The Vampire Diaries Spoilers: Who is Markos?!?

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Sorry, Katherine.

You may have fooled a forgiving Elena and switched places with your doppleganger on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 11, but you will soon be replaced on this TV Fanatic favorite by a new big bad.

According to E! News, the series will introduce Markos on Season 17.

(UPDATERaffi Barsoumian has been cast in this role.)

An "imposing later from a faraway land," the villain is described as "super dark" and yet magnetic. Folks can't help but be drawn to him and even worship him.

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Might Markos be a Traveler? Another vampire? A supernatural species of a type we are yet to meet?

Viewers will find out in late March or early April.

For now, watch The Vampire Diaries online if you need to catch up and react below: What did you think of Episode 100?

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Spindae 2o

This gives me a count Dracula vibes or possibly Nadia's father.


The best thing about this episode was seeing Klaus back. Such a hate figure in season 2 but definitely essential viewing in seasons 3 and 4. Is The Originals really doing that well? Rebekah is great in the VD too ... always has been. If they're bringing a new character in, they should really focus first on this Enzo fella (or was I so bored with him that he died and I didn't notice?). The Vampire Diaries could end up being as messy as Pretty Little Liars if it doesn't tie up all of it's stories before starting others.

@ Andy - London

Originals is doing fantastic. They've had press all over the place(I see a new magazine article practically every day) and Joseph Morgan just one Best Actor in a new show from the People's Choice Awards. It may even be doing better than TVD but don't quote me on that because I haven't seen the numbers. But it is their biggest hit of the new stuff.


this post was from the future !! season 17 ?? lol


Don't you guys proof read before posting anymore? You're worse than the crappy writers at E! News. And Katherine and Elena didn't switch bodies! They are now sharing Ellen's body, just like what happened to Matt at the beginning of the season! Get your facts straight for one!

@ Brandy Reed

It's Elena not Ellen you stupid phone! Why must you change what I'm typing without telling me all the time?!?!


Oh yay another new character. Why don't we try to give some screen time to the characters we have but are neglecting? This new big bad better be more intriguing than Silas or the nonexistent Augustine Vampire. Ugh


Don't you mean episode 17, I do not see a season 17 happening.

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