Days of Our Lives Round Table: Steamy Shower Sex Wins!

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This week on Days of Our Lives, Sonny told off Nick, Abigail told off Adrienne and steamy shower sex made the top of everyone's list.

Below, TV Fanatics Nick McHatton and Christine Orlando are joined by Leslie and TreyDawgg from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives Fan Forum to discuss whether Sami should have caught EJ and Abigail in the shower and just how crazy we think Teresa might be.


Did you want Sami to catch EJ and Abby in the shower?

Nick: Not yet, I'm really enjoying this honeymoon period of their tryst. It's hot and steamy like the shower scene, and the more involved they become the better the eventual blowup with Sami is going to be.

Leslie:  Not at all.. I want EJ & Abigail to have more fun together first. It is way too soon for the truth to come out.

TreyDawgg:  Heck no! EJ/Abby are HOT! I love the electricity and the sneaking around. And, I love that Abigail is getting a dose of a wild streak.

Christine:  I actually would have loved to have seen Sami's reaction to opening that curtain and finding EJ with Abigail. It could have been epic! But the show has put too much into this story line to give us those fireworks just yet. 

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Do you think Teresa is warped enough to send JJ and in turn herself to prison just to get back at Jennifer?

Nick: She might actually go through with it in time. Right now, I'm thinking she was just using the threat as a bluff to get JJ back under her thumb, but she might eventually think it's the perfect way to get back at the Deveraux's.

Leslie:  No, she just wants to scare JJ and make him feel insecure. No way does she want to go back to California & go to jail.

TreyDawgg:  Absolutely! Teresa is psycho! What she's doing to JJ is heinous, and it's worse that she doesn't care and feels justified. I hope someone teaches her a lesson.

Christine:  I think she's just enjoying torturing JJ (he's so easy) and like a cat with a mouse she's not about to let her favorite plaything go so easily. But she is more than a little crazy so you never really know.

Father Eric at the monastery. Enlightening, weird, or just plain boring?

Nick: In terms of story, I think it's necessary for him to go through the motions and come a final realization, but it's still a ridiculously boring week for Eric. I found myself wanting to fast forward.

Leslie:  Boring totally. The only part I enjoyed was near the end when he was imagining him & Nicole together having fun & being in love.

TreyDawgg:  At first it was interesting, but I feel it's dragging on. Move on! I know Eric is tortured, but this seems repetitive and isn't adding much.

Christine:  You said it TreyDawgg. Repetitive is the word. It was like the same scene playing over and over again the entire week. I'm also tired of creepy Father Timothy who seems way to interested in how much Eric enjoyed the sex with Kristen. The only saving grace was Eric's memories with Nicole but I'll say a prayer if I have to…please let Eric out.

The gunshot rang out at the end. Who do you think gets shot in the cabin?

Nick: It's probably Chyka or Stefano's henchman. Most likely Chyka because if he's toast, then it means Daniel and Nicole only have part of a confession - making their mission damn near useless.

Leslie:  This is a hard one. There are only 2 expendable characters in that room, Chyka & Stefano's goon. I looked very carefully at the angle of the gun during the struggle. From what I saw, it looks like Chyka gets shot. The goon probably just runs off & reports back to Stefano.

TreyDawgg:  Oh, I'm hoping no one, but I have a feeling it's Chyka and hopefully not Nicole or Daniel.

Christine:  How about Dr. Dan. Since he's a neurologist / cardiologist / and cancer specialist I'm sure Super Doc can remove his own bullet and stitch himself up. Seriouly though, I'm guessing Dr. Chyka's a goner. 

What was your favorite scene of the week?

Nick: Abby and EJ getting it on in the shower!

Leslie:  No doubt about it.. Abigail & EJ in the shower. I could not stop watching the you tube of it. It was totally steaming!

TreyDawgg:  The shower scene was too steamy not to rank the best. Then again, I did enjoy JJ confessing he finally got Teresa back before she turned the tables. 

Christine:  As much as I loved Abigail telling off Adrienne, it's almost impossible to top hot, steamy, shower sex. And the look on Abby's face when Sami walked in was priceless.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Pick your favorite scene from this week's Days of Our Lives...

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Ok what they need is that one person who sits back an learns everyone then slowly tells everyone about said self maggie is nice but she really needs to let people learn on there own. Thank god jj told his mom that should of happened a while ago. Now for abby well little girls shouldn't play big girl games because when sami finds out all hell will break loose. Nicole should just come clean .Brady well you sn your new friend will be your towns drunk soon so dump the problem child thresa well not much to say but kids will be


See what I don't get is same people calling ejami a rapemance is praising sami's rapist with the young but very stupid Abigail how is that Better and to have him cheat is even worse what about real love and romance . Ejami was always accused of being only about sex and they are far more then that not to mention if ejami was about sex then what is Ejabby ? EJ doesn't love Abigail and only had sex with her because Sami isn't . And how soon do some forget that the biggest wedding in soap history with 30 million viewers watched including the queen of England Elizabeth was a so called rapemance couple Luke raped Laura on the floor of his disco and they are soaps # 1 soap couple in history . So this rapemance crap is pure bull . As for lumi Lucus is no better then EJ because he helped his mother frame Sami for Franco 's murder and was willing to let Sami die of letal injection !!


Please more of Nicole and Erick or Daniel Less of Abby and EJ . Once was fine but now its getting sicking to watch .A man of the world smittem with a girl like Abby .He has worked so long and hard to win Sami to throw it all away one that..nempho Abby . disgusting to watch . again EJAMI fans have been treated like crap. that's why when ALISIN leaves im out of here with thousands of other ejami fans I hope coraday s happy IVE watched days since1971 . BO andHope was the best DAYS couple with EJAMI a close second

@ patsy

Rami was my favorite.


Please give us more Nicole! I have to have Nicole! I love Nicole!


@Kelly The show spent decades putting Lucas and Sami, Jack and Jennifer and Bo and Hope together. Yet had no problems ripping those couplings apart and treating the guys like crap. So quit your belly aching. At least those couplings had respect. No one likes Ejami except Ejami fans. No respects that whitewashed rapemance that ruined a 20 year veteran except fans of that rapemance. No one fells bad for you guys. So get over it!


I hate that they've done this to EJami fans. The show spent years getting them together just to have Sami pull away and EJ have sex with Abby. I know Allison Sweeny is leaving but it still seems unfair. EJ and Abby are kind of fun but I wish they'd given EJami fans more happy times before they have to end.

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