Castle Review: I HATE the Dress!

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There were so many things to love about Castle Season 6 Episode 14 that I almost feel bad pointing out the things that bothered me. 

I'm going to do it anyway... but let's start with the positive.

The murder of the week had plenty of twists, turns and interesting suspects, though none were better than Matilda King. What could have come across as a caricature actually turned out to be a fascinating woman with more depth than I expected. 

First off, she immediately remembered Kate Beckett. She said she'd never forget those cheekbones (who could?) or the fact that Kate was the one person who turned Matilda down when she was offered her big break. I'm sure that doesn't happen often. 

The fact that Matilda would bug her employees' homes so that she could listen to the recordings herself seemed a little far fetched. Not so much the illegal surveillance but that Matilda would do the listening. That would be incredibly boring and take up far too many hours. What a horrible way to waste your weekends.

When I first realized that this episode would revisit the topic of Kate's short stint as a model, I was excited. Unfortunately, I never got the payoff I was hoping for. 

It almost felt as though Rick already knew about Kate's modeling past because he barely had any reaction at all to the news. There was no real discussion about how she got into modeling or why she decided to leave. As a matter of fact, he didn't ask one question about it, not even to see a picture! 

As a long time viewer I really enjoyed "Inventing the Girl" where Kate was scrambling to hide the photo of her modeling a tennis outfit from Castle and swearing the boys to secrecy. Castle Season 2 Episode 3 stuck in my memory for the fun of those moments and I was hoping they'd revisit a little of that. Unfortunately, it never happened here and that's where this story line missed the mark for me. 

In the middle of murder, wire taps, threats from mystery men, corporate espionage, and fashion, there was Rick and Kate trying to plan their wedding.  I loved when Rick shared his feelings about getting married with his mother in this Castle quote

I just feel like I've waited long enough, Mother. I don't want to waste any more time before we take the next step.


He's been in love with Kate Beckett for a long time. Even with two failed marriages behind him, it was good to hear him express how anxious he was to make that commitment and move forward together. 

Now we get to my biggest disappointment in the episode. The dress.

Matilda was correct when she said it was amazing. It was amazing that even with Kate Beckett wearing it I still hated that dress. Don't get me wrong, the silver beading was beautiful…for an evening dress. Not for a first time bride. And all of the fluffy ivory tulle on the skirt looked ridiculous. 

My reaction to that dress was so strong that it almost took away from a very powerful scene. Almost.

Kudos to Stana Katic for delivering on that moment where Kate is reminded of her mother. She didn't need to utter one word. Her expressions clearly shared every heartbreaking moment and I had no doubt what she was thinking and feeling. 

But when that dress showed up at her home, I found myself hoping that this apartment might blow up too just to get rid of it. 

My favorite scene was when Kate went to the loft to explain to Rick what was wrong. He knew something was off and was obviously concerned. The way she shared what she felt and apologized for passing on the new wedding venue showed just how far this couple has come. 

I also loved hearing how Kate believes her mother would have adored Rick. I only wish they could have spoken on that subject a bit more. 

That Castle offered to postpone the wedding if she needed more time just showed once again how he'll do anything for Kate.  The man has learned a lot about patience since we first met him in Castle season 1.

Now they're hoping for a spring wedding. Honestly, I feel like I'm getting whip lash. They just picked September! Will a spring wedding actually happen or will some sort of obstacle (Bracken, 3XK) get in the way? And perhaps it's a long shot but I'm still hoping on a beautiful wedding at their place in the Hamptons. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. What did you think of Kate's wedding dress?


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Castle does know that Kate modeled. In “Eye of the Beholder, (the one with Serena Kaye - S4, E5), after some comments about a gallery exhibit, Castle guessed that Kate must have taken an Art History course. Kate said: No, the closest I ever came to taking an art class was posing for one as a model. Castle replied: Wait, posing in…? She said: Not a stitch.
So she was an artist’s model, which is nowhere close to a high fashion or runway model. The writers just re-wrote the history of the show so that Kate could get a free dress.
The dress: I hate it. I hope it spontaneously combusts; that way the whole loft won’t be set on fire. The embroidery is beautiful, but that rotund over-skirt attachment thing is dreadful. The silver colour doesn’t seem right for Kate, as a first time, albeit, mature bride. It looks more like the fairy tale costumes in Once Upon A Time. Since Kate took it home, it’s not likely she’ll decide she doesn’t like it anymore...
I also don’t understand why they are showing us the dress already instead of saving it as a surprise for the wedding episode. It just seems weird.

