Castle Round Table: "Room147"

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Not one, not two, but THREE people confessed to the same murder on Castle Season 6 Episode 16 - and the worst part was that Castle was completely theory-less.

Now that's just not normal!

Our TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, Robin Harry, and Christine Orlando are joined by Erin from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to share their theories and decide if the love haze is real.


Castle was theory-less for most of the episode but did you have a theory for the multiple confessions?

Chandel: I am normally without a theory and usually just have an inkling about who the culprit is. I cut to the chase and don't waste time on the why. Same went here, though I was so intrigued I didn't even pick the culprit this time!

Jim: I suspected implanted commands to confess. Though I thought it was hypnosis.

Robin: My theory was similar to Jim's - I thought the killer had somehow drugged or hypnotized the suspects in order to suggest their false memories.

Erin:  I think I was too wrapped up as to why there were so many people confessing to the murder that I didn't have time to think up any theories. Although when Castle suggested that the "suspects" were psychically linked to the killer I was intrigued.

Christine: My first guess was some sort of hypnosis because they were all so sure of the memory and knew all the same details. I love that Castle was stumped too. 

Castle RT - depreciated -

Do you agree with Kate? Was Alexis in a love haze?

Chandel: A love haze in conjunction with really just needing to get out on her own and find herself, even if it turned out poorly. I think she's grown a lot from it and I'm glad we got to experience that growth with her at least a little bit.

Jim: I sort of a agree. In my family, we called it "being 18." I don't know anyone who didn't make choices between 18 and 20 they later realized were dumb. 

Robin: Seems like a reasonable explanation. Though it would have been easier to swallow if we had actually seen Alexis' relationship develop instead of him coming out of nowhere!

Erin:  I don't know if I can agree with Kate on her love haze theory. Who can really say if Alexis was in a love haze or not? People do crazy things when they believe they're in love but at the same time I believe Alexis was attempting to "hurt" her father just as he had hurt her when he didn't tell Alexis about proposing to Kate.

Christine: Yes, I believe in the love haze. It feels like you've been in some sort of wacky dream when you finally shake yourself out of it. But I also agree with Erin. I think, consciously or not, Alexis was being a bit passive aggressive and trying to hurt her father for not talking to her about such a major decision as getting engaged to Kate. 

There were lots of great lines in this episode. Did you have a favorite?

Chandel: Probably Kate saying "If I have to hear that confession one more time, I'm going to shoot somebody," because I can guarantee we will NEVER hear that line ever again! You can't use the multiple confession plot twice!

Jim: I really enjoyed Rick's "This case is exceeding even my lofty expectations."

Robin: My favorite was Esposito's response to the secretary telling him he couldn't take the files; "Really? That's not what my warrant says."  I laughed out loud at that.

Erin: I actually have a few favorites from this episode but I think I have to go with Beckett’s line near the end of the episode because at that point I was in total agreement. Beckett: “If I have to hear that confession one more time I’m going to shoot someone.” It was the timing and the look that Beckett gave Castle after as she walked away had me chuckling.

Christine: Castle, "You should know it, you're engaged to a genius." Beckett, "Yes, a genius at annoying me." That line reminded me of the banter we had back in Castle season 2 and it really made me smile. 

Do you think Alexis should have gotten a roommate and kept her apartment or come back to the loft?

Chandel: I would have been fine with either, but I really missed seeing her on the show on a regular basis, so having her move back home was fine with me!

Jim: In real life, odds are good she would get a roommate. But, since we want to see her on the show, I'm glad she moved back to the loft.

Robin: In real life, she would have had to struggle through her mistakes. However, her asking to come home shows that she's learned some humility.

Erin: It is hard to say what I think Alexis should have done: On one hand I can say freely that it didn’t feel right with her gone and I don’t think getting a roommate would have helped. I feel that perhaps Alexis got an eye-opening experience after she broke up with Pi and found out first hand that living on one’s own isn’t as easy as it looks.

Christine: I was a little surprised that she didn't ask to go back to the dorms but that can be awkward halfway through the year. In reality, most of us would be searching for a roommate but I like the idea of her being back at the loft and being a part of the wedding planning. Plus it was fun to see that content smile on Castle's face. 

Did you remember Dr. Holoway, the precinct psychiatrist? What did you think if his return.

Chandel: I actually didn't remember him and somehow thought he must be new! Good for the writers for bringing him back, maybe they have plans for him coming up?

Jim: Didn't remember him, but loved that he was in this episode. 

Robin: I had forgotten about him, honestly.  However, I am a huge fan of Phil LaMarr from Mad TV and as a voice actor, so seeing him was a pleasant surprise.

Erin: Yes I do remember him. (If only because I saw the episode “The Fifth Bullet” very recently) I thought it was really interesting to see him back. His presence was a callback to season 2 and he was helpful in aiding Beckett and Castle in solving the mystery behind the case.

