Castle Review: I HATE the Dress!

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There were so many things to love about Castle Season 6 Episode 14 that I almost feel bad pointing out the things that bothered me. 

I'm going to do it anyway... but let's start with the positive.

The murder of the week had plenty of twists, turns and interesting suspects, though none were better than Matilda King. What could have come across as a caricature actually turned out to be a fascinating woman with more depth than I expected. 

First off, she immediately remembered Kate Beckett. She said she'd never forget those cheekbones (who could?) or the fact that Kate was the one person who turned Matilda down when she was offered her big break. I'm sure that doesn't happen often. 

The fact that Matilda would bug her employees' homes so that she could listen to the recordings herself seemed a little far fetched. Not so much the illegal surveillance but that Matilda would do the listening. That would be incredibly boring and take up far too many hours. What a horrible way to waste your weekends.

When I first realized that this episode would revisit the topic of Kate's short stint as a model, I was excited. Unfortunately, I never got the payoff I was hoping for. 

It almost felt as though Rick already knew about Kate's modeling past because he barely had any reaction at all to the news. There was no real discussion about how she got into modeling or why she decided to leave. As a matter of fact, he didn't ask one question about it, not even to see a picture! 

As a long time viewer I really enjoyed "Inventing the Girl" where Kate was scrambling to hide the photo of her modeling a tennis outfit from Castle and swearing the boys to secrecy. Castle Season 2 Episode 3 stuck in my memory for the fun of those moments and I was hoping they'd revisit a little of that. Unfortunately, it never happened here and that's where this story line missed the mark for me. 

In the middle of murder, wire taps, threats from mystery men, corporate espionage, and fashion, there was Rick and Kate trying to plan their wedding.  I loved when Rick shared his feelings about getting married with his mother in this Castle quote

I just feel like I've waited long enough, Mother. I don't want to waste any more time before we take the next step.


He's been in love with Kate Beckett for a long time. Even with two failed marriages behind him, it was good to hear him express how anxious he was to make that commitment and move forward together. 

Now we get to my biggest disappointment in the episode. The dress.

Matilda was correct when she said it was amazing. It was amazing that even with Kate Beckett wearing it I still hated that dress. Don't get me wrong, the silver beading was beautiful…for an evening dress. Not for a first time bride. And all of the fluffy ivory tulle on the skirt looked ridiculous. 

My reaction to that dress was so strong that it almost took away from a very powerful scene. Almost.

Kudos to Stana Katic for delivering on that moment where Kate is reminded of her mother. She didn't need to utter one word. Her expressions clearly shared every heartbreaking moment and I had no doubt what she was thinking and feeling. 

But when that dress showed up at her home, I found myself hoping that this apartment might blow up too just to get rid of it. 

My favorite scene was when Kate went to the loft to explain to Rick what was wrong. He knew something was off and was obviously concerned. The way she shared what she felt and apologized for passing on the new wedding venue showed just how far this couple has come. 

I also loved hearing how Kate believes her mother would have adored Rick. I only wish they could have spoken on that subject a bit more. 

That Castle offered to postpone the wedding if she needed more time just showed once again how he'll do anything for Kate.  The man has learned a lot about patience since we first met him in Castle season 1.

Now they're hoping for a spring wedding. Honestly, I feel like I'm getting whip lash. They just picked September! Will a spring wedding actually happen or will some sort of obstacle (Bracken, 3XK) get in the way? And perhaps it's a long shot but I'm still hoping on a beautiful wedding at their place in the Hamptons. 

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. What did you think of Kate's wedding dress?


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Sorry I'm late to the party, but I have a question for you guys. There's been something that has really bugged me about the show ever since Castle and Kate got together. I'm not talking about Pi (though he sucked), Alexis' attitude (though that sucked), the lack of affection (though that sucked too), or even Castle's always being the fall guy. The way I remember it, there was always a case that proved too difficult to solve, despite the capable efforts of the team, and then Castle would come in with his incredible writer's insight and all-around braininess, and perhaps some weird bit of knowledge, and solve that crucial piece of the puzzle, whatever it was. In the last season or so, Castle has really seemed unimportant. Except for the one where Alexis is defending some guy on death row, what has Castle done that was essential, and that nobody else could do, to solve the case? Maybe there are a couple examples, but over all it seems like he's just a guest on the team who is tolerated, but doesn't add anything special. What did he do this time? Or with the celebrity? Or when his dad came around? What do you guys think? Am I off base here? Or has Castle been less crucial to solving the unsolvable?

@ Anon

Glad I'm not the only one to think so! I still have hope though.

Sue ann
@ Anon

Nottrampis is right. The character has been changed, and not for the better. Lately, even when he is indulging in one of his flights of fancy, they are just silly, not something from which one can extract a nugget of usefulness.

@ Anon

Castle has been written badly as a character since the final arc of series 5 IMHO BUT unlike Beckett he has not been allowed to recover


From the first time I saw part of the dress in TV Guide - my thought was "no way!" I still feel that way. I can't believe Luke Reichle won't design something spectacular for "Beckett." This just isn't "Kate" or "Stana."


