2014-2015 Renewal Odds: Will Your Favorite Show Survive?

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It's make or break time for television shows on the bubble.

While some networks have already announced renewals for the 2014-2015 season (Congrats, Vampire Diaries! Way to go, Arrow! Nice work, Shameless!), most will wait until this spring to make such lineup decisions.

Many shows are yet to receive any word, yet all Gladiators out there can rest assured, for example: Scandal isn't going anywhere.

But what about those stuck in the middle?

The performances of the following programs over the coming week will play a key role in their survival, as we've attached some odds to various dramas and comedies whose fans can only pray they find a spot on the 2014-2015 schedule... 

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grimm is a good show so is almost human and the crazy ones dracula could be good is they fix it to make sense


It's no skin off my nose!


Why is Grimm on this list? Grimm is doing fine in the ratings and will be back. Season two of Grimm was awful, they wasted too much time on that boring Juliette and Renard storyline, then NBC was stupid and took it off for 3 months and then moved the season final to Tuesday but the fans stuck with the show. They are back on track this season and the show will be back. NBC was also stupid in taking Revolution off for 3 months and the writing is really off this season. I hope NBC gives it another chance and the writers do a better job in season three. I liked Dracula and Grimm on Fridays.. a lot better than Hannibal that is about to come on again. I really hope Dracula comes back.


Mindy Project & Hart of Dixie


The tomorrow people
Almost human
Intelligence Should all be renewed I don't watch the others so I don't really care about them but I want these 5 to be renewed.

@ marissa

ITA. These are the shows I would like to see renewed out of the bunch. Seems that Grim and TTP have the best chance. TTP is my favorite, so I'm routing for that one the most. I really hate to see the others go, especially Intelligence, but I'm not surprised and have not gotten as attached to them as TTP. Still fingers crossed for all 5.

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