Revolution Review: What is God?

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While things have been mostly uneven and sometimes boring for most of the year, Revolution Season 2 Episode 13 was a surprisingly fun and philosophical installment for the series.

There are a lot of plot elements in play with everyone once again setting out on their own adventure, but let’s start with Tom.

We finally get to meet the President, a hard man who hides behind his southern charm and immediately uses Tom to his advantage. He wants him to execute Monroe or Julia pays the price. It’s the only threat that would really work against Tom: going after his family.

One has to hand it to Tom, he never misses an opportunity to gain something. He’s been in solitary confinement, he’s dirty, thirsty, and hungry... yet he’s willing to make a play to the President to get Jason out too. He’s a survivalist through and through.

The big question is whether Rachel and Miles will go along with Tom’s lie. They’re no dummies, especially not with him, but with the promise of going after a common enemy - and a complete lack of manpower to do so - they might just take Tom up on his little deal.

Rachel and Miles were cute together. Watching them have some normalcy, fleeting as it is, gave them a chance to explore what their relationship is. They’ve always loved each other, but the timing was never right. With the kids out of the house, they were free to go on a date and act on the years of foreplay they shared.

Aaron and Priscilla made it to Bullock and ran into another friend: Peter is using the nanites to heal and play God.

He’s unwilling to allow his pals to tell the truth about the nanites and even touches upon what it means to be god. Peter has a decent argument: if they listen to the tech and embrace it, there’s not much difference. Their faith is not shattered, and it continues giving them hope in a dire world. However, Priscilla’s argument is better: maybe Peter just enjoys having those people worship him.

Finally, Charlie was off on another adventure with Monroe, but this time Connor came along too. With their sights set on New Vegas for some mercenaries to hire to fight the Patriots, Monroe’s vision of his republic is beginning to take shape again. It’s just a shame that New Vegas continues to grind him beneath its heel. The man has some good plans, but Duncan’s men knew better.

Charlie and Connor hooking up already was a little surprising, considering they’ve known each other for all of an hour, but with Charlie thinking she’s close to death anyway and war they’re fighting, it’s not shocking that she would sleep with him.

What was your favorite moment from tonight's Revolution?


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TV equals summed it up, "“Happy Endings” basically acted as a microcosm of everything good about the second season of Revolution." Humor, character insight, chemistry, and fight scenes. Epic. I was hesitant about the Charlie, Connor thing, still am, but her in the cold, war mod mode, get in and get out, 'tude, worked. She has done so good this season and this was her best ep. THe scene with Bass post, being caught red-handed, was all sorts of chemistry, she stuck to everyone, she ain't no kid. And her and Duncan need a fight scene. Only edit I would make, is instead of responding to Mile's question about he movie, with whatever Rachel said, she should have said, no I was more of a Twighlight fan :)

@ Blondie

That would have been frackin' hilarius!


Who was the actor who played the President?


Good solid and fun episode...only negative was why Aaron and Priscilla think they have the right to tell other people what to believe. They don't have to believe but why rob people of their faith and right to believe? Love that Miles and Rachel finally had some quality alone time and Connor trying to impress Charlie with his bravery and gun skill made for some good humor along with the Bret Michaels concert & Steven Tyler...just an overall fun & interesting episode that reminded me of why I loved this show in the early days. I hope this trend continues.


Best quote of the night when Charlie and company arrive in New Vegas:
"Fathers, daughters, mothers, sons, come see the mummified remains of Steven Tyler!"


I laughed so hard with Bret Michaels there, that was awesome, in reality if that ever happened, there's no way Bret Michaels would have survived 15+ years in that kind of world, but it was funny to see. All in all a good episode, they can let the nanite and aaron store die it's done and boring and I FF every chance I get with them.


Good episode. I liked Monroe, Charlie, and Connors adventure. At the beginning when Charlie was cleaning her knives and Connor came up to flirt with her and he told her about how he had a gun on him and he still got the medicine to them and Charlie acted like he was so brave and it must of been scary I thought that was pretty funny. I was a little surprised that Connor and Charlie slept together but the way Charlie has been this season it makes since and she's given up hope she's lost half her family and she doesn't see her or anyone else living past this year and winning this fight. Can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


There's nothing 'new' under the Sun these days. Almost every show I see these days; Nikita, Burn Notice, Revolution and so many more, have to have these obnoxiously long story arcs with characters that fall into a cookie cutter recipe that says we can't kill any of the bad guys when it really makes sense to do it. Take the character Edward Truman played by Steven Culp. It's a great character, but really? Chained to a radiator with a gag in his mouth? when everyone else in the room is toast? Why? Sometimes it is like a bad Soap Opera. Nikita, for example, was obnoxious to the point of it almost being nauseous with Amanda always slipping away when the clearly could have 'taken the shot' but didn't so many times. I don't mind long story arcs that make sense where the villain is clearly superior such as in the case of the show Elementary and the character Moriarty. But when the characters in any show that are being hunted or pursued or attacked etc. by bad people have opportunity after opportunity to take out the bad guys causing them problems and they don't take them out, then it's just dismal for me. To me it's just lame, lazy writing. It's as big of a let down for me as when people are trying to escape from the bad guys that chasing them down a long hallway and they run into an elevator. The person chasing them actually gets to the elevator doors as they are closing ... but instead of putting their arm INSIDE the closing elevator doors (something that everybody knows will STOP the elevator doors from closing) they pound on the outside of the doors in frustration AS THEY ARE CLOSING! DUH! For me, those kinds of scenes are dramatic crapola. Getting back, why did they leave the vaccine laying around for Truman to get a hold of it? It would have been fitting for him to die of the disease he was responsible for setting into motion. I'm sorry, but that's the way I see it. Sometimes this show is mediocre drama at best. I'm still a fan, but sometimes I'm an annoyed fan.


There were a lot of laugh-outloud moments in this episode for me. Best moment was when Monroe walked in on Conner and Charlie. I think Charlie slept with Conner to annoy Monroe. She seemed fairly satisfied and almost smug when we walked past Monroe later. I think it was her way of gaining some leverage over Conner for future situations and it annoyed Monroe and caused a little bit of an argument between father and son. It'll be interesting to see what happens when Jason and Charlie see each other again. I suspect that is why Charlie was seen crying in the preview. Glad to see Miles and Rachel have the chance to get it on. Interesting to see how fast Neville found their hideout. A little surprising considering how hard it was for him to find him last year or the year before. I wonder how much time has passed since the beginning of the show. If you count in travel time and the 6 months that apparently passed between the first season finale and second season premiere, I would say at least a couple of years.

@ Ally+Oop

If you look back, actually at the Duncan seen, and just in general, Charlie has been put down as the kid, and she has come into her own, making her mark. Her interaction with Bass wasn't a smug thing, it was more of 'I ain't so young' re: Duncan's line... and 'how bout them apples' -- it was a Muckyou to and a flirtatious moment to Bass. She's showing some woman, hear me roar. It's awesome. Keep up firl.


Bret Michaels and cockroaches. Literally lol'd.

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