@ DianaR

agree with most of that BUT 'models' for art students are organised by the art school . It is distinctly different to modelling dresses etc. it is as different as chalk and cheese. It is simply lazy writing yet again and it happens again in 6x15 reProm


If you took the poofy train off, a silver embroidered sheath with sleeves would make an appropriate wedding gown for an older bride like Kate. But since it is Stana Katic, just for her colouring, it would look much better if the embroidery was gold on white.
The poofy train just made me want to get our my seam-pick and detatch it. Put me in the 'hate it' camp.

@ femmefan1946

Her problem is she looks great in strong winter colours. White does not accentuate her beauty!


No Castle tonite- I'm in withdrawal until next Monday! Can't take a week without seeing Beckett!


I loved the dress. I want one made just like it…..It reminded me of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina…..


Count me in the can't stand the dress crowd. It looks like they took a perfectly nice evening gown and then realized it was supposed to be a wedding dress and quickly glued some white fabric on it. I am glad that they are letting these two show a little more physical affection. I'm not saying we need to see wall shaking lovemaking (though I wouldn't complain), but just a few more light hugs and kisses. It's getting better, but I'm still getting over the first few episodes where it looked like their relationship was simply platonic.


I'm not sure what to say about all the above comments. This is a fantastic show with terrific acting and writers. There's not much on TV these days. Castle is my only hope for entertainment on the networks, so give it a rest and enjoy it every week. I don't like the dress considering all the beautiful clothes that all the characters wear on this show. It's still early in the wedding planning, things could change. Knowing the way Castle writers work, I think we are all in for surprises...Be patient and enjoy!!!


That dress was hideous. I really hope they come up with a reason to get a new (better) dress before the wedding -whenever that is.


That dress was hideous.


Good episode. I'm glad we learned more about Kate when she was a model. I to am surprised that Castle didn't bug Kate about her being a model and ask to see pictures because the old Castle would definitely have. Can't wait for the next episode.

@ marissa

I do not think we have.
she was a model when 17. We are led to believe about 2 years later on no experience all she gets asked by the doyen of fashion to model some clothes.
Me thinks this writer did not look at series 2 and I find it rather annoying

@ nottrampis

Agree. Viewers first learned about Kate’s modeling career back in 2x3 “Inventing the Girl”. She tells Ryan and Esposito that she only modeled for “one summer, when I was 17”. Around the time of January 1999, Kate was 19, not 17. That’s an awfully long single summer, and an even longer 15 minutes. Most magazines aren’t actually shot the same month that they are on the shelves. So the idea that Kate would have been in the January 1999 issue, but unable to participate because her mother was murdered on January 9, 1999 doesn’t really hold. Aside from that, Kate would have been at Stanford in the months leading up to January of 1999, or the other side of the country from Modern Fashion’s apparent offices in New York City. Basically, none of the timeline there for Kate’s modeling career was consistent with prior continuity, or really made a lot of sense. It felt like it was only designed to make us think of the photo shoot in connection with her mother’s murder in order to give us an emotional reaction. The discontinuity was another missed opportunity by the writers and was annoying, but it didn’t take away from the rest of the episode for me.

@ Vince

I agree with all that Our Roy Montgomery but surely the writers can look at previous episodes.
how can the fandom know more about Castle than the writers. Lack of quality of control?!


Echoing the "hate the dress!" sentiment. Seriously, I did not find it flattering on her, and if you can make Stana not look fabulous, you're doing something VERY wrong as a designer! I was hoping that Castle had gone ahead and booked the venue in case Beckett changed her mind. (Doesn't he have more money than sense?) Was disappointed when he didn't pull the venue out of his hat at the last moment.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Castle: Seriously, you've never heard of Matilda King?
Esposito: I'm betting that most real men haven't.

I think I went to a party there. Of course it was the '70s so I can't be sure.