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Revenge Scoop: Cast, Producer Spill on New Love, Open Fighting & More

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Ever since Revenge has returned from the holiday break, things have been roaring forward like an out of control freight train and... there’s no sign of stopping in tonight’s episode.

In a nutshell: Emily is implicating Lydia when she knows Daniel is the one who shot her... she's happily staying put in Grayson manor... Patrick clunked Nolan over the head to steal Emily’s Infinity box for Mama Victoria... and Takeda’s daughter, Nico, is in the picture, very much in love with Aiden and seeking the person responsible for killing her father.

What’s takes place on Revenge Season 3 Episode 13?

I spent some time on the set during the shooting of tonight’s installment and grabbed interviews with Executive Producer Aaron Harberts (who penned the episode with Gretchen A. Berg) and stars Barry Sloane (Aiden), Gabriel Mann (Nolan), Justin Hartley (Patrick) and Stephanie Jacobsen (Nico).

Revenge Photos from "Hatred"
Is living with the Graysons taking its toll on Emily Thorne now that they know she lied on Revenge
View As List
Living With the Grayson

1. Living With the Grayson

Is living with the Graysons taking its toll on Emily Thorne now that they know she lied on Revenge

In Sara's Face

2. In Sara's Face

Why is this woman in Sara's face and what did Emily have to do with it on Revenge?

Sara and Daniel Holding Hands

3. Sara and Daniel Holding Hands

Sara and Daniel are holding hands but will that be enough to hold them together now that Emily has set her sights on destroying them on Revenge?

Daniel and Sara

4. Daniel and Sara

Daniel looks over the moon to have Sara by his side...and in his home on the next episode of Revenge.

Emily Has a Plan

5. Emily Has a Plan

From that wicked smile, we're guessing Emily has a plan when it comes to Sara and Daniel on Revenge.

Nolan Looks So Happy

6. Nolan Looks So Happy

Nolan looks so happy. We bet he's about to meet up with Emily on Revenge.

The One Person She Can Count On

7. The One Person She Can Count On

Nolan Ross is always the one person Emily knows she can count on, no matter what her plans for Revenge.

On Her Own Two Feet

8. On Her Own Two Feet

Nolan must be relieved to see Emily on her own two feet after being shot on Revenge.

Will Emily Take It?

9. Will Emily Take It?

The problem is, even if Nolan offers Emily good advice, there's no guarantee she'll take in when she's fixated on Revenge.

Nolan's Advice

10. Nolan's Advice

Maybe Nolan can offer Emily some advice on staying sane while living with the Graysons on this episode of Revenge.

Cavorting with Daniel

11. Cavorting with Daniel

Sara looks thrilled to be back in Daniel's arms...even if he is still married to Emily.

Sara at Grayson Manor

12. Sara at Grayson Manor

Looks like more than one person is questioning what Sara is doing cavorting with Daniel at the Grayson Manor.

The Need For Revenge

13. The Need For Revenge

Emily's need for Revenge must be strong if she can stomach seeing Victoria across the breakfast table every morning.

Knowing She Lied

14. Knowing She Lied

If it wouldn't hurt Daniel, Victoria would love to kick Emily our of her house on Revenge.

Conrad's Sage Advice

15. Conrad's Sage Advice

Conrad is always offering sage advice...until he stabs you in the back on Revenge.

Something to Bond Over

16. Something to Bond Over

Is the book something Conrad and Emily can bond over now that she refuses to leave the Grayson mansion on Revenge?

The Works of Poe

17. The Works of Poe

Conrad gives Emily a book of works from Edgar Allan Poe. What's his message there when he seems to be able to ignore his own telltale heart?

A Love of Poe

18. A Love of Poe

Do Conrad and Emily share a love of Poe's writings or is there something more going on here on Revenge?

Emily Is Smiling

19. Emily Is Smiling

Emily is smiling. Has she found another way to annoy the Grayson's on Revenge. "Hatred" is the 13th episode of the show's third season.

Emily's New Plan

20. Emily's New Plan

Will Emily be able to pull off living in the Grayson mansion now that Daniel hates her? "Hatred" is the 13th episode of the show's third season.

Victoria's Smiling

21. Victoria's Smiling

Victoria's smiling. Has she found a new way to get Emily Thorne out of her son's life or will she be stuck with her at the mansion?

