Sister Wives: Watch Season 4 Episode 15 Online

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When the Sister Wives are away, Kody will play.

With the grill, that is, as we found out on the latest installment of this TLC series.

The four women took a trip to San Francisco in order to find dresses for their commitment ceremony, an endeavor that started off awkwardly due to their different body sizes.

But it ended with the ladies deciding to sew their own outfits and and admitting that they had a good time as a group.

Back home, meanwhile, Kody dealt with stubbed toes and questions about dating, all while trying to grill up a long-lasting feast.

It was definitely an entertaining hour of television and it's one you can relive when you watch Sister Wives online here and now:

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I think You all better think again about any thoughts of choosing another wife or having more children. This little girls mother stated the child had been lethargic for 5 days??!! Why did you let this go so long? Just because someone isn't running a fever doesn't mean they aren't seriously ill. I hope it wasn't because you didn't have medicare either. I had 5 children before I was 28. I know what it's like to be overwhelmed. Everyone in that house just seemed to be walked around that 3 yr. old. No Medical? To busy trying to have a huge commitment party??? Come On!!! There's no excuse for that child to almost die.