2014-2015 Renewal Odds: Will Your Favorite Show Survive?

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It's make or break time for television shows on the bubble.

While some networks have already announced renewals for the 2014-2015 season (Congrats, Vampire Diaries! Way to go, Arrow! Nice work, Shameless!), most will wait until this spring to make such lineup decisions.

Many shows are yet to receive any word, yet all Gladiators out there can rest assured, for example: Scandal isn't going anywhere.

But what about those stuck in the middle?

The performances of the following programs over the coming week will play a key role in their survival, as we've attached some odds to various dramas and comedies whose fans can only pray they find a spot on the 2014-2015 schedule... 

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I do hope Hart of Dixie is renewed. I am in my sixties and it is an escape show. Kinda like "Blue Bell Take Me Away". Yes I would move to Blue Bell.


I love Trophy Wife!


Hart Of Dixie lost it's original appeal when they brought Joel and made him the center of attention and Lemon has been absent. The Wilks clan is a good storyline to explore and if the writers are sol determined to keep Joel as a regular...hook him up with boring Vivian. Let Wade and Zoe fall back together? And how about sweet Anna Beth and George? I do think this show is too far gone. I am a fan of The Tomorrow People and it has a bigger fan base than what this site states. Check out facebook, other tv show blogs and online streaming forums. I watch Grimm and Intelligence too.


Intelligence and Revolution are the shows that should be renewed. I don't care about the others.


Beauty and the Beast must be renewed, it is really good!! #BATB

Beverly brooks

I love Almost Human and Intelligence...hope they will not cancel.


I d like HoD,Carrie Diaries,Nashville,Beauty & the Beast to stay


Nashville is entertaining and has a good cast. Keep it on the air.


Please renew HOD!!! It's a fun show.. (please get rid of Joel). I have a bad feeling about it on Friday nights though.. We need at least one more season.. HOD just has that down-home feeling.. It's kinda refreshing to watch a show where no one is killing eachother


Sigh. Ok, so your list contains many shows I watch and adore. Almost Human, Grimm, The Tomorrow People, Enlisted, Revolution..... please let them survive! I do admit to having tried and given up on Intelligence, Dracula and Rake.