13 Crime-Solving Partners We'd Want on Any Important Case

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Who would you want on your side if something terrible happened to your family?

Two detectives who battle personal demons with a laser focus at work? Partners that use handcuffs on the street and in the bedroom?

Those that specialize in the supernatural? An iconic British detective? Or a different version of that same iconic British detective?

Indeed, the television landscape is littered with capable crime-solving duos. But which of these partnerships would you want taking up the case if you really needed one solved? Click, compare and weigh in now!

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Did anyone else immediately think of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers when they read this article? Just me? Okay... I'd take Jake Peralta with Captain Holt. Also, Jane and Lisbon.


tony & ziva,Shawn & Gus, McGarrett & Danno, Sam & Callan, Sam & Dean I agree on I would add Stabler and Bensen (even tho no Stabler anymore)


Stabler n Benson-SVU, Robert Goren n Alexandra Eames- Criminal Intent,Lily Rush n Scotty Valens- Cold Case, Charlie Crews n Dani Reese-Life best investigative hounds of past seasons

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