Beauty and the Beast Review: Redemption, Death and Resurrection

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Was it just me or was Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 12 a little less than it could have been?

Considering a thorn in the viewers' side met her demise (so many puns come to mind; she was so draining, for example), it should have been more exciting or elicited more emotion.

Instead, the decision was made to portray Tori as the gentle beast she could have been all along, more of a little sister to Vincent with much to learn. As such, her death was rather sad. 

I look back at her character arc as a wasted opportunity. She could have easily come between Cat and Vincent without the unnecessary romantic or sexual involvement. Vincent only had to care for her and bond as a beast to throw Cat off her game and make her realize how different they were to give her reason enough to second guess how quickly they were moving toward a permanent relationship. 

Well, what's done is done. 

It was such a shame that J.T. finally got his moment (Receiving a grant!) and it turned out to be a scam to get to beasts. Always with the beasts. He must look back at that day in his life when he volunteered Vincent as the worst day of his life. The last person to whom the secret matters knows it now, and it went better than he imagined. Their friendship is a joy to watch.

That they had been through all of that, still had the ability to see something positive come out of it and could toast Tori's life was pretty amazing.

The several times Cat and Gabe took time to stand around and discuss their feelings was unnecessary. We get it. Gabe is waiting for Cat. Cat's mulling it over, and will probably pick him as her rebound guy so she can rip his heart out later. He's leaving the precinct now. Does that mean we'll see less of him? Maybe his absence will be absorbed with the presence of Agent Landon since her story just took at giant leap forward.

As soon as we learned the dude in the cage wasn't a beast, I knew he would end up being Landon's husband. What I found utterly amazing was that she was kneeling in front of him and already talking before she noticed that he was her husband. Adults don't change that much in six years.

I guess they'll pool all of their knowledge, forcing Cat and Vincent to spend more time together and Gabe to feel out of the loop. He wants to back away from all things beast, but can he really do that if it means she re-engages with Vincent as they carry on with the beastly antics? 

Someone has beast blood (pure blood, at that) to use to try to create a serum to make more beasts. I'd think getting blood from a genetically pure beast might change their game plan a little bit, so they'll still need some of Vincent's to do a comparison. 

It never felt like J.T. was in any real danger during the kidnapping because the kidnappers planted his clothing out there for the beasts to track him, and the police were right behind. There was no real sense of urgency to the hour, even though the stakes were rather high. It just fell flat.

I suppose we're at a new beginning. Tori's gone. Cat and Vincent are separated. A new mystery is about to unfold regarding Cat's family history and we'll discover the extent of Sam's knowledge. Tori came in like a lion, but went out with a whimper. Huh.

Did you think Tori's demise was a fitting sendoff for the character?


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I'm glad Tori is gone, but that said, there isn't much of a chance her death had anything to do with the fans not liking her as these episodes were filmed a long time ago - long before they aired. What's done has been done for some time, just like the remainder of the season. It's already shot, so it is what it is, and we'll just have to see what happens.


Thanks for your review! I’ve always been Team V, but just wanna say that this ep……ahhhhh just make me sad and angry at the time! The way V treated and used Tori to get the gem, the shackle, to have sex, knowing she was into him and so lonely…. How he didn’t care when she died. Last eps JT told him about their “primal connection” how she cared about him/it. He’s suddenly so angry at her, I don’t get that. And now everybody loves Gabe, even JT??? I mean, WHAAAAAT?? It’s all so messed up!!


