White Collar Review: Stuck in the Suburbs

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Assassin or lover?

Those are the distinctions we were choosing between at the end of White Collar Season 5 Episode 10 when it came to Rebecca.

But if there's one thing we know for sure, White Collar Season 5 Episode 11 didn't make the choice any easier.

Matt Bomer as Neal

Clearly she tried to shoot Neal and hasn't exactly refuted the idea that she took down both Siegel and Hagan. She will also stop at nothing to get that diamond, what for we still don't really know. What's motivating her actions is a complete mystery to anyone who is really paying attention at this point.

What isn't a complete mystery, and is quite frankly becoming more and more evident, is that Neal is really desperate for a settled life. He clearly wants a companion and was falling for Rebecca as much as one would have believed she was falling for him.

The confusing part of this is whether or not Rebecca was a genuine person or playing the role of a composite of all of Neal's exes. Some of that act had to be Rebecca and not "Rebecca/Sara/Alex/Kate." I don't think there's a woman in the world who could manage that.

Which is probably why the act fell apart so quickly once the truth was out that she wasn't even Rebecca Lowe, she was actually Rachel Turner! If I was Neal, I would think long and hard before I got involved with a woman for a very long time!

But back to my main point, which is the fact that Neal is truly looking for someone to share life with. I've always suspected he wanted Peter's life and love, which he confirms every time he asks Peter questions about how Peter knew he and El were meant to be together, or admits that he wishes the accusations against those he is involved with aren't true.

I wish that for Neal more than anything. The man deserves to be happy and have that picket fence. I believe him when he says he would walk the straight and narrow to have it.

In the meantime, though, it's clear he plans to walk the line and likely cross it.

There is another very important issue that also needs addressed, and that's this business regarding Peter choosing to take the position in DC and El already having a job lined up.

This show was built on the idea that Neal and Peter had this work bromance that - though unconventional - was the bomb. I am concerned about how it plans to move forward with their leads in two different geographic locations. That's a lot of doing to come undone in order for them to stay, and it seems kind of unrealistic to do so.

Without reading too much into the future, though, what do you think Rebecca has in mind for Neal, seeing as she thinks she'll be seeing him soon?


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If this is the last season then I hope they tell us that Rebecca didn't commit those murders so Neal and her can have a happily ever after. I do believe when he told Rebecca that he could go straight for her. They are perfect in so many ways. I just want to see him smiling and happy again. Peter can go to D.C but not without undoing all the damage he's done to Neal. But if the show is back then Peter and Neal and NY make the show so Peter will come back to NYC. I think Rebecca my kidnap Neal but it'll turn out that she was really saving him. I love her to pieces and I can see why Neal does too!


I don't know for sure, but, I have to say if Rebecca didn't have it in for me, as pretty as she is and if she truly loved me I wouldn't mind skipping town with her and the twin Hope Diamond in tow (if we managed to get it) to live out the rest of our lives in some beautiful country that doesn't have extradition.


I desperately want a season 6..they can't end the series like it is right now.. there is way to much going on to tie it up in the next 2 episodes. I don't think Peter will go to DC...something will happen to make him stay in NY. Neal asking for his freedom makes me uneasy for some reason. I think too, Neal does want that settled down life, he DID propose to Sara after all, and told her that he actually meant it


I say Peter move to DC and they start doing cases there


White Collar is the most fun on TV! My absolute favorite show. We never know what is happening next. My concern is that since we have not heard about a Season 6 yet, they may end the show with Peter going to DC and Neal going back to his criminal ways. I am hoping that in the end, Neal will either (1) settle down with the beautiful wealthy widow Sophie who could support his lifestyle while he worked for the FBI on a Gov. salary or (2) ride off into the sunset with Alex and leave the rest to our imagination. Rebecca was OK as a temporary love interest, but I don't want Neal to get too serious with a murderer. He has always been mischievous, but not really bad. I don't want to see him go there. I suspect the cliffhanger at the end of the season will be Peter leaving for DC. If there is a Season 6, the writers will figure out how to get him back. They got him out of jail and got Neal back from Cape Verde.


I had this weird idea last evening that the show might just take advantage of Tiffani Thiessan's second pregnancy and either a) just leave her in D.C. after whatever happens to keep Peter in New York or b) Peter and El finally have a baby and maybe the show makes her pregnancy complicated and that she wants to see a New York doctor (to also accommodate a maternity leave...the woman can only go on so many continental research trips).


I think something will happen that will get Peter to stay in NY. ..........


I think Neal's desire to have a life like Peter's is mirrored by Peter's occasional "walk on the Caffrey side": the grift is always greener on the other side, g. Neither of them can change who they fundamentally are and neither would be happy any other way. I would hate to see Neal "go native" and go straight. He's be setting himself up to fail. The balance would be to use his skills to help *while* helping himself. Peter isn't wrong about Neal being a criminal but he's wrong in saying that's all he is.


Hope Jeff Eastin has a plan to keep Peter in NY. I can't imagine Neal
being abandoned by Peter. He wouldn't even be getting this big promotion if Neal hadn't helped him close all those cases. Now he has had his heart broken by Kate, Sara and Rebecca. I think he needs some happiness. I don't think going for the diamond is the answer besides I feel Rebecca is going to play payback.

@ julia+murphy

I hope, too, that the Jess Eastin has a Season 6 planned, and that something happens to keep Peter in NYC and working with Neal: that's the heart and soul of 'White Collar'. I will be very angry at the writers if they end WC after Ssn 5 w/Peter going off to DC ('cleared' by all of Neal's hard work) and Neal either in prison or on the run again.....that would be a terrible ending. WC is one of the best shows on TV and I would so much love to see a Season 6, w/Peter and Neal working together in NYC. I think Rebecca is going to break out of jail and try to kill Neal or put him in such a bad position that he ends up back in jail and Peter will choose not to help him......Depressing to think about one of my favorite shows ending, and ending in a bad way.


I hope Jeff Eastin has a plan to keep Peter in NY with Neal. Rebecca has to go out in a more dramatic final way. Neal has to find some happiness, the poor man kee.ps gettng his heart broken first Kate, then
Sara and now Rebecca and now Peter is even abandoning him. So sad for Neal.

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