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The Mentalist Review: What's Jane's Type?

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I had high hopes for The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 - and although I didn't dislike "White LInes," I was still a bit disappointed. 

Everything about the hour felt a little out of sync, but maybe it was suppose to feel that way. Perhaps this part of the season is going to be about Jane and Lisbon figuring out where they stand and who they are now that they're working with the FBI. 

Jane's New Date

Let's face it. Change is always a bit uncomfortable. 

There were certainly several things I enjoyed, starting with Jane's fight for his beloved sofa. I loved when he said he needed something he could really snuggle in to. That's just so cute.

His interactions with Agent Fischer were odd. She was determined not to admit that she actually liked Jane. And wouldn't it have been easier simply to tell Jane that it was none of his business whether she'd seen a therapist or not? I know she eventually told him that but first she lied to him. 

I guess it will take Fischer time to figure out that lying to Patrick Jane is like waving a red flag in front of a bull. He won't stop coming at you until he figures out the truth. 

The five DEA agents being ambushed in their own office made for a great case and extra points to Jane for spotting the third secret camera behind the mirror. 

As for Krystal…I liked her. But that's because I figured out she was the ring leader the moment she and Jane spoke. 

What I did find interesting was the talk about Jane's type. He told Fischer that Krystal was his type. Was he serious? Krystal was smart, blonde and beautiful. I'd assume Jane's late wife was all of those things. Of course Krystal was also a murderous drug lord. 

Teresa swore to Fischer that Krystal wasn't Jane's type but then she couldn't seem to come up with a description for what was. Probably because the man really hasn't dated anyone in a decade. 

So what really is Jane's type? Time will tell.

Shippers of Patrick and Teresa couldn't have been very happy with this episode as the two spent very little time together.  I can live with that for one episode. I sort of liked having Lisbon interact with Fischer and Cho, but I certainly hope this doesn't become a trend for the rest of The Mentalist Season 6.

I really look forward to seeing how Jane and Lisbon's relationship evolves from here. So much has changed for them. It's been two years since they've worked together and now they're at the FBI and living in Texas. I can't imagine things will be exactly the same as they once were. 

A few sidetones worth mentioning:

  • Glad to see Wiley back and having him highlight the advantages of working for the FBI made sense.
  • How did Krystal know where the cameras were? Someone had to tell her where all three were located. Who was it?
  • Was it just me or didn't both shirts Jane held up look exactly alike?

This hour of The Mentalist wasn't exactly what I had hoped but it was still entertaining TV. I'm just hoping for a little more character development next time.

So what do you think Patrick Jane's type is?



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I am not enjoying the new form of mentalist. I enjoyed the team as it was though happy for van Pelt and RIgsby. I do not enjoy the KIm Fischer character at all. Cho in charge of a unit is admirable but Lisbon is lost. I am sadly now not caring if I miss an episode now. They all need each other and that is what used to make us care and follow.


I watched the new episodes , I don't mind change . But the direction it's going in I'm sure I will loose interest. I don't like the FBI involvement and I like Teresa in charge. All shows change Castle , Ncis, but they still are enjoyable to watch . Castle still has his childish humour, and Ncis , has a good cast and story line. I'm hopping the writers have a plan, and in the future not to far away they will give us back the magic that made us all tune in with interest. Other wise in my opinion if it keeps going with with the FBI it will loose a lot of viewers .


After watching the disjointed episode tonight, it is obvious that the Mentalist needs another overhaul. It appears Heller and writers have no idea of what they are doing so why not bring it back to where everyone loved it. Agent Fischer and computer geek should be long gone, Lisbon needs more control and Cho needs Rigsby and we all need Van Pelt. Would hate to see this show turn into an other House which floundered in its later years.


I just read that Lisbon will get a " boyfriend" named Agent Pike in the 16th epidode. He is supposed to be a nice guy and will sweep her off her feet. I don't believe it. Bah, humbug that is not supposed the way it goes. I think the article said he would be around for 5 or maybe more episodes. Has anybody read that? :(

@ washgurl36

Lisbon needs that boyfriend to get Jane to actually "move on" instead of agonizing about it. Lisbon knows Jane better than he knows himself. Notice how quickly she catches on to his plans and behaviors. She knows she loves him and he loves her but that Jane can't get his feelings out where he can deal with them. So he keeps taking her for granted. After all, she'll always be there, right? He's dithering. Maybe subconsciously fearful of it ending tragically for him again. Whatever. So Lisbon needs a boyfriend to scare the crap out of Jane, thinking he's losing her. If she looks like she's really attracted to this new guy it's her very own con she's playing and Jane is the mark this time. i hope she drives him nuts trying to undermine that relationship. She'll let up when Jane makes it clear his wedding ring is coming off for good and the next one he puts on will be with her. Bottom line: Lisbon is her own person now and she's tired of being toyed with by Jane and she is about to make him - how shall I say it? - s#it or get off the pot.

