Top Chef Review: Po' Money, Po' Problem

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Top Chef featured a guest judge this week who was so money, he didn't even know it.

But before the contestants got to Jon Favreau, they had to deal with Roy Choi, an especially cranky panelist who was not pleased with the po' boys whipped up as part of the Quickfire Challenge.

The special New Orleans sandwiches were meant to be made based on the life stories of each contestants, but Choi dismissed Nicholas' as too salty… Brian's as too boring… and Carlos' as subpar Mexican food.

Shirley ended up with the least offensive po' boy and won immunity as a result.

Enter Favreau. Far more enjoyable as a judge, he challenged the group to come up with a dish that represented a major turning point in their career.

He went totally off on Carlos for daring to look at him the wrong way and for touching his pots. Seriously, people. Do. Not. Touch. Nicholas' pots.

Nicholas went on to burn his quinoa, while Carlos kept his head down and cooked.

So... did crazy Nicholas get sent home? You can watch Top Chef online to find out and visit our friends at Food Fanatic for a complete review of the latest episode.


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I love cooking competitions. I also think that eliminations shows (especially for cooking shows) are a joke! On this show they should do away with immunity and just give something like a time advantage or some other kind of advantage. This way we wouldn't have had that clown that had the worst dish a week ago that was 'protected' with immunity that should gone home or at least man upped to disqualify himself. I think that they should rearrange these elimination cooking shows and score them like gymnastics events and then deal with it like a semester in college (mid terms). If, for example, you have 24 contestants, then on week 12 (mid terms), the people with the 12 lowest scores are eliminated. 9 weeks later, you eliminate the lowest scores to get the final three and then you put them through their paces. The top scorer wins! Anyone can have a bad day one day and a stellar day the next time. I got this idea when I was watching America's Top Hooker, a show that was about fishing. Because of a stupid snafu the girl that was an expert in target fishing (using a bow and arrow) was eliminated before her type of event came around. As a matter of fact, she was eliminated the week before and thought what a joke. I always wondered if her event had come up earlier how would she have done. They should just score everybody on each event and at the END of the show, the person with the highest score wins. Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri did a show, Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off on the Food Network that featured kids cooking and they did a scoring thing. I applauded them for that! It was a brilliant show.


Overall, this episode was entertaining. I did not find Roy's fiery insults to the Chefs impressive or inspiring.
I so wish I could taste Shrley's challenge dish. It looked delicious. It's time for Nicholas to go home. Way too tense, way too much temper.

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