Ravenswood Review: The Pact

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Okay. So it appears that Marlene King got the memo about viewers of Ravenswood being incredibly lost when it came to the whole pact storyline.

Ravenswood Season 1 Episode 6 clarified almost everything! With Caleb at the helm, we finally came to understand the danger these four teens are facing and why.

Dealing With the Aftermath

For the rest of you uber confused fans, and I'm betting there's a lot of you, let's just run it down real quick:

Elder residents of the town over a century ago made a pact so that every soldier who went off to war from Ravenswood would come back alive. However, they did this by sacrificing the lives of five town teenagers.

Why would they do this? Well, I'm sure we'll get there. Esther and Thomas, the two skeletons we found in Ravenswood season 1 episode 5 were at that meeting. Esther fled when she saw what was about to happen, but Thomas reluctantly signed. They later tried to sacrifice themselves to save two other people.

Young Caleb and Miranda watched as the pact went down. When it was all said and done, a man/creature carried it out to a car with Collins logo on it. That men then evaporated into a cloud of black and fled into the night sky. Basically the town signed a deal with some sort of devil. With Collins at the helm, trapping the souls by keeping bits of their hair in a jar, I'm not surprised.

So why keep the souls? And why sacrifice five lives for one? While there's still a lot of questions I feel like we're finally on a road where things are making sense for the viewers. Also WHAT is up with the creepy little girl in the red coat that follows Dylan everywhere? Please tell me she did not watch Dylan and Olivia have sex...

The person on this show who seems to have all the answers and is in contact with people from beyond the grave is resident creepy housekeeper Mrs. Grunwald. Is anyone surprised about that? I sure as hell am not. That woman is involved in everything. You just know she's seen and heard it all.

Be careful my dear, you think you have the answers but you don't even know what the questions are.

Mrs. Grunwald

When I watched this screener, unfortunately I had not yet seen Pretty Little Liars so Caleb's declaration that he broke up with Hanna had me stunned. I'm sure all the loyal Haleb shippers are none too happy right now, especially with the chemistry that seems to be brewing between him and Miranda. It's clear their ancestors were together so there is some sort of tie between them.

Remy's sleepwalking and the threats against the group make a lot more sense. I'm glad to see Luke and Caleb getting along and everyone working together a bit more. Especially since they are the first group to resist the curse, they are definitely in a lot of danger.

So what did you think of the Ravenswood winter premiere? Do you feel like everything makes a little more sense now?


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just a heads up... at the top it says Ravenswood 8pm tuesdays and PLL's says the exact same time which is clearly not the case, think Ravenswood is 9pm and should be changed

Leigh r
@ dan

i'll let the site know, thanks!


Okay here is my thought I think the uncle is a good guy. The moment Miranda broke the jar and left she was captured so i think he is trying to protect her the only way he can now by making sure that thing doesn't get her. And i think its the same for all the other ghosts. Its like the Collins are trying to make up for signing the pact. I am pretty sure that little girl is from the Halloween special just saying on that one. Dylan's character just got way more interesting. I also think that Dylan or someone else is the one that killed the Mayor. As for Miss Grunwald I am still trying to figure her out.

Sarah silva

I am glad this show is back!
I still feel like if one does not watch PLL ( I do but on DVD as realized too late that my Dish provider is offering PLL now) anyways it seems like some things happen on PLL that would be nice to watch, yes we know Caleb dumped Hayley but I would have liked to have seen that scene. I am a Haleb fan but I guess it makes sense the reason he broke up with her. However I think it has more to do with his feelings for ghost Miranda then it does with trying to keep Hannah safe.
I am glad that Caleb did the recap at the start of the episode as things are much clearer now!
Yes the little girl is creepy, can she choose who sees her and who doesn't? I am sure Olivia would have noticed her otherwise, as they all saw her when they were at the creepy house.

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I couldn't tel her everything. She'd be here in a split second. I can't have what happened to you, happen to her.

Caleb [to Miranda]

I fall asleep and someone grabs the sleep remote and switches to nightmare channel.