Once Upon a Time Season 3: Major Death Ahead!

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Absolutely huge SPOILERS for the second half of Once Upon a Time Season 3 ahead. If you don't want to know STOP READING NOW!

OK. You've been warned. 

In an interview with TV Line, Once Upon a Time creators Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis leaked the news that a major character, "dies for real" toward the end of th spring.

No flashbacks, no reprieves. The actor will definitely leave the show.

All but one regular cast member is at risk. Robert Carlyle (Rumplestiltskin) is apparently safe... but is that because he's already sacrificed his life to save his family from Peter Pan.

So many possibilities and none of them are making us happy. Let's take a look at who we might have to say goodbye to by the end of Once Upon a Time season 3

If you had to choose one character to kill off this season, which would it be?

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It wouldn't make sense if they killed off Snow, but it's possible that Ginnifer Goodwin would leave the show with her having her baby soon.


Its gotta be Hook. He's the only one with no point in the show. Technically he is in a love triangle with Emma and Neal but Emma already said she loves Neal she just doesn't want him to hurt her again. Plus in the end they showed Emma doesn't love Hook because when he kissed her she felt nothing. I'm not saying Emma will be with Neal or should be but Neal has a point in the story more than just Emma his son Henry, his father Mr. Gold and Bella. If someone from this list dies other than Hook this show will be making a huge mistake.

@ chris

What makes you say the ending of 3x11 proves that Emma doesn't love Hook? The fact that Hook's attempted TLK didn't work on her doesn't really prove anything. The same happened to Charming/Snow after she'd taken the potion that made her forget him. It also happened to Rumple/Belle after she crossed the town line. I don't think anyone could reasonably argue that those two couples aren't true love. True Love's Kiss might break any spell normally, but it has been canonically shown that it doesn't work when one of the people doesn't remember the other. I think the attempted TLK is proof that Emma is Hook's true love, but whether he is hers remains to be seen. I suspect we'll get the answer to that by the end of season 3.

@ jdmusiclover

Good answer. I agree with all of this!


The can't kill off charming coz dat wld mean da end ov snow which wld b pretty stupid n da show wld loose meanin.so as much as i lov neal i think his tym is up.bt then again he is connected 2 almost every strong charactor in da show if nt all so his death is most likly nt gonna happen so hook is agonna.bt his death wld b so predictable n they need 2 go out with aBANG 4 luck ov abetter word so da charactor dey wil kill off wil b asuprise 2 all ov us n most importantly we won't see it comin.

@ Pretty

Oh for the love of god please type with real words. The occasional omg is alright by my brain HURTS from attempting to read that!

@ TVDfan

If your gonna talk about someone else's typing or typos, you should at least make sure that what you type makes sense as well! And the sad thing is I thought the same thing.

@ TVDfan

Thanks I was thinking the same thing.


If Neal dies then so does all of his flash backs which involve young Balfire and those rare flashbacks are the most interesting because it shows the monster rupelstiltskins love he kept on

@ Dillon

I don't think Neal dying would kill off flashbacks of young Bae. The story said the actor or actress would not be back even in flashbacks, but Neal and young Bae are played by different actors, so I don't think there would be a problem there.


i stg they better not kill Hook or Emma, he's an amazing character and loved by many oncers, if they kill hook that means the have killed emma's love interests 5 times in a row, including Neal's fake death. Personally I think Emma should end up with Hook, they've both been through a lot and are quite alike, and the spoiler of two of the characters getting married, either Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan and Rumbelle which puts Emma and Hook in the category of true love. Captain swan is the best.


They better not kill Reginia aka the evil queen or snow and charming because they are my favorite characters besides the whole plot is revolved around them.

@ Alexis Blotzer

The whole plot is pretty much about Emma! Ya know the savior


I like all the characters, but I see Hook as a possibility. They ark ready killed Neal and we saw the impact on Emma, a Rumple, and Henry. It would be poor writing and redundant to do it again. Hook on the other hand has no familial attachments. His poster for the season is can a pirate be a hero. I see him going out in a blaze of glory becoming a hero staging everyone.

@ Marie

I don't want him dead but a blaze of glory would be awesome!


Hmmm...Well, it won't be: - Henry - ABC is owned by Disney and I can't see them killing off a kid...
- Rumpel - because Robert Carlyle is the best thing about this show and they would be INSANE to let him go...
- Regina - because Lana Parilla is the second best thing about this show and they'd be insane to let her go...
- Emma - this whole story is mostly about her...
- Snow - this story is almost as much about her as it is about Emma. That leaves Hook, Charming, Neal and Belle as the most expendable. Belle - Given that it took 2.5 seasons for Rumpel to actually reach redemption and sacrifice, I don't think they'll kill Belle off quite yet. She's going to be instrumental in his reform. Charming - Will they separate Snow and Charming? Possibly. Although they're more likely to go down the Snow/Charming second baby route. Josh Dallas dating Ginnifer Goodwin also makes his departure less likely... Hook - Not sure if they're willing to waste the potential between Emma and Hook. He's a much more interesting fellow, and has the most potential. BUT - he has less history with the others than anyone else. That make him most expendable, but the fan support he has would make his death REALLY sting and meaningful anyway. Neal - He already "died" once. Not sure if they want to go down the same emotional path with those characters, given that they've already experienced his death. But he's also the least interesting character. I HOPE it's Neal who leaves. But I THINK it will be Hook.


The only reason I watch the show is because of Emma so I don't think they'll kill her off I also don't see them killing off Henry, Snow White, or Charming because they said the character wouldn't show up in flashback or anything and I think it would be hard to have flashbacks and not show Charming or Snow. Regina has grown so much and I don't think they'll kill her. I don't see them killing Belle because I think Rumple might still be alive. I think it will be Hook or Neal but I'm leaning more towards Hook because we've seen his story and he's just here as a love interest for Emma now and I love Hook and I don't want him to die but I feel he's the most likely.


I'd say Emma, Regina, Snow and Henry are pretty safe. Maybe (!) even Charming - though I'm not so sure about him. Just because it would be such a major impact for many other characters if one of those characters actually died. So Hook, Neal or Belle? Personally, I think Belle has still a story. Either finding/saving Rumpel or starting a new life in the EF with him, there's still potential.
Same with Hook - I didn't like him in the beginning, but now he's grown on me and that alone is quite impressing ;-) So for me, Neal's the candidate. Or Charming, though I doubt that. (See above)

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