Revenge Review: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

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We might be taking an extended break from Revenge because of the Winter Olympics, but tonight gave us more than enough to chew on until Emily Thorne and company come back.

Emily, Daniel, and Sara. Jack and Margaux. Victoria and Patrick. Niko and Aiden and Emily. And the blackouts! Waking up at the Southfork! WHAT?

Revenge Season 3 Episode 13 was full of twists and turns and cliffhangers to keep us eager for the show to return.

Will Emily Take It?

First thing's first, Emily Thorne is a badass

It's not like we didn't know this already, but you guys, that opening scene? She just...cauterized her own wound. With a fireplace poker. Straight out of the fire. 

Maybe she's just completely insane. And maybe Niko is equally as insane for going along with it, albeit with some prodding. Yikes!

It's a good thing Daniel doesn't know about the at-home cauterizing or he would realize the lengths to which Emily will go to win once she's set her mind to something. Or maybe it would solidify his belief that she's crazy. Or both.

Daniel's really turning out to be the villain of the season. After years of Victoria and Conrad being the villains, and then the Initiative, Daniel's definitely being made into the antagonist, and he's rising well to the challenge. I actually think I prefer seeing Daniel play this darker character than the person he was in Revenge Season 2.

At first, Daniel was caught in the crossfire of Emily and his parents. He was a means to an end. Season 2 Daniel was a bit of a whiner who got in over his head. 

This Daniel? This one deserves every shred of vengeance Emily Thorne exacts upon him. And whatever Conrad can throw at him, too.

Taking the magazine? Yes. Go, Conrad! I almost high-fived Margaux for selling, not because I want to see steam pour out of Jack's ears when he finds out, but because Daniel shouldn't get to drag Margaux down with him. (Okay, and maybe a little because of Angry Jack. A little. Because you know this will cause trouble for Jack and Margaux and their happily ever after fantasy.)

Daniel doesn't realize that he 1) is a cold-blooded attempted murderer who shows no remorse for any of his gunslinging, or 2) that he made Sara a pawn in his game with Emily by bringing her into Grayson Manor and parading her around to "rub Emily's nose" in the fact that their marriage is a sham and it's her fault. Sara didn't even realize it, and she's typically pretty good about recognizing that stuff. 

That's okay, though. Sara's mom was there to set her daughter straight. And Emily was completely right that nothing was wrong between she and Daniel until Sara showed up again. I wonder what would happen if she found out that Sara's reentry is actually Charlotte's doing.

Is that the end for Sara and Daniel? No, probably not. But it's the end for now, and I'm not complaining. Sara hasn't been my favorite part of this season, though she has served a purpose, I suppose. 

As has Patrick.

While he also hasn't been my favorite part of this season, tonight he was, if for no other reason than because he really humanized Victoria.

It's always been clear that Victoria is calculating and that her cold nature comes from a place of protecting herself. Now we know a little more about why that is. After her mother kicked her out (after Victoria took the fall for murder for her mother) she was raped and that's how she became pregnant with Patrick.

There was something about watching her tell Patrick the truth that actually made me feel bad for her. She doesn't seem like the hugging type, but man, Victoria needed a hug.

Instead Patrick burned down her art gallery, so that's probably not winning him any points with mom.

Speaking of "mom," the sticking point for Emily continues to be that she can't have children now. That's the fuel for this leg of her revengenda and Daniel Grayson has no idea what sort of wound he opened up when he told Emily that sterilizing her was the best thing he could have done for the world.

AHHH!!! I hate him! Rage.

I also sort of hate Aiden. 

Emily broke off their engagement, yes. It was abrupt and unexpected. Sure. I'll give him the first time he slept with Niko as a freebie because he was devastated and she was there and he wasn't thinking clearly and one thing let to another. It was Scorn-Sex. 

But the repeated boot-knocking Nolan relayed to Emily? Nope. He's not getting a pass on that now that he's all "must protect Emily." Sorry, Aiden. It doesn't matter how crazy Niko is, and she might be certifiable, you don't get to sleep with her around the clock and then try to woo Emily back like nothing happened. Even if you do think she came to you during her blackout spell because she clearly can't get you out of her mind.

