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11 Vampire Diaries Villains We've Loved to Hate

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It started with Katherine... it's led up to Enzo... and it will soon include a Traveler named Markos.

Yes, from The Vampire Diaries Season 1 through The Vampire Diaries Season 5, viewers have been inundated with villains that include shady professors, vengeful witches and angry mothers.

Who stands out as the meanest? The craziest? The most entertaining? Who landed his own spinoff?

Okay, we know the answer to that final question. But relive years' worth of awesome TVD antagonists now and decide on your favorite:

11 Vampire Diaries Villains We Really Love to Hate
We're back in time here with Katherine Pierce. Remember when she was the show's top villain?
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Katherine Pierce

1. Katherine Pierce

We're back in time here with Katherine Pierce. Remember when she was the show's top villain?

Isobel Flemming

2. Isobel Flemming

Isobel Flemming played a key, villainous role on Season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. She was Elena's biological mother and Alaric's wife.

Klaus Mikaelson

3. Klaus Mikaelson

He's gone through quite the evolution over the years. But Klaus started out as the baddest of them all.

Mikael Mikaelson

4. Mikael Mikaelson

Mikael Mikaelson is the father of Klaus, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah. He's the one man who Klaus fears.

Esther Mikaelson

5. Esther Mikaelson

Esther Mikaelson is one mother of a witch. She had it out for her own children!

Atticus Shane

6. Atticus Shane

Atticus Shane gave all college professors a bad name. He was a bit too focused on resurrecting his ex-wife.

Connor Jordan

7. Connor Jordan

Connor Jordan was vampire hunter. He had his sights set on some of our favorite characters.

Galen Vaughn

8. Galen Vaughn

Galen Vaughn was a member of The Five. He was all about hunting down vampires.


9. Qetsiyah

Qetsiyah was bat sh-t crazy! Fun, entertaining and fascinating. But totally nuts!

Dr. Wes Maxfield

10. Dr. Wes Maxfield

Dr. Wes Maxfield has a plan for all vampires: he wants to make them feed on their own. YIKES!


11. Enzo

Enzo is making his feelings strongly felt. This is a scene from The Vampire Diaries episode, "The Devil Inside."

And to see these baddies in action again, remember to watch The Vampire Diaries online, right here, right now.

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    Best villain is the bad boy himself Damon


    what happened to the original villain, Damon and dont forget Silas....


    Mikael Mikaelson isn´t the father of Klaus.Klaus is Mikael's step-son.


    Katherine and Klaus
    Love to hate,hate to love.


    this list misses Silas
    the best is Klaus

    but we shouldn't forget that Damon himself start as the Villan


    I did not love to hate, I just hated Esther, Shane/Silas and Enzo. Can't stand them!


    One villain I'd hate to say but really should is Alarics' ulta-ego formed from the ring that resurrected him from death multiple times. He was so badass he had to die to save his family from himself! RIP Alaric!


    I agree with Bara'a on her choices but wish one name was left off this list. Atticus Shane. His character was boring and I was super glad when he died. I also met the actor at the convention along with other TVD alumni. He was a jacka$$! Rude and full of himself. If he was Damon or Klaus I may have understood a teeny tiny little bit but wow. He's not even charming in any way. Basically what you saw on TVD was him. A jerk.

    @ LoveVillains

    I agree with you ,Atticus Shane wasn't villain at all he was just a crazy person. But I think Silas should be in this list (all those mind's control tricks)

    @ Bara'a

    Yes Silas! I liked him more than I thought I would. But then Paul Wesley being evil is always fun. Although not a villain, I loved Nina Dobrev's THIRD character of Silas's dead love. (forgot her name) That girl is crazy talented. I didn't like that Katherine jumped into Elena...but watching Kat fake Elena is hilarious.


    Katherine Pierce from the females .
    Klaus Mikaelson from the males .

    @ Bara'a

    AGREED! Best villains yet!

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