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Revenge Picture Preview: Emily vs. Daniel!

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This Sunday, ABC will air Revenge Season 3 Episode 13.

Then, the thriller will take a long hiatus, not returning with new installments until March 9.

But you can bet the drama will leave viewers hanging by a cliff until then, as the network synopsis for "Hatred" teases tension between Emily and Daniel being at an "all-time high," while also saying her own "instability could put everything she has worked for at risk."

Cue the suspenseful music and then cute up the following slideshow.

It depicts a scheming Emily... an alliance with Conrad... Daniel holding hands with Sara... and a whole lot more from Sunday's episode.

Revenge Photos from "Hatred"
Is living with the Graysons taking its toll on Emily Thorne now that they know she lied on Revenge
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Living With the Grayson

1. Living With the Grayson

Is living with the Graysons taking its toll on Emily Thorne now that they know she lied on Revenge

In Sara's Face

2. In Sara's Face

Why is this woman in Sara's face and what did Emily have to do with it on Revenge?

Sara and Daniel Holding Hands

3. Sara and Daniel Holding Hands

Sara and Daniel are holding hands but will that be enough to hold them together now that Emily has set her sights on destroying them on Revenge?

Daniel and Sara

4. Daniel and Sara

Daniel looks over the moon to have Sara by his side...and in his home on the next episode of Revenge.

Emily Has a Plan

5. Emily Has a Plan

From that wicked smile, we're guessing Emily has a plan when it comes to Sara and Daniel on Revenge.

Nolan Looks So Happy

6. Nolan Looks So Happy

Nolan looks so happy. We bet he's about to meet up with Emily on Revenge.

The One Person She Can Count On

7. The One Person She Can Count On

Nolan Ross is always the one person Emily knows she can count on, no matter what her plans for Revenge.

On Her Own Two Feet

8. On Her Own Two Feet

Nolan must be relieved to see Emily on her own two feet after being shot on Revenge.

Will Emily Take It?

9. Will Emily Take It?

The problem is, even if Nolan offers Emily good advice, there's no guarantee she'll take in when she's fixated on Revenge.

Nolan's Advice

10. Nolan's Advice

Maybe Nolan can offer Emily some advice on staying sane while living with the Graysons on this episode of Revenge.

Cavorting with Daniel

11. Cavorting with Daniel

Sara looks thrilled to be back in Daniel's arms...even if he is still married to Emily.

Sara at Grayson Manor

12. Sara at Grayson Manor

Looks like more than one person is questioning what Sara is doing cavorting with Daniel at the Grayson Manor.

The Need For Revenge

13. The Need For Revenge

Emily's need for Revenge must be strong if she can stomach seeing Victoria across the breakfast table every morning.

Knowing She Lied

14. Knowing She Lied

If it wouldn't hurt Daniel, Victoria would love to kick Emily our of her house on Revenge.

Conrad's Sage Advice

15. Conrad's Sage Advice

Conrad is always offering sage advice...until he stabs you in the back on Revenge.

Something to Bond Over

16. Something to Bond Over

Is the book something Conrad and Emily can bond over now that she refuses to leave the Grayson mansion on Revenge?

The Works of Poe

17. The Works of Poe

Conrad gives Emily a book of works from Edgar Allan Poe. What's his message there when he seems to be able to ignore his own telltale heart?

A Love of Poe

18. A Love of Poe

Do Conrad and Emily share a love of Poe's writings or is there something more going on here on Revenge?

Emily Is Smiling

19. Emily Is Smiling

Emily is smiling. Has she found another way to annoy the Grayson's on Revenge. "Hatred" is the 13th episode of the show's third season.

Emily's New Plan

20. Emily's New Plan

Will Emily be able to pull off living in the Grayson mansion now that Daniel hates her? "Hatred" is the 13th episode of the show's third season.

Victoria's Smiling

21. Victoria's Smiling

Victoria's smiling. Has she found a new way to get Emily Thorne out of her son's life or will she be stuck with her at the mansion?

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    Regenge is just the has all the ingredients a moist delicious vengeful torte should have. I mean this is the Hamptons, they just dont serve cake. We have Emiley our wronged and wronged again heroian she is the chef everything revolves around her. How good the end result is depends on what and how much she puts in...or takes out all together...hopefully we wont need any more Sarah...she was turning the batter bitter. Nico has that exodico flavor to die for...come-on-now ...drop dead gor-gee-us japanese with the ausey accent 2tspoons plz.


    I just hope Daniel will also pay for what he has done. everyone always painted him as this innocent guy, but he has been very quick in the past to grab a gun and shoot someone. his hands are covered in blood and I guess so is everyone. but the one who has spilt the most blood is Victoria and she must pay the most.


    I really want for Sarah to fry. That hoochie knows that Daniel is married and she still goes for it? I so hope that Emily destroys both of those bitches.


    I think the woman will be Sarah's mother, come to ask her daughter what she thinks she is doing openly living with another woman's new husband.


    I know technically Sarah is innocent and stupid. She thinks Emily is an evil gold digging bitch and that Daniel is a trapped nice guy. But I don't care that she's being manipulated by Daniel I still want her to pay. I hope emily really gets her good. I sortive feel bad for feeling this way but everytime I see sarah on the show i hate her as much as lydia and victoria.

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