32 TV Characters We Still Can't Believe Have Left Us

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Some were killed off. Some left because their portrayers wanted off; others because their networks wanted a change.

But the reasons behind their loss does little to dull our pain. We still miss them. We still grieve for them. We still wish things could have been different.

From biker wives to surgical interns, community college students to misguided witches, here is a look at some of men and women who we still can't believe are gone...

Troy Barnes
Donald Glover left Community to pursue his rapping career. He took his beloved character with him.


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Zoe Barnes on House of Cards


Elliot Stabler leaving SVU was a terrible move.

@ Chris

YES, THANK YOU!!! I was so sure he was gonna be on this list! Worst loss to ever happen to a TV series!


How about Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds? There is still a petition on change.org to bring her back. She did come back for episode 200 but even after 2 seasons with her replacement, fans still want her back for good.


#7...Forget Tara! OPIE WINSTON is the SONS OF ANARCHY character who I will always miss the most. Jax will end up back with Wendy, but he will NEVER have another friend like Opie.

@ Applechrisp

Sorry...I meant #6!


you have to be a moran ,not to realize that Ziva brough NCIS up a few clicks from where it is now. they are all good actors but she gave the show some good twists and turns .Hope the writers can keep it going. I would like to see her back. she is pretty ,hard nosed and soft all rolled into one


Cote de Pablo's character and her interaction with Michael Weatherly,
brought youthfulness and a bit of light-hearted loving to this serious
drama. We need Ziva and Dinozzo together again, please. Faithful viewer, Yoly.


Cote de Pablo's character and her interaction with Michael
Weatherly brought a touch of youthful love and caring to the
program, Please get Ziva back, her replacement is a far cry
and strikes me as a troubled person sitting on the floor...
And a spin-off in New Orleans, LA, does not bode well....too
voodoo crazy. Ziva, please return to Dinozzo.


And lets not forget the most recent, Will Gardner of The Good Wife. It was such a shocker to see him shot and killed.


Charlie Sheen should be on this list. We miss Charlie Harper on Two and a Half Men. It sucks badly that I haven't watched it since he left.


CSI:NY losing Stella Bonasera still pisses me off. I know you can't make someone stay against their wishes but TPTB didn't even have the decency to give us a farewell episode after six years of Mac/Stella will they wont they not even a Dear John. Then to add insult to injury the TPTB developed selective amnesia and she was never mentioned again. I could still happily give someone a long, hard slap.