Revenge Picture Preview: Emily vs. Daniel!

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This Sunday, ABC will air Revenge Season 3 Episode 13.

Then, the thriller will take a long hiatus, not returning with new installments until March 9.

But you can bet the drama will leave viewers hanging by a cliff until then, as the network synopsis for "Hatred" teases tension between Emily and Daniel being at an "all-time high," while also saying her own "instability could put everything she has worked for at risk."

Cue the suspenseful music and then cute up the following slideshow.

It depicts a scheming Emily... an alliance with Conrad... Daniel holding hands with Sara... and a whole lot more from Sunday's episode.

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Regenge is just the has all the ingredients a moist delicious vengeful torte should have. I mean this is the Hamptons, they just dont serve cake. We have Emiley our wronged and wronged again heroian she is the chef everything revolves around her. How good the end result is depends on what and how much she puts in...or takes out all together...hopefully we wont need any more Sarah...she was turning the batter bitter. Nico has that exodico flavor to die for...come-on-now ...drop dead gor-gee-us japanese with the ausey accent 2tspoons plz.


I just hope Daniel will also pay for what he has done. everyone always painted him as this innocent guy, but he has been very quick in the past to grab a gun and shoot someone. his hands are covered in blood and I guess so is everyone. but the one who has spilt the most blood is Victoria and she must pay the most.


I really want for Sarah to fry. That hoochie knows that Daniel is married and she still goes for it? I so hope that Emily destroys both of those bitches.


I think the woman will be Sarah's mother, come to ask her daughter what she thinks she is doing openly living with another woman's new husband.


I know technically Sarah is innocent and stupid. She thinks Emily is an evil gold digging bitch and that Daniel is a trapped nice guy. But I don't care that she's being manipulated by Daniel I still want her to pay. I hope emily really gets her good. I sortive feel bad for feeling this way but everytime I see sarah on the show i hate her as much as lydia and victoria.

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

If you're trying to build a bridge between us, Emily, here's a tip--stay on your side of the river.


Emily: When I was a child, my father woke me every morning with the same phrase: 'Life is a great sunrise.' The words shaped the way I saw the dawn, but after my father was taken from me, the morning sun burned like fire. That's when I learned what hatred was, and that it would greet me each day to come.