11 TV Characters Who Have the Worst Luck in Love

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Valentine's Day is a special day for lovers. For everyone else, it's a reminder that they are alone.

While some people find their their true love and live happily ever after, there are others with a wreck of a romantic life. It's sad, but true and especially on television.

Whether it's betrayal, death, or falling for the wrong partner, these 11 TV characters have the worst luck in love.

Scroll through the following photo gallery now and then decide below: Who REALLY needs to be hit by Cupid's arrow this year?

Who has the worst luck in love?

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Hook? Seriously? How about Regina? Her mother kills her first love, forces her to marry a man twice her age, and once she is finally free of him (granted she kills him), she casts a curse and starts to fall for a sheriff who is in love with the woman who she thinks is taking her son from her. Talk about bad luck.


Geez, I don't watch any of these shows.


Reid from Criminal Minds. He finds his true love, only for the first time he meets her is when she has been kidnapped, and is then killed in front of him. His face still breaks my heart :'(


Not as sad as some of the ones mentioned but I'd like to mention Bobby Cobb from Cougar Town. Poor fella's been looking for love but it's been a rough road for him thus far.


I voted for Dean Winchester but what about Gus from Psych I know the last episode is coming but Gus always has bad luck


Both Winchester boys could use some lovin' because they are missing that nurturing feeling which might help them both through this dark time. Sam needs more than a hug from an angel. Dean needs a release. Dean could use some pie.


what about Dexter? first wife killed by Trinity, the lover (I forgot the name) he needed to kill her since she was seriously crazy, then Lumen but poor her she was a victim so he sets her free, and last the killer girlfriend who he decided to leave because he did not deserve her...I mean..pretty sad, right?


I voted for Edith, because that's the only show on this list that I watch. Someone else that should be on this list is Raj on Big Bang Theory. That poor guy has only had one real relationship in 6 years! And she was more of a wreck than him. He's a smart, sweet guy and he deserves someone special, even if he is "the guy who got a girl after Sheldon Cooper!"


How bout Jeremy from Vampire Diaries??? Every girl he ever loved died! Vicki, Anna and Bonnie ( even tho she came back to life...and do did he. Twice. Lol)


I think jesse pinkman deserves to be mentioned cos his girlfriend jane died of drug overdose(that was the remote cause) and he helplessly watched his next girlfriend murdered because he tried to escape. Ted mosby should also have been mentioned.

@ Anonymous

I agree, poor Jesse...all his misfortune caused by just one man: W.W!!