2014-2015 Renewal Odds: Will Your Favorite Show Survive?

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It's make or break time for television shows on the bubble.

While some networks have already announced renewals for the 2014-2015 season (Congrats, Vampire Diaries! Way to go, Arrow! Nice work, Shameless!), most will wait until this spring to make such lineup decisions.

Many shows are yet to receive any word, yet all Gladiators out there can rest assured, for example: Scandal isn't going anywhere.

But what about those stuck in the middle?

The performances of the following programs over the coming week will play a key role in their survival, as we've attached some odds to various dramas and comedies whose fans can only pray they find a spot on the 2014-2015 schedule... 

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I want so much to see The Tomorrow People and Hart of Dixie rewened.Especially TTP because it's so interesting!


Hart of Dixie could easily move itself out of that Friday slot in the future if they gave viewers what they wanted but also actually got creative with their storytelling. At the moment the show is incredibly dull with the last of their loyal viewers just watching in hope that this week is the week it turns around. However, it's been almost an entire season and I'm still seeing more promo photos of Joel than anything else. :/ The writing is prettttttty terrible. Better writers with a better direction for the overall show and things would EASILY get better. At the moment those in charge seem determined to not even step near the idea that they've got 1000 issues going wrong with the show, let alone working out what they are and how to fix them.

@ Mia

I could not agree more! It is a fun show, but has been horribly boring this whole season. I barely get around to watching it on my DVR.....sad!

@ Guest

You guys have to remember that it's Schwartz and Savage running this show.. maybe even Safran.. they are going to drag Zoe and Wades story out like they did with Chair.. I love HOD but they need to drop Joel..


Nashville ,dracula, Hart of dixie, almost human, grimm and revolution need to stay


Dracula, Hart of Dixie and Beauty and The Beast need to be renewed.


Hart of Dixie, The Mindy Project, Enlisted, Super Fun Night and Trophy Wife should all be renewed! I watch some of the others but these I don't wanna say goodbye to.


I think they should have canceled the vampire diaries...this season didn't make much sense so far, and it's boring!!!!

@ Fra

Why would they cancel their #2 show? It's been consistently one of the top rated shows on their network and via media since it's premiere?


I LOVE Almost Human!! Such a good show!! Hope it gets renewed!!




I would love to see HoD, Dacula, nashville, and enlisted renewed. Those four shows I really enjoy..


Why such long odds on HoD?its going to be renewed for syndication.Why so much faith in TTP renewed?Its doing poorly behind a solid leadin and being moved to Mon,paired with a show that flopped(SC)?I don't see it doing well enough onMon to get renewed.It moving and being paired with a untried new show isn't a vote of confidence from CW either.(as you said HodD moving to fri wasn't a vote of confidence fro the network.)