Brooklyn Nine-Nine Review: Captain Holt's Birthday Party

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There comes a time in every young adult's life where they end up at a "grown-up" party, feeling hopelessly out of place and awkwardly trying to fit in. 

This week, on Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 16, it was that time for the entire precinct. In the best episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine to date, Captain Holt had a birthday party.

The crew of the 99 each have their own eccentricities and personality dysfunctions and they seem crazy enough when they're in the precinct. However, this episode put them all in a setting where all of their idiosyncrasies and nutty traits were magnified against a backdrop of low-key normalcy.

That contrast made for some great comedy. They've never been funnier.

To add to the great situational comedy, the writing on this episode was absolutely stellar. The dialogue was witty and sharp and the cast delivered in spades. The chemistry among them all is most evident when they're in a group situation like this one: it really was just perfect. I was laughing from the "Danzes with Wolvez" line, and the jokes just kept on coming.

We finally got to meet Captain Holt's husband, Kevin Cozner (played brilliantly by Marc Evan Jackson), as he invited them to a dinner party at their residence for Holt's birthday. As the night progressed, everyone's quirks stood out like a handful of sore thumbs as Terry tried desperately to shepherd them into being appropriate.

Terry: Don't move as a group!  You're not gazelles!!

Melissa Fumero really shined in this episode, as Amy's desperation to be considered Holt's peer brought her into creepy territory as she took pictures of the contents of his kitchen. The look of self-contempt she gave herself every time she said something inappropriate? Priceless. Jake didn't fare much better, as his snarky wit and need to be charming quickly put him at odds with Kevin, who was not impressed. 

Amazingly, though, some of them made their quirks work to their advantage. Charles' nerdiness about food actually scored him a woman with similar interests. Rosa worked her penchant for avoiding people to her advantage, as she made Gina's insanity the big draw. The montage of psychologists flocking towards Gina as she said increasingly crazy things - hilarious.

Also - stop the presses - can we talk about Scully's opera singing?!? Who saw that coming?

I think there's a lesson here. Always be true to yourself, just find what part of you fits that particular moment you're in.

At the beginning of the episode, it seemed to the the gang that Holt didn't want them there, as the invitations came from his husband at the last minute. Holt also tried to warn Peralta that he may not get along with Kevin.

It turned out that Holt actually did want them all to come, and it was Kevin that didn't want any of the precinct at the party. It's not till the end of the episode that Jake deduces why. Kevin wasn't just resentful of the 99; he resented all cops because of the homophobia that his husband had to endure. The precinct's gesture at the end - giving Holt a quiet dinner with his husband - was sweet and touching. As always, the show masters comedy with a heart.

This was hands-down my favorite episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1. Hopefully, with the boost from the Super Bowl and its new home at 9:30 with the New Girl lead-in, a lot more eyes saw one of the funniest comedies on television.

Other notes:

  • Today in Hitchcock and Scully - I'm pretty sure now that Hitchcock tries (or succeeds) taking his shirt off in every episode.
  • On Holt's DVR: Sherlock, Bones, and How It's Made-Contact Lenses. Wide range of tastes there.
  • Kevin has that portrait of Holt in his office. Nice continuity!
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They are really pushing their political homosexual views. This show can be very funny, but leave out their political views.

@ eddie dantes

How, by showing a totally regular, loving relationship that happens to be between two men? Maybe you have some weird, creepy idea of what gay people and gay relationships are like, and you're disappointed that you aren't seeing it here, but the show is not "pushing" anything.


I agree, this was definitely the best episode to date. The scene with Perralta, Santiago, and Jeffords in the bathroom was hilarious! When Holt opened the door and Jake just said "Occuppied," I don't know why, but I laughed so hard. Especially since Holt didn't even question it. He wasn't really surprised to find them in there. Gina was the funniest she's been as well. I'm not usually a huge fan of her, but the things she was saying were so ridiculously funny. I would be just as mesmerized if I were those psychologists! It's nice to see Boyle get some action based on his extensive knowledge and love of food! It will be fun to see how Rosa reacts later when she finds out about their upcoming date. And the precinct moving as group was another stand out moment, especially, as you said, with Jeffords' comment about not being gazelles! I thought Jake's dialogue was really on point last night, too. It was a brilliantly written episode!

@ Amy Lynn

This is one if the "stupidest" if that's a word show we have ever seen. Not funny. Just extremely STUPID AND ANNOYING!!!!!!

@ Mary

So why are you reading blog posts/reviews about it and bothering to comment about it? Also, who is "we"? The "royal we"? Are you speaking on behalf of your entire Jazzercise class? What's that about?

@ Mary

Well I think their golden globe win says otherwise. And as Nadia said, why even watch then and take the time to comment? Maybe you should just bring your negativity somewhere else.

@ Mary

Then why the hell watch it and or even bother commenting?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Who's Kevin Cozner? Is he the star of "Danzzes with Wolvezz?"


Amy: The greatest thing that could ever happen has just happened.
Jake: The girl who beat you for high school valedictorian died?