call Lily on how horrible she treated Marshall. She has always put herself first in their relationship: lying about her debt, forcing Marshall to delay his career goals to pay it off. All the while, Marshall has always thought about providing for his wife first to give her the life she wanted. Being a judge will let him do so much more for the world compared to her spending a year in Rome looking at pretty things.


after last week's disappointing episode, i definitely feel like the writers stepped up this week. one of the best features of the show is the way it incorporates all the little 'in-jokes' such as barney's 'awesome' song. and it felt like the old episodes from season three/four that were brilliant. looking forward to the conclusion of this show now and hoping they keep it up! I agree that there wasn't much of a correlation between the present day story line and the flashforward but all the same ted and the mother are great together.

Sue ann

I voted a five. It was the first episode this season whose entirety I have watched. The premise of spending the whole season on one weekend doesn't appeal to me. But this one was very, very good. I particularly liked truth-telling Barney.


Good episode. I loved every second of Ted and Robin asking Barney questions because he had to tell the truth and when he started slipping into his other drunk stage they gave him more to drink. Finding out what Barney does for a living was the best. Lilly was so angry at Marshall that she left the Farhampton inn and I can't wait to see what happens next with them. Robin asking the question if there would be a bear at their wedding but getting I interrupted before Barney could answer I was hoping we would see a bear at their wedding because that would be awesome.


Dude really it was a flashforward it was showing us how Luke was born and how Lily said nothing good happen after 2am escape for ted kid being born.

@ Michael

It's not Lilly who said nothing good ever happens after 2 a.m. It's Ted's mother.

C f ohara
@ Michael

I understood that. I just thought the sequence of shots was odd. I guess I didn't explain myself well. It went from Lily leaving to flash forward. I just thought it was an odd choice of sequence prob not even worth me mentioning I guess.

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