The Mentalist Round Table: "White Lines"

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Patrick Jane was crossing "White Lines" as he headed out on a date this week... with a drug kingpin.

In our latest Round Table discussion, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by fans Feint, Sabrina, and @pinkishk1ss from Twitter as they decide what is Jane's type and why his wedding ring is back on his finger.

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What do you think is Jane's type?

Feint: I don't think there's such a thing as "Jane's type" when it comes to women. Couches, on the other hand...Anyway, he has always thought of everyone as a mark, and that's probably why they never shed any light into his life with his family and wife. 

Sabrina: Obviously, cold-blooded murderers….. No, seriously, I think Jane likes strong, honest and kind women. And brunettes. Someone smart, but not cunning (in the negative sense).  Also, I really don’t see him with a woman always giggling at what he says for example.

@pinkishk1ss: There are two types of taste, one is the 'guilty pleasure' type or rather the type that amuses him with the feel of challenge, and the other type that he really wants in life. The first type is the smart, cunning, con, serial killers, lunatic type: Erika, Krystal, Kristina, Jennifer Sands, Lorelei. Whereas the type that he really wants for life was best described in Erika's video (Every Rose Has It's Thorn) and that fits Lisbon perfectly. 

Christine: All of the above? He's obviously attracted to smart, beautiful women..even those with a dark side. But I don't think he'd commit to any of them. In the video he made in The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 19 he was basically describing his late wife as someone strong, who he could trust and that she was at peace with herself. Also she was someone who loved him despite his flaws. In the end, that's they type of person Jane will love again.

The Mentalist Round Table 1-27-15

Do you want Lisbon and Fischer to become friends?

Feint: I'm really not sure about this one. It could make for some amusing situations but I don't think it's necessary for the story. I'd probably prefer the old CBI/FBI rivalry to last, even with the former team now working with the FBI. She could be Blake Association for all they know. 

Sabrina: Why not? I don’t really like Fischer but I acknowledge some Lisbon/Fischer interactions were pleasant to watch and made me laugh. Actually, as long as Jane and Fischer don’t get “involved”, I’m OK with whatever might happen.

@pinkishk1ss: I do. Lisbon always needed a friend and the new transformation of Lisbon in My Blue Heaven shows that she is ready to open up and live an ideal life for herself so yes, I'd love to see Lisbon and Fischer friendship going forward. Not to mention Robin and Emily were awesome together.  

Christine: I'm not sold on Agent Kim Fischer but I'm willing to give her a chance. And if she and Teresa become friends, I'm OK with that, but right now Kim Fischer just makes me miss Grace.

Why do you think Jane put his wedding ring back on after taking it off in Mexico? 

Feint:  He was trying to move on and letting go of the ring was a step toward his new life. He went back, though, so the ring should return as well. After all, it's a good reminder of what his arrogance has caused him.

Sabrina: He may be holding on to objects that make him feel secure, just like the couch. Or he may have difficulties letting go of his past after all. He probably tried to become someone else in Mexico but you can’t just erase your past. You can become someone new but not someone else. Also, part of him wants to move on but it doesn’t mean he can’t keep souvenirs. Just to keep a pleasant memory of happy times with his family. Another theory: maybe he’s scared that if he takes off his ring, many more women will chase after him…..

@pinkishk1ss: When he took off his wedding ring, he was at his weakest moment and it was simply a test for himself if he is ready to move on with his personal life. Now we know at least he is open up to 'moving on', he just needs to be with the right person to take that off permanently. 

Christine: Mexico was a bit of a test run. I think on some level the ring makes Jane feel safe and connected to to his wife, someone who truly loved him. That'll be hard to give up. When he takes it off for good will be when he's truly ready to move on.

Do you miss Van Pelt and Rigsby?

Feint: I do miss Van Pelt and Rigsby, sadly. Fischer's not doing it for me and the other guy is hardly ever seen. Figures I can't even remember his name. They've given the entire focus of the show to Jane now, he's the good/bad/comedy in the show now. 

Sabrina: I wouldn’t say I miss them but I think they could have perfectly fitted in the FBI’s environment. It may sound strange but just the fact that Cho is part of the team is comforting enough. However, I would like to see Van Pelt and Rigsby come back in a couple of episodes.

@pinkishk1ss: As a matter of fact, this is the first episode of Mentalist 2.0 that I miss these two really badly. The answers that I explained in question (5) is part of the reasons why I do miss them and the old five regulars working together as a team. 

Christine: This was the first time I really missed them but it wasn't necessarily for them. I missed Lisbon's conversations with Grace and Cho's interactions with Rigsby. I'm hoping that as we get to know the new characters better they will fill the void. 

What, if anything, disappointed you in this episode?

Feint:  Lack of FBI boss what's-his-face's screen time was disappointing. We're supposed to get to know these new characters and this is not a good way of doing it. The episode itself was decent but I feel I'm no longer watching The Mentalist. Even the thought of them pursuing Jane's love life in future episodes(and this one) sickens me. We're three episodes past Red John, going the soap opera direction at this point feels really pointless.

