Once Upon a Time Scoop: Look Who's Coming Back!

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Death is not the only thing coming to Storybrooke.

With fans debating which main character will die on Once Upon a Time, ABC has not given viewers something else to ponder:

Rose McGowan is on her way back to the series, reprising her role as the villainous Queen of Hearts on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 18.

Rose McGowan as Cora

It's unclear what will bring young Cora into the picture again, but she previously appeared on "The Miller's Daughter" and kissed Rumplestiltskin during an interesting origin story last March.

The series remains on hiatus until March 8, but you can catch up in the meantime when you watch Once Upon a Time online.

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@chris There are still a lot of loose ends on Cora's myth so I'm actually expecting that she will return to fill up all of those unanswered questions. My theory, she could be connected to the Wicked Witch.


I love once upon a time and I love rose McGowan I have watched her on charmed and other shows and I think she is a wonderful actress cant wait until they return


I dislike both the actress rose mcgowan and the character Cora so personally I'm not looking forward to this. Currently the only characters that could have a young cora flashback are Rumple and Regina so its either one of them or we meet a new character.

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