Dressed to Kill was a solid episode that allowed for many character driven moments. I enjoyed the episode because it felt like I was watching some old school Castle episode from Season 2 or 3. Again, the ABC promos and screener previews were very misleading especially the “cold feet" comment. There was somewhat of a missed opportunity at the start when our engaged couple first met the magazine editor and Castle didn’t show more of a reaction to finding out Beckett did some modeling work in her teen years. I expected Castle to hassle Kate for a photo or for the story behind why she quit. In the end scene, Castle and Beckett had a real conversation about things that matter which should happen way more often than it does. They also got to a have casual intimacy that is normal for an engaged couple. If Castle and Beckett had more casual intimacy, then the demand for kisses wouldn’t be so intense from fans. I really loved the part Martha played in this episode as well. Dressed to Kill had a great balance of Castle and Beckett with the supporting cast.
At this point, the dress seems like a fake-out. The only reason for showcasing that dress presents that the writer wanted us to see Beckett in a wedding dress because the actual wedding will not be happening as planned. However, there is still hope because Beckett displayed so much excitement and enthusiasm for it and she did tell Castle she already has a dress for their wedding. It seems like Marlowe might have backed himself into a corner by letting Luke design the dress on his own. The fans deserve to see Caskett walking down the aisle after waiting six years, but it appears unlikely given all the rope-a-dope put out there recently about the wedding dates. I will be on writer watch for the last 3 episodes for a clue about what might happen in the finale.

@ Vince

on the spot comment as usual Our roy Montgogmery


My feeling with the dress is that it looks somewhat unfinished. The blue is beautiful on Kate and the shape shows off her physique, but the white tulle is too big a contrast. If the see through fabric of the arms also covered the white of the skirt it would look complete.


I think that the dress would be pretty of it wasn't for the tulle not going all the way around, it would have been perfect. And does it bother anyone else that the detective that was hired in Beckett's place when she got hired to DC was in one episode?!

@ R. H

Yes, and what role will Alexis play in coming episodes,-- flower girl, maid of honor or just plain spoiled college student. And please no more Pi again!

@ busman66

I think we were given a strong hint in Limelight that she wasn't in love with Pi. She of course never showed it!
I would imagine Lanie would be front and centre for the main gig. given that Beckett would not want Castle showing favoritism, I am betting Maddie and Alexis as add ons so make the Mayor best man and then Ryan and Espo the add ons and everyone is happy!

@ nottrampis

Maddie is Beckett's friend from school. Look at Food to die for again. It is one of my favourites and Maddie is one impressive ladie

@ nottrampis

I'm not sure who Maddie is? Could you fill me in?


Agree about the dress....I liked the dress itself but that skirt....too much.
Also agree about the Hamptons wedding, I've thought for a long time that a beach wedding would be perfect for them.
Loved that Kate told Rick to take Martha along to look at the venue...hilarious.
I too expected there to be more about Kate's modeling history. The Castle of old would have been all over that.
I liked how Matilda's character was developed, rather than just leaving her as a one-note caricature.


Hated the dress, maybe the tulle will be yanked off. Certainly did not flatter her at all.

Bj pup

I hate the dress. It's by far one of the ugliest wedding gowns or otherwise I seen.


Well folks you better get used to the dress, because this looks like it's the one. I can live with the dress, but many people are very upset! Overall I enjoyed the ep. Marlowe has finally decided to let Kate and Rick actually talk to each other about personal issues instead of letting them occur off screen. We have been excluded from these to long, I find it very irritating! So many moments that could be very tender are lost forever, because of Marlowe's questionable story telling style.


Average episode
1) Beckett modeled for about 15 minutes when she was 17! yet with no further experience she is asked by a doyen of the fashion world to model again.Far fetch me thinks
2) Only brides need to like their dress. Thus if Beckett likes rubbish that is okay
3) The last 4 minutes was over-hyped. If you didn't know this already from this series then you need to watch the episodes with you ear muffs on!
4) Writers NEVER relive previous episodes. In this case we should be glad because she got her timelines wrong. (This is bad writing by the way).
5) Everyone has missed Caskett going from being in love to loving each other. They are now open, sharing decisions ans experiences with no secrets.
IF only they had done that with the dreadful DC job!!
what a wasted couple of episodes they were.

@ nottrampis

Get a life!. I loved the episode, especially final scene,, no dress expert however. Please get this wedding episode over with this season in order to get smash ratings in May sweeps and get Castle renewed for a 7th year. If so she will retain Kate Beckett, she cannot answer her crime phone as "Castle or Mrs. Castle" Hope a kid castle comes next. Maybe on the beach!

@ busman66

Mate you are allowed to love the episode and I am allowed to think it is average. parts of it were great 5) in particular

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Castle Season 6 Episode 14 Quotes

Castle: Seriously, you've never heard of Matilda King?
Esposito: I'm betting that most real men haven't.

I think I went to a party there. Of course it was the '70s so I can't be sure.