Supernatural Photo Preview: Undercover Brothers

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Come on, Jared Padalecki. Give the rest of us a chance.

On Supernatural Season 9 Episode 13 ("The Purge"), the Winchesters will go undercover at a spa to look into murders in which the victims somehow were hundreds of pounds lighter after death.

They all spent time at this facility prior to their passing, leading the brothers to think witches are to blame after they spend some time there.

Spend some time there doing push-ups, acting as a trainer and showing off his arm muscles if you're Sam, that is. If you're Dean? Well... you're wearing a hairnet.

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Sam as a trainer ... so hot ! He shouldn't wear all that layers on Supernatural ! ( Sam In shorts for the win )


Best show on TV!!!!!!!!


Wow... Sam with shorts on? Gotta love that... and Dean? Reminds me of Jensen's role in 10 Inch Hero movie. Hot, Hot, Hot...


OMG, Sam as trainer could motivate me all night long! I can get my full cardio workout just looking at him. As for Dean in the hairnet? Still brings home the sexy! Where do I sign up for this place? Love, Robin

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