Parks and Recreation Review: Saying Goodbye

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As far as goodbyes go, Parks and Recreation Season 6 Episode 13 really nailed it.

Chris has always been hugely lovable, so saying goodbye to his constant positivity and bizarrely optimistic mannerisms and idiosyncrasies feels like a big loss. And although Ann has never been my favorite, I love her relationship with Leslie and will definitely miss their scenes together.

But this series is successful because not only do we fall in love with the characters and their relationships, we root for their happiness and success. So even though we'll miss seeing Chris and Ann around, we, as the audience, feel similarly to Leslie and Ben: sad they're leaving, but thrilled for their future.

And, really, it's the right choices for the characters. Ann's moving to a place that works for her to raise kids and she'll be closer to family. 

Last Night in Pawnee

What struck me about this episode was how well this show showcases a woman's capabilities. Both Leslie and Ann taught one another so much about going after what they want and standing up for what's right. And in the end, they both are such fiercely strong women. 

This is probably why I loved both of April's goodbyes the most. April and Ann have always been Leslie's friends, but it took until the last season or two for the two to finally break the ice and become good friends themselves. And April can't fool anyone - she does love Ann.

April and Ann's sincerity in the scene where they told each other that they loved one another was really believable and quite touching. 

And Chris adding on to April's recitation of his goodbye that he was proud of her? Super sweet. 

Parks and Recreation knows how to do goodbyes. Well done! I hope to check back in with these characters soon.

Will you miss Ann and Chris?



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Great review! Though now I feel slightly silly knowing I sat there watching by myself, sobbing away last night. Unless you were secretly sobbing too and just didn't admit it! But it's so hard not to! I just feel Leslie's emotions so easily on this show, which really is a testament to Amy Poehler's acting skills. Or maybe I just am way too into this show? I loved her speech to Chris about him not even being good enough for Ann, since no man is, but that he's as close as it gets. Ron making Ann and Gerry bust into tears over his "heartfelt" goodbye was also hilarious. And can I just say, I would REALLY like to attend a Leslie Knope party... That looked amazing! Anyways, Chris and Ben also had a really great relationship to watch, but I don't think it touches Leslie and Ann's. Those scrapbooks were hilarious! I had to pause it just to catch the titles of some. I wish they would have gotten that park built before Ann left, but maybe she'll come back when they do! Also, as you addressed April's future a few episodes back, Ann's questions to her about if she's planning on staying in Pawnee for the long haul seemed pretty foreshadowing that she will eventually make the move to vet school. At least that's what I thought! I could go on and on about this show, but I'll leave it at that for now!

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Ann’s leaving town. Ann’s saying painful goodbyes. Greatest day of my life!


That promise launched a friendship so grand it takes 103 scrapbooks to capture it.