Greta Gerwig to Anchor How I Met Your Dad

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Meet the new Ted.

CBS has announced that Greta Gerwig will anchor How I Met Your Dad, the planned How I Met Your Mother spinoff that will follow the same concept as this long-running sitcom… just with gender roles switched around.

Gerwig - a writer/actress who received a Golden Globe nomination for Frances Ha - will portray Sally.

The main character is described as a direction-less young woman who has never really grown up and who has realized she has little in common with her husband of one year.

A divorce is on tap, which leads Sally to confiding in her close circle of friends.

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If picked up, How I Met Your Dad will film in New York and be produced by Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

Where does your excitement for this spinoff rank compared to your excitement over Arrow, NCIS and other planned spinoffs? Sound off now!

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@Chris I think you're thinking way too much about this... Just because tha'ts what statistics show or whatever doesn't mean it's impossible. Plus, they can't just completely copy HIMYM. They're going to need some variation. We'll just have to wait and see how it works!


Horrible choice of pictures to represent How I met Your Mother. Ted is the main character not Robin and Ted isn't even in the picture. Also why can the guy be

@ chris

Also why can the guy be single for year but the woman has to be coming out of a horrible marriage. Men are the ones the typically propose so it is easier for men to get married than it is for woman too. Thus it is more likely that Ted would have been married before not this woman.

@ chris

You do realize said men don't propose into thin air, right? For every man to get married, a woman does too (same-sex marriages of either gender even out, so that shouldn't effect statistics).

@ kul65

Not to mention statistics matter squat for individuals.

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