Love For Charlotte: Now that some time has passed since Declan died, it’s time for Charlotte to move on. “We have a love interest coming up for her,” Harberts revealed. “A really interesting character that’s also going to get pulled through the Nolan story, a character who is not normally who you might think of in terms of Charlotte’s boyfriends. He’s got sort of a rough back story but so we’re going to start developing that relationship around episode fifteen.”

Fighting in the Open: Emily won’t be able to pull off the sweet/innocent act any more, Harberts explained: “Victoria and all of the Grayson’s feel like they have Emily’s number and so what’s really fun about this episode is they can finally sort of fight out in the open a little bit. We can finally do scenes where these two women who’ve always been so veiled and politely cutting with each other can really be honest with each other.”

And while Victoria doesn’t know the whole story yet, at least she knows her long-thought suspicions about her now-daughter-in-law weren’t off the mark by much.

“Emily has got a lot of work to do to kind of get back into their good graces and frankly the Grayson’s,” Harberts said. “Their attitude is ‘We don’t believe you. No matter what comes out of your mouth, we don’t believe you.’”

As Daniel gets darker...: For good reason, Josh Bowman’s character has many reasons to be a bit pissed off. “He’s much angrier and certainly also feels like he’s sort of on to what Emily’s doing,” Harberts said, “so watching that relationship get to a point where they are now at each other’s throats has been super fun.”

In fact, watch for some Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolff type battles between the not-so-happy newlyweds, especially since Emily is sure to use her knowledge that Daniel shot her to her advantage at the right time.

…Jack will get lighter: Mr. Porter has been through the wringer for awhile now, so he is “getting to a point where he’s going to take a big leap with Margaux in this episode,” Harberts teased. “Nick Wechsler’s had a nice little haircut which may seem very superficial but it’s a nice way to show that he’s moving on. We’re lightening up his wardrobe and at the end of this episode he and Margaux make a nice sort of life decision. So we’re still developing that relationship.”

Patrick IS Victoria’s Son: When he first appeared, Patrick seemed horrified at some of the action of the Hamptons’ residents, but it hasn’t taken him long to become very Revenge-y and show that he is definitely his mother’s son.

“You do see him [and] the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You see him react to certain situations in a way that she would and you know it’s interesting because she didn’t raise him,” Hartley explained. “She knew him as a baby and then he was gone and now she knows him as a man. So it’s not like he got that from being raised by her, it’s just sort of in his blood.”

Watch out for Nico: Takeda’s daughter, obviously still in love with Aiden, has one other thing on her mind: revenge for whomever killed her father. She doesn’t know (yet) that that was, in fact, Aiden.

“The person who should watch their backs most is whoever she decides has killed her father,” Jacobsen told me. “Her focus has become pretty unilateral by this point but it really takes root in this episode, that sort of penchant for vengeance. Prior to this she was a little more distracted by Aiden but now she’s really starting to hone in.”

Harberts added: “This character is really hardcore. She’s got a very strong point of view and a very cut and dry point of view and a very obsessive point of view when it comes to Aiden, adding that Nolan isn’t a fan of Nico:

“I think Nolan would like to toss that baby out with the bath water immediately. I mean, at this point, Nolan’s home has become like a halfway house for psychos and so far he’s concerned.”

Barry Sloane explained how the dynamic between Nico, Aiden and Emily is an intriguing one: "It’s interesting to have another one of that type of energy and what Stephanie’s brought into the show so far is a very different energy than we have on the show which is always important when you come is what I try to do with Aiden when I joined the show. When you come in new, try and find something that’s not already there.”

Actor Lovefest: Gabriel Mann smiled when talking about how much he’s enjoying working with his on-screen lover. “Justin Hartley is such a great guy,” he said. “He’s just been such a pleasure to work with and so the intention, it feels like, is to want to allow this to kind of continue to play out but I think circumstances dictate that there is a fork in the road.” He added, “I mean I think the fun of these relationships and these characters is that there is always an ambiguity and that question mark is there, is it a hurt or a help?”

For Sloane, he misses working with Josh Bowman since their characters haven’t been crossing as much as they did before.

“I worked with him a lot last year and obviously because of the whole shooting him last year. I think we’ve had one scene together this year in episode three at the party when the last words Aiden said to him is ‘What are you going to do? Pull over and shoot me?’ which was one of my favorite lines this year.” Don’t worry, though, the two men may be more involved soon. “I think we’re going to revisit that in the back end.”

Revenge Season 3 airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. 

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