12 Characters That Make Us Want to Punch Our Television Screens

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They may appear on some of our favorite shows, and they may even have their shining moments.

Overall, though, they sort of make us want to throw our television sets out the window.

It's rarely the faults of the actors or actresses behind these characters, it's just that they don't belong on the show in the first place. Or they're worn out their welcome. Or they just... won't... stop.... whining.

These irritating individuals are lawyers, witches and super agents; they are young and they are old. But they have one thing in common:

They are super annoying! Flip through the following photo gallery and decide if you agree with us and/or who you would add to this list from across the TV dial:

Laurel Lance
Consider us proud members of Team Felicity. Laurel is more often than not a (very pretty) thorn in Oliver's side.

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Those character may be beyond terrible, but the intrusive ads on this site are still worse.


I want to like to like Laurel because she had some great moments in season 1, but the bad moments overpowered them and just made her look like a self-righteous jerk in the end. Season 2 just got even worst and now if they try to have her get with Oliver...I don't think I'll ever be able to watch Arrow again. No women would act the way Laurel does sometimes. If the writers are smart they only way they would save her is to write her off the show.


Laurel is a useless character!!!


I heard they are gonna bring back Sara in season 3 so i don't think we need Laurel anymore.


Alexis castle is hot in the pussy and my gf. Plus none of these actors are as bad as the lady who played Debra in Everyone Loves Raymond and the bitch who plays Lois in Malcolm in the Middle and than appears again on breaking bad. Thank god all those series are long gone.

@ Emily Taylor

Thank god indeed otherwise you'd have to keep watching those awful characters. Women!


What about Elena and Catherine in Vampire diaries. Seeing her face makes me puke


What?? COACH??? WHhhatt!?? I understand that this is your list..but ewww how dare you say COACH is annoying. Please. but yeah skye and Laurel..barf!


Laurel lance and skye are two of my least fave tv humans ever! But the winner has to be Charlie from revolution! She is the worst actress ever. At least the revolution guys cut down her part. .... Maybe MAOS will be so kind as to do that with Skye... meanwhile an awesome show like Almost Human is canceled where no one was being annoying :(


I seriously agree. Laurel's character forced me into not watching the film earlier in season 1. she frustrates me a lot and this whole Stefan-Elena-Damon thing So annoying


I seriously agree. Laurel's character forced me into not watching the film earlier in season 1. she frustrates me a lot and this whole Stefan-Elena-Damon thing So annoying