Beauty and the Beast Photo Preview: What Might Have Been

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Forget The Olympics. Beauty and the Beast is new once again on Monday.

What can fans expect from the installment?

When people with connections to Gabe begin to disappear, Cat and Vincent end up working together to try and figure out what's happening. 

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 14 sends Vincent back to the hospital where he was once an intern where he gets a glimpse at what his future could have been. 

Check out these preview photos for "Redemption," scheduled to air Monday, February 17 on The CW.

And don't forget that you can always watch Beauty and the Beast online here at TV Fanatic. 

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I am glad this could be the last one. The writers killed the show. Cat plus Murderer Gabe (killing carriage driver when he was NOT in beast mode). Cat's Dad gets his way: Vincent out of the picture. So new morale of beauty and beast. Evil wins all "Beauties" and good hearted guys are just tools for those Beauties. plus Forget disney epic love because it dies after 4 months. They hold Vincent accountable for all his actions created by Cat's dad when he wiped Vincent memory and brainwashed him into a weapon. However, Gabe is forgiven for his "good deeds" shall we compare good deeds after overcoming Murfield.. NO Vincent would win. But looking at the review: They see a new beast. But wait, they need their new tool/weapon Vincnet. So now Vincent is forced once more to be the very thing that Cat walked away from in order to 'save the day'. Hmmm Vincent went from Murfield weapon to Tess, Gabe, and Cat's weapon. What they got their minds wiped. Why not do to the new beast what they did to Vincent - Tranq gun. That gun worked when THEY used it on Vincent and Tori. So now they lost the gun and no stores or companies sell them? Vincent now is alone he lost Alex to his love for Cat and Alex is dead. Lost Cat because he saved lives or rather Tori's life. Lost Tori because she could not be in Vincent life because his heart (unlike Cat) could not let go and she was not accepted by "the gang of Vincent handlers). So, Tori had to die. So Vincent walks in the cold snow while all the others have someone. Vincent should walk from them by leaving and going somewhere where he can start new. His family-dead. Hospital job can be restarted anywhere. I do think the writers should be recognized for taking a two year people choice series and cancel it half way through the season. (IF my hope pays off and Feb 17 is the last show)

@ Beauty and Beast romantic

I believe that the main goal of making Vincent and Cat be apart in this season 2 and not be an item anymore by the editors, writers and even by the cast itself is totally working. Kristin said herself in an interview that the relationship between Cat and Vincent would have to go through a "push to earn it" thing, to prove that they really love each other. I thought and still think that will be a dangerous dynamic created to give more action to this new season. They argue that Cat and Vincent were pulled together too fast in season one. But back then, everyone was delighted with the chemistry seen between Jay and Kristin as actors and the plot was not out of proportion because of this "rapidity". I mean, we saw two persons totally in love with each other and willing to take any risks whatsoever to make them together. That was great to be seen, felt and shared.
Now, in this second season, they showed us two completely different characters: a totally distorted, oscillating Vincent that even with their memories resurfacing seemed oblivious to everything, cold and without any emotional content. Cat was sickening with that phrase "we meant to be together" and what we saw most was this NOT to be a reality for them anymore. Plus Vincent with that "macho" look (oh, please!), the new she beast introduced, and other ladies are much more beautiful and well dressed than the main actress, ie we are seeing a overshadowed Kristin Kreuk, and, in my view, most of the scenes seemed to want to promote the image of Jay Ryan. But none of that is working. I personally am D.O.N.E. in these few episodes of B&B of Kristin and Jay or Catherine and Vincent ... TOGETHER. My expectations are curiously turned over to another couple: Cat and Gabe.
And I hope that now that the authors, writers and producers have agreed to let them (Cat and Gabe) be in a real relationship and do not screw it all up and undo all the effort on helping Cat developed by Sendhil Ramamurthy's character, who now turned into something deeper, for both characters, for us and for the logic of this love story. What really worries me is that for the VinCat item recover to please some fans with all that beautiful love that charmed us all in the first season, will take much, much longer time. I guess Catherine doesn't have anything to hide: she is very inclined to stay with Gabe. The one who will have to hide a lot and probably will not be able to do it, especially now that Tori is gone is Mr. Macho-Beast Vincent. Just hope he doesn't screw up Cat and Gabe plans. I do not care if Gabe has something up in his sleeve or still has a dark side. He's gorgeous, breathtaking, super stylish, has a super sexy voice .... (Wow! Sendhil Ramamurthy is highlighting) And...I just want him and Catherine to have a shot, because I believe in their relationship. Yes! Inexplicably, I become a fan of Gabe Lowen. And don't tell me there's no chemistry between them. Only for those who doesn't wanna see the sparks bettween them. For now, VinCat is past. If Vincent want to build a future with Catherine again, will have to work REALLY hard (no need to show his exercises and work outs, please!!! ..... He is not and never will be Oliver Queen). He has to make it happen the desire to have Catherine back to him, as before, I mean, that chemistry, that once gripped all the fans of Beauty and the Beast. And if this is done right now, kindda of the same way they took Tori's out of the context, it will be very, very bland, lame and ..... pointless. Will not follow the course of the show. P.S. I'm shipping Cat and Gabe together. Even if I give with my the face on the wall.

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