Christine: I saw him and said out loud, "Oh look. It's Dr. Holloway from "Vampire Weekend" and "The Fifth Bullet"" and my husband shook his head and gave me one of those pitying looks that said, You're a nut. No, I'm a TV Fanatic and seeing Dr. Holoway again made me smile. I just love moments of continuity. 

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?

Chandel: I always like when I get to see Alexis and Kate have a heart to heart, if only because they don't happen that often. It definitely made the episode for me.

Jim: I really liked the reunion at the end when Alexis came home. She and Kate are really bonding nicely and it showed how much Alexis respects Kate. 

Robin: I liked the scene where Castle and Beckett returned to the crime scene to check the fridge.  The banter reminded me of the early days of Castle, which I always enjoyed.

Erin: I think my favorite scene(s) were any that had Alexis in them. We’ve learned what is going on with her post break-up with Pi and the scene between Kate and Alexis in the diner just felt so natural between the two of them. The final scene was heartwarming as Alexis returns home.

Christine: I liked the final scene where Alexis comes home. Castle just looked so relieved to have his little girl back home and the thank you Alexis mouthed to Kate was a nice touch. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


my theory was hypnosis.....well my crazy theory was being mind controlled....but, my legitimate theory was hypnosis.


I enjoyed the episode but am I the only one totally over Alexis? I have to be honest, up to this season she was one my favorite things about “Castle” but the way the writers totally butchered this story arc for her has pretty much completely ruined the character for me. Even when I re-watch episodes from earlier seasons I now wince when she appears because I can’t help but think how the writers/Marlowe are going to turn her into a pompous “know-it-all” down line. Please understand; I have nothing against Molly Quinn its Alexis I’m done with. If she hadn’t shown up again until the finale (or not at all for the rest of the season) I would have been totally fine with it. Maybe in time (if they do indeed get another season) the writers might figure out how to win me back to this character but right now, even with the Kate conversation and the apology to Rick, it’s not happening.


Christine, my husband gives me that "your nuts" a lot because of my Castle love! LOL. KNew Dr. Holloway right away and loved the callback. Kate and Alexis had a great talk and Kate handled it so well. It was evident that she wants Alexis's approval as well.


RE: Alexis and new roommate or home.
The way the writers set up the Alexis/Pi relationship from start to moveout clearly gave us the impression that Alexis' primary goal was to "punish" her dad for not telling her of his engagement. Except for one token kiss in the kitchen, there was never any indication Alexis was "in love" with Pi or vice versa [compare to early scenes where she talks about Ashley]. Pi was for her a convenient (and non-threatening) vehicle for her to use to get back at her Dad. Moving in with Pi was her ultimate slap in the face. Once she realized that the move was ill-timed, and Pi moved out, her fundamental reason for the apartment was gone; she realized her initial mistake and hoped for reconciliation. As to why she did not opt again for the dorm? Maybe because the last time she stayed there she was kidnapped and almost died.
RE: "love haze." I think this is Kate misinterpreting Alexis' move. This is clearly what motivated Kate to move in with her first lover, and remember she was not privy to all the Alexis insight that the viewers have. I doubt Rick shared Alexis' gripe about hearing of his engagement secondhand. Alexis clearly had no "love haze." But whatever, Alexis needed to be back home as part of the family unit that now includes Kate.


1 - When the second person came forward to confess, I started to think that there was some kind of mind control involved, likely hypnosis, but I never figured out the whole twisted plan.
2 - I think it was a combination of a love haze and a desire for independence. Subconsciously, she could have also been acting out towards Castle over the engagement.
3 - This is so hard! There were so many great one liners in this episode. I think my favorite line was when Castle had dragged Kate back to the hotel without telling her why. He says, "I'm Justin and you're one of the several people who shot me." Kate mutters, "I'm starting to feel the urge." Loved it! There was also a priceless moment of physical comedy when Kate and Castle were interacting with Dr. Bauer on the screen. Bauer looks off to his right and Castle instinctively looked over his own shoulder. When he realized how ridiculous that was, we got a wonderful eye roll and a "DUH" expression over his own reaction.
4 - I loved the emotional reunion as Alexis returned and I don't mind that she's back at the loft, but I also think there was a good life lesson to be learned if she'd have had to continue earning the money for the lease and supporting herself.
5 - I recognized Dr. Holloway right away. I especially loved his role in "Vampire Weekend" when he thought Castle was a nut job over the baby egg. I was very happy to see them get the same guy back.
6 - The scene with Kate and Alexis was my favorite personal scene but I loved the case related scene where Kate and Castle go into question the third guy. It was hysterical how THEY fed HIM the details and then he was so bummed that they weren't taking him seriously.


Love Haze? you have to be in love for that and clearly Pi and Alexis were not in love. if they were it was the worst acting I have seen. No Alexis needs to be with her Dad at present but it can only be temporary. Dr Holoway. where is the egg? I liked him. I thought the genius banter was good. About time we got some of that.

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