I will add more to the episode. I am also tired of the Gabe thing. I beleive since the beginning of this season Gabe main purpose was to end up with Catherine knowing that Vince was getting farther apart from her so that was his opportunity to woo Catherine and that way Catherien will have a shoulder to get support from. Now Vin is without Tori and without Catherine, he ended up alone, as Catheirne is now with Gabe. I guess the writers want to approach this to make the story more interesting to watch as you know couples struggle with jealousy,love, hate, and the game of hard to get etc and that is what it is going on now not everything is a bed of roses Im sure eventually they both will end up together and the writers know that just give time to make the story more interesting, with more suspense. And let see Vin is missing now and how will will deal with it and also Catheirne she had been harsh to Vin always blaming him for not choosing love first but kill and lets see if her feelings for Gabe will be real which I doubt they are, but let her explore a new relationship so she can find herlsef like she said she want to and let her see for herlself if that will work out. I miss JT and Vin this season they had not been together that much, they had good chemistry as real pals and buddies. JT and Vargas? Well i dont find them as a couple really. Vargas need to find someone more suitable for her, JT is a nice guy sure but he looks like a nerd and I dont see the appeal of him to be with Vargas. Myabe they can be very good friends but that is all. Im sure Agent Landon husband had some hidden agenda that will eventually see in future episodes. I dont think he is this victim of the bad guy who died in the episode. He mustknow something that he is hiding from his wife and that has to do with beasts, serums and pure bllood beasts. Tori for sure had been miused she could have been like a sibling to Vincen it would have made more senset as they were both beasts and help and they both could seach for clues about their pasts.


totally agree with the review, Tori has been misused from the beginning, and now that she is out for no real major event or reason, just like that...easy, simple, so now Vincent can be the jealous ex...that storyline is silly and quite frankly, we know that Cat and V are end game, but let us work out for that! some Tori and V bond on a sibling level would have made more sense than this lame love triangle between Gabe, Cat and V.... I am even disappointed about the development of JT and agent Vargas...
I hope we will see less of Gabe and more about agent Landon and her husband. he can totally be the next villain...I thought he was Tony Barnes and not Landon's husband...I still think he is the bad guy there!


Just some simple thoughts an questions about last night. Tori left to soon. Should have been beast partners not lovers.JT's and Vincent bonding great. I get it that Cat suddenly decided she should give into Gabe (he is creepy) after Vin's speech about everyone getting hurt that he cares for,but when Cat said she wanted to be with Gabe,did the go home together. We see Vin and JT the next day but not Cat and Gabe.Just wondering if Cat went full in first night.Silly I know but just trying to gauge where Vin stands.


I havent watched the episode yet but reading that Tori died that I did not see it coming. Maybe im wrong but I think the demise of Tori;s had something to do with the fact that fans did not like her character since the beginning, cause fans believe she was goign to get in the way of Vin and Cat love relationship and that is one of the reasons they were apart cause Tori was taking Vin away from Cat due to they both are beasts and could relate to one another and understand better, so maybe the writers change Toris story just recently to please the fans who wanted Vin and Cat back together desesperately.
But still I believe her demise was too soon, like someone pointed her. Tori would had been like a sister to Vin and not get int he way of Vin/Cat and Vin protecting her still and they can both look more into their beasti past hundreds years back but I guess the writers messed that up. No wonder this season is not going good in ratings not even the shwo had reached a million viewers, writers are writign lame incoherent stories. I wont be surprised if the show is cancelled and there wotn be a 3rd season. Of course I hope it wont happen but by tthe pace it is going now, there is that possibility of it


I'm happy she died. I'm all for Cat and Vincent. Tori should have came earlier before Vincent and cat had a relationship to begin with. I didn't like her at all ever since Vincent lost his memories. The order was not what I wanted.


I think it was too much too soon: Tori's death, Vincent admitting that he should have chosen Cat, even Cat's decision to be with Gabe. At the beginning of the episode it was all about finding who she was alone! And I agree with the review: it all went down without much excitement or real emotion. I was also sorry to see Barnes (Colm Feore) get killed, he's such a great villain! It was all a bit too predictable. The bright side was JT and Vincent's conversation in the end and, I have to confess, I'm glad Tori is gone!


What was the point of crediting Amber Skye Noyes as a main cast member if she was only going to be in a handful of episodes before they killed her off? I actually liked Tori (even if she did come between Cat and Vincent) because she was hot and it broke my heart when she died.

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