@ rationalgal2

Wow! Love your take on the Lisbon/boyfriend subject.


As we wait for the next episode I will take a stab at defining Jane's type. Yes, Krystal really is his type (just as were all the other beautiful morally compromised women Jane has dealt with and been attracted to). Jane is manipulative, controlling, smart, determined, and a law unto himself. He sees them and they are the spider and he becomes the fly. Except that this fly knows how to outwit the spider because he's been one - a compelling psychic able to promise his victims anything they want and feel he's given (actually sold) it to them, when it's only flim-flam. One difference: Jane has a core decency he's never been able to bury (while the others have), so although he has done some deplorable things, he can't help hating himself for it and wants a better life. He almost had it with Angela but he ruined that and hopes to do better next time, if there is a next time. So Jane remains a con artist at heart and is attracted to fellow con artists. He understands them, has sympathy and even affection for them in their evil ways, but they are not who he wants to spend his life with. He wants someone who will pull him away from that toward the decent life he really wants. Angela did that. She knew what he was and who he was and loved him anyway. She gave him a life he could snuggle into like that couch and those fuzzy socks and feel loved and at peace. Lisbon, of course, is just like Angela so we know where this will end up. Jane will remain a con artist but one with an endearing moral core. Only the bad guys have anything to worry about.

@ rationalgal2

Rationalgal2, you have some good insite there. When the subject was brought up in the episode as to his "type" I really disagreed. But, that was on physical attributes. He has most always been attracted to beautiful brunettes, not blondes so much. But from your explanation, I have to agree. I heard Simon Baker in his interview tell Larry King....he is a CONMAN....also referred to His character a character. I absolutely do not see him attracted to Kim. She seems to be a dual personality. Obviously, the writers construct the story line, but she doesn't seem to fit. Tiny little Lisbon seems dwarfed by her tallness and I don't like that. It diminishes her strength. The actress, Emily Swallow, is tall, lovely, good actress etc etc, but just doesn't fit. Now maybe she is supposed to come across that way. I just don't want to see Lisbon "put in a corner" ala Baby in Dirty Dancing, lol. Plus, Lisbon has been been in our minds and hearts too long to be upstaged.
I guess the writers are really toying with us because the "boyfriend" for Lisbon appears to be coming next month. Hopefully, a tease only. Last note: I found it odd that last week's episode was entitled White Lines on CBS and the media while it is marketed as White Lies under Amazon and Itunes. White Lies makes so much more sense. Warner Bros. sells to us, right? Not CBS; Warner Bros. owns the show, right? Not CBS. Hmmmmm

@ washgurl36

I'm pretty sure the ep was intended to be White Lies. It fits and "Lines"makes no sense. Warner Bros. owns TM and licenses it to CBS. CBS makes its money on the ads and the higher the show's ratings the higher they can price the ads. So CBS likes to keep TM for the ratings/ad revenue. They have obviously been wanting to put shows they own in the prized weekday time slots so they sent TM to Sunday night limbo to ride out the contract hoping the ratings will remain decent. If the last half of this season boosts even the Sunday ratings,, who knows? CBS may want to put it back on week nights. All decisions are made on ratings and revenue, never of the show's quality or fans' enthusiasm. Warner wins all the way around. As for Kim, I agree, she's good but just doesn't seem to fit. I can't even pair her up with Cho. Actually seems most suited with Abbott. They seem quite compatible.


Does anyone know where can I find Jane's flower shirt? (also seen in "Blue heaven" episode)
Thank you.


Something has occurred to me, something is going on with the Mentalist. I'm going to read between the lines. The powers that be had enough time to work out the Red John scenario with the amount of episodes they have this season. I went back and watched all of season 6 again and it was clear from the start of it that they had clearly choose McAllister to be Red John from the beginning. So why the big hurry up to show Jane on the othe side of Red John? And why the big slow down in kick starting his new life? The Mentalist now seems to be competing with the other shows using the high tech format to off set Jane's skills. Right now they are mostly showing high tech FBI muscle. Jane's transformation does not seem to be a priority. If it were, they wouldn't have needed a two year jump start. So we have a Jane in happy mode with no baggage. His whole past ten years are sitting in a wormhole in which he can be transported back to in light speed. I don't think we are going to see Jane turn into an old man being happy with kids and Lisbon. So what are they up to? Why such the drastic and unusual move? What is looming on the horizon? Something is coming.