Sabrina: I was disappointed by the lack of interactions between Jane and Lisbon. It’s a shame the two of them didn’t have any scene without Fischer (for example, the shirt scene). Moreover, I’m starting to get really irritated by how Fischer behaves around Jane. It seems so obvious that she has feelings for him that it’s becoming annoying.

@pinkishk1ss: The lack of Robin Tunney screen time and Jane/Lisbon character moments. Put the shippy stuff aside, Jane and Lisbon dynamic is the heart of the show that makes this show an absolute joy to watch, and hence the fans who are deeply invested. This is the first episode that they didn't share any alone screen time together and as a viewer I felt somewhat 'empty', the 3 person partnership felt rather awkward/overcrowded and Lisbon seemed like she was just tagging along in the bureau (even though she did solve the case for the FBI), so I do hope this whole thing is not the direction that they are taking going forward. 

Christine: The lack of interaction between Jane and Lisbon made the entire hour feel a little off. Whether or not you're a shipper, they are the main characters of the show and always entertaining to watch. Also Agent Abbot was distinctly absent. I'm assuming their was a scheduling conflict with actor Rockmond Dunbar's final episodes on Sons of Anarchy. Hopefully we'll see more of him in the future. 

What was your favorite scene of this episode?

Feint: Favorite scene? That's a tough one. There wasn't anything memorable in the episode, not a single scene that stood out in any way. I'll go with Jane demanding a couch, that was at least remotely entertaining and in character for him.

Sabrina: I hesitate between the car scene with Lisbon and Cho and the nightclub scene with Lisbon and Fischer. OK, I choose the first one.

@pinkishk1ss: Lisbon receiving her FBI Badge. Her genuine "it's real" smiles when she saw her badge was a clear message that she joined the FBI for herself and not Jane. This is inline with her saying not wanting to be Jane's sidekick and she is in control of her life so I am immensely proud of her. 

Christine: I actually enjoyed Jane's time with Krystal, mostly because I knew he knew she was the drug kingpin. Jane seemed amused, impressed, and excited to take her down all at once. 

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I don't know why they are shifting the casting around but I don't mind guessing. Cho might be getting more screen time because he demanded it to stay with the series when Riggsby/Van Pelt were leaving. Lisbon working separately from Jane more than usual shows she is making her own decisions, which leads me to think she will play a strong role in getting Jane to shape up his post RJ life. She seems happier now that she is not his boss and responsible for his shenanigans. I expect Cho and Wiley to become a very interesting pair - a good replacement after losing Riggsby. i see lots of good story possibilities shaping up.


1. Erika, Lorelei, Krystal
2. Yes
5. 90% of the episode.


I'm glad that many people think about the same thing. From the spoiler photos, there's one captioned "Cho & Lisbon together again", it's not that it's a bad thing, but, i prefer "Jane & Lisbon together again", i'm saying this not because I'm a shipper or anything, Their dynamic has been set the tone of the show for so many years and we all love it, why ruin it now? And this Kim woman makes a redundant character, like having 2 Lisbons. So now, Jane has 2 sidekicks? And yes i also miss Rigsby & Van Pelt , because for me, The Mentalist wasn't just about watching Jane being awesome, but also it's been fun to see how they all become family, esp. the interactions between Cho & Rigsby.. Well, this 'New Beginning' really is a bold move, i hope they know what they're doing, and not ruining what they've been invested for 5 years..


Favorite scene? Was when Patrick took the call from Krystal at the crime scene.Look at Lisbon's reaction.It is very funny.


I really liked this episode because it seemed to be about Jane trying to get his life back together. He's been testing relationships, reading reactions (Kim and her shrink, the couch, the shirts, the dating dynamics, his ring goes off, his ring goes on, he realizes how thoughtless he's been about Lisbon, etc.) He's trying to figure out who he is after a decade of immersion in nothing but his revenge quest. And before that he was entirely a con artist. If the episodes seem messy it's because Jane is mentally and emotionally floundering around not sure where the solid footing is.

@ rationalgal2

Great Comment.


Why is the show on the air again I really hate the new direction the show is going and it sound like so dos CBS which is most likely why its not coming back.


I totally agree with those who said that there was a significant lack of Jane and Lisbon together moments.. like with no one else around.. And I miss Wane and Grace.. I like a lot Cho in his new bossy role.. After reading lots of comments of the last episode, I can say that a lot of people actually agree with me. :) The major difference was lack of Lisbon time, and she is one of the main characters.. To make it more clear, could anyone give an example of Lisbon-centric episode, but 2x03? Exactly..


I do miss Wayne and Grace. I hope they give them a happy ending. I like the new direction the series is going in. I loved Jane and his couch. I think when he is really ready to move on he will take off his wedding ring for good. I don't like Kim. It's odd that Kim and Lisbon are bonding but I think it's a good thing.

The Mentalist Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

We have to wait for a hit on the BOLO. I hate that.


Jane: I don't need a desk.
Fischer: Really, you work standing up.
Jane: No, lying down.