Sister Wives Recap: This is Serious...

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Over the last couple weeks, Sister Wives Season 4 has featured a polygamist flash mob and an episode based around Kody's struggles with the grill.

But last night's new installment of the TLC hit took on an unusually serious tone.

That's because little Truely - Kody's daughter with wife Christine - fell sick and had to be rushed to the emergency room.

“This is serious,” Christine’s pediatrician said. “When eyes go crossed, that’s emergency.”

Did Truly pick up meningitis during the family's trip to San Francisco on Sister Wives Season 4 Episode 15? That was the fear, especially when her condition didn't improve after five days.

This health scare put a major damper on what was meant to be a joyous occasion: Mariah's goodbye party, replete with a new car chosen by the recent graduate herself (out of two options, that is).

Having just returned from car shopping with Mariah and Meri, Kody was actually napping and didn't get the text from Christine until Robyn woke him up with the bad news.

From there, he went to the hospital and did all he could to help Truely follow doctor's orders. He even came up with a potty game to entice the little one to pee on her own.

But the family still had to wait nine long days in order for the dialysis to finally kick in, as the three-year old - skinner, but in good spirits, and with a clean bill of health - was finally permitted to return home. Once there, she settled down for a tea party in her honor.

Mariah and Meri, of course, had to leave to drop the latter off at college on their own due to this emergency, but it at least gave mother and daughter some bonding time.

And, as Christine noted after all was said, done and fortunately safe… that's all that matters in life. You've gotta spend as much time with your kids as you can.


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I can't believe any parent would allow their child to go 5 days without eating or drinking. A bunch of "airheads". If they would worry more about their children than whose night it is with douchebag! Kody should have been at the hospital around the clock instead he couldn't mess up his sleep over schedule with the wives. Meri is as ugly on the inside as she is on outside and daughter is mirror image. No concern for the little girl who is critically ill. I can't stand Meri or Mariah! She does not have the intelligence needed for pre-med.


With all those adults at home you would think they would notice that Truly wasn't drinking enough. Every time they showed her on the couch looking listless and lethargic - someone should have there with a sippy cup getting her to drink juice. The Browns were just plain neglectful - no one made her drink fluids and her mother left her on the couch to look at flowers. Never again will I watch this bunch of self centered divas.


Good post, Terrie and way to spell Truely's name correctly. The writer should actually watch the show if he is going to write about. - maybe you should steal his job, Terrie :) :)

@ Candice Chapple

,,,,,,,Not after anyone's job....just here to talk about the show........


Truely did not go on the trip to San Fran......Robyn carried Solomon because she's still breast feeding...........It was just the wives and not the whole family........

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