@ anitraward1

I agree the writers are up to something. They seem to be positioning the show to attract that prized demographic that wants sex and violence and techie stuff. But mostly comedy because those shows are the biggest hits for CBS. I think the focus will be on comedy, with Jane doing outrageous, funny things to catch the bad guys, with enough gorgeous but morally compromised guest stars to play up Simon's ability to be romantically charming. The writers will leave room for that by not making Jane & Lisbon a couple until near the very end. (Sorry shippers. I think you'll have to wait, but it's coming.) Bottom line: CBS really likes funny shows so TM will provide that. But there will always be more. Nice deep stuff that is dramatically satisfying and continues to flesh out Jane's character. It's his character that makes the show so intriguing.

@ rationalgal2

“They seem to be positioning the show to attract that prized demographic that wants sex and violence and techie stuff. But mostly comedy because those shows are the biggest hits for CBS.” Exactly the type of show I hate, and why I don’t watch many television shows regularly. The Mentalist seemed to be one of the final hold-outs for actual intelligent and “classy” entertainment. I guess they gave up at last and have succumbed to the final mud pit, catering to the lowest common denominator of humanity. Funny, I always though Baker was so proud of the fact that the show did NOT rely on all the techie stuff like the other crime dramas but was more like Columbo in how the crimes were solved. I wonder what he thinks of the new direction of the show or if the only thing that truly matters in the end to him is the paycheck. Only time will tell, but if your prediction proves true, I wash my hands of the whole series.

@ euterpe

I dont think you can blame Simon Baker - the guy is on a contract for a fixed period of years, it not like he can just walk away from a plot development he does not like. I think he and Heller are under a lot of unfortunate pressure from CBS - they cant even plot the series properly as they don't know if it will extend or cancel. The lack of commitment from CBS is ruining the pacing of the series in a lot of ways, sad as its such an interesting show.

@ euterpe

Don't despair euterpe, I hate those shows too but I am confident that if CBS really is pushing for comedy, Simon and Heller will give it some interesting dimensions to put it in a classy class act by itself. I've noticed how Simon can inject real class into almost any film. He certainly did it in I Give it a Year, which was supposed to show his character as an "ugly American." Not in Simon's hands it didn't. He's a pro.


Is there anyway chance another station will pick up The Mentalist if CBS does cancel the show?

@ BigFan

Shows do switch networks now and then so if CBS cancels and the TM cast and writers want to keep it going they probably could. A big problem is that the actors are in a position now to demand large salaries so the costs to a new network could be too high. I suspect TM is trying to position itself for either a spinoff version (because so much seems go be going into a series wrapup that could be done in 2-3 episodes) or they are trying to convince CBS to give it a season 7. Either way, the ratings would have to stay high to justify the costs. That fast, cobbled up Red John ending to allow time to establish this new beginning doesn't seem to fit if the series was just going to wrap up. Just guessing here. We'll see soon enough.


I'm not very happy right now, not happy at all.

@ anitraward1

Ani, maybe this will cheer you up: The latest report on the Nielsen top 20 ratings for Dec.30 - Jan. 5, based on number of viewers, has this ranking:
1. NFL games
2. More NFL games
3. Stlll more NFL games
4. Big Bang Theory
5. The Millers
7. The Good Wife
(After that it's a New Years Eve show, The Simpsons, Elementary, Two & a Half Men, NCIS, Dateline Friday, Blue Bloods, 60 Minutes, The Crazy Ones, Criminal Minds, CSI, Revenge, Elementary.

@ rationalgal2

Funny where did you found this because that not the list I have

@ Michael

Maybe the one you have is wrong Michael.
That could be what's so funny about it.

@ Michael

It was in today's Minneapolis Star Tribune TV page. They run this list every Thursday.


I have a chuckle....previously I posted that I was slow on the uptake regarding Patrick's interest and dating Krystal. Then I said I should have paid more attention to the show's episode name which was White Lies.
Then in looking at CBS I saw it referred to as White I posted again, correcting myself, feeling dumb. This AM I actually saw it referred to White Lies....both in Amazon and Itunes. So.......why in h e double toothpicks can't CBS get their own press releases right. Makes so much more sense if the name was White Lies. Did I say chuckle? More of ....they should pay more attention, I guess.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

We have to wait for a hit on the BOLO. I hate that.


Jane: I don't need a desk.
Fischer: Really, you work standing up.
Jane: No, lying down.

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