White Collar Season Finale Review: Blindsided

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Just when you thought everything would be okay - that Neal would be free, that Peter and El would move to DC and Mozzie would live to be 200 - THAT HAPPENS.

Which is why this last-second kidnapping will go down in history as the most unexpected twist in the shows history - and what made White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 a breath of fresh air.

Overall the season was a solid, capped of by a solid finale.

Some highlights:

  • Everyone's dedication to making sure Mozzie pulled through.
  • Rebecca not getting away with her evil plot.
  • Finally finding the diamond!
  • The fact we thought for even a second that Neal was finally going to be free.
  • The bro hug shared between Peter and Neal.

As a matter of expectations, I clearly anticipated that the storyline that involved Rebecca to tie up with this episode. But that doesn't mean I wasn't completely floored at the fact she went rather quietly, for lack of a better term. It appears Rebecca really did have a heart and Neal convinced her that she can't keep running.

It also appeared that Neal was completely committed to keeping put and keeping out of trouble, much to Mozzie's horror. Honestly it's about time Neal got to be on his own.

Unfortunately, the higher-ups at the bureau had other plans, and Neal will have to stick around NYC a little bit longer, a move disguised as further punishment for his foray out of the country during White Collar Season 4 Episode 1.

What a complete joke! I guess that's the price of being so good at what you do.

The again, Neal might not even be in New York anymore, thanks to his last-second kidnapping by a rando we've never seen nor met prior to his not-so-covert stalking throughout the installment.

That wasn't half as surprising as Peter's decision to stay behind and oversee Neal in lieu of going with El to DC. I fear a bit for the Burke's marriage, as it has become increasingly clear that El resents how far out on a limb Peter goes for him sometimes.

Then again, this could also be a situation where they need a reason to let Tiffani Thiesson out of the show for a bit to have another child as they've done in the past.

This assumes, however, that White Collar gets the official go ahead for season 6. Do you think we'll find out what happens to Neal?


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I liked the episode a lot. I hope the ending means that Elizabeth will be less included in season 6. I started hating her last season and this season she was even worse. Less Elizabeth will go a long way for me.
I'm glad that Peter and Neal finally made up. There was too much hate between them this season, but this episode finally showed them as partners and friends again.


I have had some problems with the show.this season. With all that Neil does for Peter and yet Peter never trusts him. Also, El always believed in Neil and would go behind Peter's back in earlier episodes and help Neil. The writers have changed that this season and I don't like it. I like the fact that El was her own person and believed in Neil more than Peter did. Sick of the fact Peter never gets over being Peter. And where to heck is Satchmo. That made El, Peter, Neil, Mozzie, June & yes Satchmo a family. It is why I liked the show. I do hope they move back to that or they may lose me as a viewer, especially if they drop El. (Like the Mentalist lost me with silly Red John). I like it when Neil corrupts El and Peter just a bit.

@ Joannmarie

So you hate the Mentalist because of what it was all about and you hate White collar because it show the real Neal


This episode was one of the best of the season. I also felt El's willingness to go to DC without Peter to be out of character. Peter's ok fine response was even more surprising.
Sorry the relationship with Rebecca didn't work out with Neal. I liked them as a couple more than he and Alex.
The ending was a what the heck for sure. Looking forward to new season.


It did seem to resolve quickly. I wonder if that's the result of having only 13 episodes instead of the usual 16? But I loved the few moments of June! Really want another season...


It seemed like a let down that Rebecca gave up so easy. Things like Mozzie getting better seemed to be too easy, though of course I'm glad he pulled thru. I didn't like it that El was so willing to go to DC without Peter. I hope we don't have a long way for the next season.

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White Collar Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Neal: Just like old times.
Peter: With the same outcome.

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