Way to make it all about you, dude!

Aiden was the first to discover that something isn't right with her, but neither of them knows that she's losing time. It's not even clear if Emily understands what's happening to her, and she definitely seemed like a different person when she woke up standing in Nolan's house. 

And she had to be a different person to sleep with Conrad Grayson, if, in fact, she did. There's no way Emily was in her right mind when she did that. Right? 

Did she do that?

What is happening to Emily??

What did you think of Revenge Season 3 Episode 13? What IS happening to Emily? Do you love or hate this Daniel? And the best question of them all, did Emily sleep with Conrad??


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Honestly I don't feel that bad for Daniel. I know Em trapped him and lied and used him as a pawn. But a persons true colors are shown during adversity. He's remorseless and of we have to point fingers at whose a psychopath it's most likely Daniel. His character development has taken a turn for the gory. When he feels trapped he reacts with violence.


"Revenge" is spiraling out into the worst kind of soap opera. It's losing sight if its original premise: EMILY SEEKING VENGENCE FOR HER FATHER. The show needs to get back to Emily vs. ConVict. No more if this Daniel/Sara nonsense and ESPECIALLY none this Emily-sleeping-with-Conrad bullsh*t. I swear if the writers don't fix things by the end of this season, I'm jumping ship. I can't enjoy a show when I'm dreading each new episode.

@ Blade

If Revenge only concentrated on Emily seeking vengeance for her father it would have been over in one season. The only way we will get a forth season is for things to spin out. If we had a short first season and she got her vengeance everyone would complain that it was over too soon! It is a catch 22 situation.
PS. Emily is not "sleeping" with Conrad, don't worry. But she will be conspiring with him soon and that should be fun because Conrad has always had a soft spot for Emily but does not know he would be conspiring with his own worst enemy. Delicious!


I don't hate this Daniel at all, Miranda. I know shooting Emily was wrong. I admit that. But she sure looked for it. She faked her pregnancy and did everything to push Sara away. And this constant claim of loving Daniel and wanting to be with him is so wicked. She loves Aiden and hates Daniel. Why keep trying to bring down the Graysons by hurting Daniel? He had done nothing to her. She needs to find her vengeance another way. I'm hating on Emily right now, certainly not on Daniel.

Rivonia k naidu hoffmeester
@ Stephie59

I agree...aside from Daniel's messed up parents, Emily used him in her revenge plan, and the consequences of that turned him into this character... He loves Sara, she should just find another way to make the Grayson's pay...


I think Conrad is drugging her, perhaps using Niko who has her own agenda! It wouldn't be any fun sitting around Nolan's when you can be right in the middle of the cat fight! I wouldn't put it past Conrad to have had his way with her in that state and then Emily turn up Pregnant! I know Daniel sterilized her!
Margaux and Jack will never go anywhere! She barely touches his kid! She is basically filler! Now if things with Emily don't work out for him ( and you know that's on the back of all our minds ) I think Charlotte and Jack would be a better couple than any of the other options including Faux Mandi!
Daniel is a piece of work this season and I think there are more surprises as the Conrad take down unfolds! It's awesome to see the Grayson's turning on each other! Emily's plan always at work....


Are we supposed to feel sorry about Victoria??? That woman ruined a little girl's life with no remorse. They show sometimes flashback where she looks like she is tearing up for David Clark but look at how she treated FauxManda or even Amanda when she was a teenager. If she had remorse, she would have make sure Emily was fine. She is such a horrible person and not to justify what happened to her but she said it herself, she was playing grown-up which, knowing Victoria, is an understatement. If she is lying, that will be more her character. So no, everybody has paid a cruel price except her and Conrad, and hers is far more deserving than anybody else. Emily was a little girl when she set to frame David and played with his feelings. I sure hope Emily's revenge will be satisfying. And really, time to end the show!!
PS: WTH??? Jack is in love with Margaux??? Right, the same way he was in love with FauxManda...I cannot believe she is still in the show....


Clearly the writer
of this article has not been following the show!! That is all I have to say!

