Gossip Girl Rewatch: Woman On The Verge

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When Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 17 first aired back in 2008, I was visiting my parents in a house that didn't yet have DVR. This was also before I knew how to easily track down any episode of television that had just aired.

After Serena ended Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 16 with the famous "I killed someone" line, I was like a dog with a bone trying to find a link for "Woman On The Verge."

Alas past 2 AM, I found some success, curled up in an armchair, and glued myself to my father's laptop. It did not disappoint.

Ah, the infamous ugly robe of Blair's doth appear again! So what did Serena do that was so horrible, she boarded a train up North and convinced Lily to send her to boarding school? Let's revisit.

Back on the night of the infamous Shepard wedding Serena got wasted and slept with Nate on top of the bar at The Campbell Apartment. We all knew that, but we just didn't know what she did after to deal with the guilt. It turns out there was a major pit stop in between the wedding and boarding school. And it involved Georgina.

Serena hopped a cab and raced to meet Georgie at the Eastview hotel. Georgina being the little shit-stirrer that she is, hid a camera in the corner to make a "genuine Serena Van Der Woodsen" sex tape. Serena barged in feeling sick over what she had done and wasn't into being slobbered on by Pete. She suggested they blow some lines, Pete went first and started seizing.

Serena wanted to try and save Pete but Georgina demanded they leave before they get in trouble. Serena dialed 911 from Pete's phone and hid across the street to make sure he made it out alive. He didn't. Serena thought she left him for dead and held that secret for as long as she could.

Then Georgina came back and used that little video as blackmail to get Serena to be her friend again.

Serena couldn't stand any of this and started to pull away from everyone and regress. After she confessed to Blair she disappeared to 1Oak and got wasted. Blair called the guys and they all got together to help. That's what they do, even when they hate each other. They're the non-judging breakfast club.

Blair: You can tell us anything. We don't judge. We're the non-judging Breakfast club. We're your best friends. Anything you do is something we did too.
Serena: If I tell you, it can never leave this room.

This episode was the climax of the second half of Gossip Girl season 1. It was the creation of the legendary NJBC. It pushed Dan into Georgina's arms. It reunited Lily and Rufus for one last night. And it proved to us just how far Serena would go to keep Dan in the dark about her dirty past. I loved it.

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Aaaah, the old good NJBC never disappoints in its take-downs. I particularly loved this one because for the first time this season we see all of them finally come together after months of fights - first between Serena and Blair, and then between Chuck and Nate. They got together and put their grudges aside just to help Serena, as real friends do. It's true that most of the times they don't mind backstabbing one another, but when someone is in trouble (nine out of ten times it's Serena, but never mind, we love her for that too) they'll make you regret to have crossed their path. After all, "with friends like these, who needs armies?"


Okay, this is probably just beside the point seeing as how the series ended over a year ago. But I finally got around to reading the bks the series was based on. I have to say I had no idea how different from the series they were. I'm glad for some changes the series made (ie Chuck/Blair) but hated some of the changes (Serena/Nate) the bks confirmed what I always believed as Serena & Nate should have ended up together as he was her first love and everything in the bks and series. Dan was a nobody on the series and an even bigger loser nobody in the bks who only interacted w/the main character in like 2 out of 13 bks even Vanessa had a bigger role in the bks. I don't know why the series changed that arc so drastically to have him end up with Serena. Again the change I welcomed was Chuck & Blair seeing as how in the bks he is just a secondary character to everyone including Dan. Blair though is an even bigger bitch in the bks than on screen. But I guess non of this really matters anymore but somehow I just needed to vent. So thanks to anyone that read this. :)


i hated how dumb serena was. I get that dan was judgemental but he had more to judge by NOT knowing what the hell was going on . she should've just told him about georgina and everything would've been fixed!

@ kristen+t

Thank you for being smart - All those Dan haters don't grasp that fact and by that I mean the Worlds moronic fan base, the Chair idols.

@ Jonas

Jonas, if you're so intelligent, why haven't you won a Nobel prize yet? Didn't they ever tell you that insulting people without any good reason is really narrow-minded (not to mention sad, but never mind)? Oh, yes, I'm a Chair fan...poor me, I've never understood anything about life! I would like to be enlightened, but I'm too stupid to understand...what an awful life I have!

@ Elisa

Admittance is the first step to recovery, so good for you.
But what Kristen+t wrote is the truth, Serena judge Dan to be acting judegemental with that BS history /story she had with Georgina.
So tell me who's judging who anyway? And about you wrote above on NJBC, it should have been like this instead.
"With friends like these, who needs ENEMIES?" That sums that friendship for what it is.
There's no way Nate and Chuck's friendship would have survived after Chuck had sex with Blair just hours after they broke up. And the great friend that Chuck is compared Blair to his father's horse when she came to him weak and vulnerable, and then later he abandoned her for the summer.
I get so warm and fuzzy thinking about it.
The real Blair Waldorf was only presented in season 1 of GG. Other than that, she was a stepping stool for Chuck. We all know the real Blair would kick Chuck to the curve and then some.

@ Jonas

u mad chair was endgame?

@ me

I would like to explain it to you, but I can not make you understand - Conclusion, you're too stupid grasp anything.

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Blair: [to Nate and Chuck] I need your help.
Nate: What's going on with her?

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