Pretty Little Liars Review: Jekyll and Hyde

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After a game-changing reveal in the Halloween special, Pretty Little Liars returned to Rosewood in 2014, as the gals dealt with the aftermath of their discovery.

And for the first time in a long time, the show provided some dramatic tension and interesting character development without having to resort to revelations and surprises at the end of the hour.

Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 14 really utilized the new dynamics created on Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 12 and the Halloween installment. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about this season, aren't you?

Hanna on the Scene

Now that all signs indicate that Ezra is A and possibly Alison's stalker/murderer, the show is free to punch up the creepiness of his character.

I've always been uncomfortable with Ezra's relationship with Aria, but it's reached new levels of inappropriate. When Ezra first appears, he's lecturing on Robert Louis Stevenson's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which we should obviously take as symbolic for his character's progress in this season.

The quote he writes on the chalkboard - "you must suffer me to go my own dark way" - portends some ominous events in the future.

And we didn't have to wait long to watch his darkness unfold. Mona, picking up on the thematic similarity of his book choices (masks and secret identities), subtly confronts him with her suspicions. Then, Ezra finally puts some fear back in Mona. His calm delivery of his veiled threat sent shivers down my spine.

Even worse, he drove Aria out to that remote cabin in an effort to win her back. Was he completely successful? Sort of, but I wouldn't count Jake out yet.

The other major focus of this episode was the mystery of the mausoleum. If Ali wasn't murdered, then whose body is interred in there?!? Hanna's theory that another girl must have gone missing that weekend leads the girls to another group of friends missing their "Queen Bee."

What I liked about this thread was that it focused more on how Ali's re-appearance made the girls begin to question their loyalty to Ali than on finding the next secret.

When Sarah Harvey's friend Claire admits to Emily that Sarah was also controlling and manipulative (and that she wished Sarah was dead), it really made Emily re-examine her past relationship with Ali. Emily rightly points out that "Ali always liked games," but could she still be playing with them? Is she A?

The episode did also unfortunately feature the big Haleb drama we've been anticipating. The whole thing seemed less like a break up and more like a break, but Caleb was so upset to leave Hanna, especially because he couldn't really explain why. It was definitely the saddest part of the episode.

It also looks like we'll be seeing more Radley drama this season. What's Spencer's dad have against the sanitarium? And just what did Ali write about her friends her in journal?

Be sure to check out our interview with executive producer Joe Dougherty for some insight into the new season.

Executive Producer Joe Dougherty


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I enjoyed the episode, especially the Mona-Ezra creepiness. It gives us a sense that, even if Ezra isn't A, he's still very dangerous. I was surprised by Hanna's acceptance of Caleb's repeated "it's complicated" in regard to Ravenswood. It appears he didn't answer any basic questions she might have, such as where is he staying, what is he doing. I'm glad she addressed the Miranda concerns. Still, wouldn't that car accident have been in the newspapers?


Did anyone else notice the sketch of the train from Ezra's cabin? Isn't that the Halloween train?

@ db1227

I would probably bet that that was supposed to be a clue to us that he was involved with the things that happened on the Halloween train. My guess is that either he killed Garrett or he delivered "Ali's" body.

@ kandi1212

I thought Wilden was the one who killed Garrett and Toby was the one who brought Ali's body (while he was A)?


aaand another boring episode (yawn) All they do is talk talk and talk about the same things all over again....

@ H

if THAT was boring then just stop watching the show, jackass. it's clearly above you ; )


Ehh... I wasn't really a big fan of this episode. I think the only thing I was interested in wed the fact that Emily noticed how bad of a person Ali really was, opposed to some saint. Otherwise, I was kind of disappointed

@ T

I agree with you. Honestly, nothing significant happened in this episode. What did we learn from it? Are we any closer to finding any truth? The whole Sarah Harvey thing was interesting, but was void in their investigation. All this episode did was tease us with what is (hopefully) to come: what did Ali write in her journal? What is under that trap door in Ezra's cabin? P.S. did anyone pick up why Aria even wanted to leave Rosewood in such a rush like that?


Good episode, probably one of the better ones this season. I have never really liked Ezra but now that he is "A" or at least part of the A team the creepiness factor has shot through the roof, he's just creepy now. I loved that Hannah became the little dective that Spencer usually is and came up with good ideas and I loved the look on Spencer's face when she had good ideas. I want to see more of Paily, I love them together, so hoping to see more of them, plus I like Lindsey Shaw. Caleb driving away and crying did break my heart. Hoping someone figured out about Ezra so that Aria can stay away and the creepy factor dies down because it is just creepy.


Good episode. So glad it's back. When Ezra and Mona were talking he definitely scared her and he scared me. The other group of friends and their missing friend was interesting and they were so much like the girls and Allie. Can't wait till the next episode.

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Emily:We have to consider every possibility, don't we?
Hanna: Not the ones that make you want to hide in the closet with a quart of ice cream.

Guys, don't fight in the crypt.


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