@ Anni

Miranda! It's OK to have an opinion, in this case in spite of the facts, but please show a bit more - no, a lot more - creativity making your point. Since Season 2 Em's thirst for revenge has NOTHING to do with her father; it is her pain that she is trying to obliterate. Even people she cares about dies or suffers - both Amanda and Jack's brother died; Nolan went to jail and lost his fortune; look at Aiden; and these are her friends... Victoria is capable of treachery but she's just as capable of love; Em doesn't know anything about love, she is a child. There's a psychiatric term for Em - sociopath. And she managed to raise two pretty good children. Daniel would not be on this path if it wasn't for the continued unrelenting pettiness of Em. I like the turn the show has taken; she's losing her mind and paradoxically may save herself.

@ Anni

I'm kinda with you on this one Anni. I can't understand the total hate for Daniel when Emily is such a vindictive b**Tch and keeps saying she loves Daniel when we all know it's not true. Why doesn't she leave him, go back to Aiden, and start her revenge on the Graysons? Daniel does not have to be her scapegoat for revenge.

Rivonia k naidu hoffmeester
@ Stephie59

I agree...aside from Daniel's messed up parents, Emily used him in her revenge plan, and the consequences of that turned him into this character... He loves Sara, she should just find another way to make the Grayson's pay...

Beverly brooks

Daniel has does not know how to handle true love..he is fixated on Sara as lost love. He is actually just a spoiled brat used to getting his own way and having mama pull his irons out of the fire.


What is causing Emily's "blackouts?" Is it Niko or Victoria, Daniel or his dad? They don't just happen because she's recovering from a gunshot wound! Also....who invited, and where did she come from, the first Mrs Grayson? Right now the only one Emily has in her corner seems to be Nolan and maybe Jack....even Charlotte is not helpful at all! Time for Nolan to take her far away from Grayson manor -- even if it's only to her old place -- until she is 100%. But first I would get a doctor to do a 'rape' kit to make sure good old Conrad is on the up and up then sue his a** if he's not! Finally, so glad Niko found her dad's sword in Aiden's room...should make that Moscow trip interesting!

@ klimville

Remember, Emily had head trauma and was in a coma - she did fall overboard. Niko found the sword beneath the bed when she was leaving; surprise, she moved in with him at Nolan's. Anyone who is smart and want to live will leave Em alone - Nolan already lost his fortune, Jack his brother and his wife. She needs friends but has NO idea or emotional capacity to be a friend.

@ klimville

Nilo found her dad's sword in Aiden's room? I thought she had gotten that from him from before and that the bag with the stuff was hers. Some clarity needed on this.

@ klimville

Emily is having blackouts because she hit her head on the water when she fell off the yacht. Falling off that height into water is almost like falling on hard ground. She might have a blood clot or something in her head.

@ skoobie79

I think Emily's blackouts are as much physical as emotional. The two that were shown in 3x13 happened after an extreme emotional time. But they are more of lost time than blackouts, in the pool, she comes to fully dressed in Nolan's house.

@ skoobie79

can a head injury create personality disorder?

@ skoobie79

and ...she can walk away from grayson manor herselft, just isnt part of her plans ...and no one know there's something wrong with her,even emily knew ,so they can help her,we'll have ti wait.


This show has jumped the shark. I think they need to wrap it up and get it over with.

@ nosrednak

nosrednak, I kind of agree with you. I was even thinking if it was time for me to jump ship. I'm hating on Emily too much now. She's disturbing me. In Season 1 I was all out for the revenge, but now, I think she's taking advantage of Daniel, putting him in a ridiculous position and what is happening to her seems to all be her fault. Time to wrap up.


I agree with the previous comments. This was the first time I have been disappointed in the show. It did seem like an eighties soap....Dallas, Falcon Crest.....ect. It is not as tight as it used to be with Mike Kelley at the helm. I would just love a show with Gabrielle Mann and Barry Sloane to star in it. One can always wish,

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Revenge Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

If you're trying to build a bridge between us, Emily, here's a tip--stay on your side of the river.


Emily: When I was a child, my father woke me every morning with the same phrase: 'Life is a great sunrise.' The words shaped the way I saw the dawn, but after my father was taken from me, the morning sun burned like fire. That's when I learned what hatred was, and that it would greet me each day to come.