Killer Women: Did You Give It a Shot?

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Killer Women took aim at ABC viewers tonight.

Produced by Sofia Vergara, the series is based around Tricia Helfer as Molly Parker, a female Texas Ranger. Yes, a female Texas Ranger.

She's all about finding the truth. She's all about seeing justice served. Oh, and she's all about sleeping with a dangerously handsome DEA agent named Dan Winston (Marc Blucas). Whoops!

Did you catch the premiere? Did it feel a bit generic? Or does Helfer carry the day?

Killer Women Premiere Pic

Sound off now and grade Killer Women Season 1 Episode 1:

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That show is kickass!!!!!!!


Any chance to see Tricia Helfer bust some new moves is ALWAYS welcome with me. I am DEFINITELY ON BOARD with this show. I'm guessing there'll only be eight episodes since she's only going after eight suspects( and producer Sofia Vergara has other commitments).


Love,love,love the show!!!!!!!!!!