Grey's Anatomy Review: Listen to Your Heart

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Grey's Anatomy is finally back!

Japril fans must have been thrilled to find out that April listened to her heart and actually chose Jackson. I know I should have just accepted it from the moment April ran out of the church but I couldn't stop thinking:

Poor Matthew! Poor Stephanie!

I was glad that Japril wasn't shoved down our throats too much as the two appeared to be on non-speaking terms at the hospital. Come to find out, they were just keeping their relationship marriage a secret. That's right! They got married. Go big, or go home, right?

As a Mapril fan, I always thought that April was much more tolerable with Matthew by her side. Surprisingly, I didn't hate seeing the newlyweds together. Now, how will their colleagues take the news? More importantly, how will Jackson's mom find out and react? I can't wait to see what she has to say. 

Side note: Do you wish the writers should have shown us what exactly happened in the barn? I'm honestly kind of happy they cut to the chase. Maybe I would think otherwise if I really cared about April's decision, but I just simply didn't care enough. 

On another note, I was excited to find out more about Derek and the POTUS storyline. However, it also left me a bit confused. So, not much was uncovered in the White House's investigation. Their only concern was questioning why Derek was sending $3,500 to a family for an incident that happened when he was a child. 

I wanted to find out more about his project with the POTUS. Also, how will it affect his promise to Meredith? Is she going to be able to continue with her research? How will taking on this new endeavor affect their marriage and family?

Elsewhere, Alex found peace when saying goodbye to his father. That happened after he punched the crap out of Ross. Alex's final scene with his father was utterly heartbreaking. Luckily, Jo was by Alex's side in the end. 

By the way, I've been rooting for Jolex forever but I'm definitely with her. That special moment outside the barn was not a proposal by any means. Come on, Alex!

Meanwhile, I don't get how buying a new home will solve all of Calzona's problems. The installment started off with Arizona sounding so sure that their marriage was over. Three weeks later and they're signing documents for a new home?! What?

Sure, Arizona explained her reasoning but I'm just not convinced that moving is the right fix for their troublesome marriage. 

Other Thoughts:

  • I snickered every time Bailey tried to find out more gossip and especially when she asked Ben for the scoop.
  • I laughed a little harder when Ben found out that he grabbed Tucker's lunch by mistake. The countless age jokes were kind of cute. I think I'm going to like having Ben around.
  • Seriously, the cat man really frightened me. I would have screamed like that little girl if I had awakened to see him so close to me as well. 
  • Is redemption even possible for Ross? I can't see it happening anytime soon. 
  • Don't forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 answered a number of questions with April's decision at the forefront. If tonight's return was any indication, the rest of this season is going to be just as strong and will keep us on our toes.

I, for one, am especially intrigued by the potential of Stephanie's (it has to be her, right?!) complaints to the board concerning sexual harassment and want to see how the doctors deal with the repercussions.

Were you surprised by April's choice?


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There were two complaints filed. One for Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment and one for Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment. Neither one seems valid as these are explained at http://www.sexualharassmentlaw... Here are the basics: A. What Must a Victim Show to Prevail on a Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment Claim? 1. That the plaintiff was an employee of the defendant, applied to the defendant for a job, or was a person providing services pursuant to a contract with the defendant;
2. That the alleged harasser made unwanted sexual advances to the plaintiff or engaged in other unwanted verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature;
3. That job benefits were conditioned, by words or conduct, on the plaintiff’s acceptance of the alleged harasser’s sexual advances or conduct; or that employment decisions affecting the plaintiff were made based on the plaintiff’s acceptance or rejection of the harasser’s sexual advances or conduct;
4. That at the time of the alleged harasser’s conduct, the alleged harasser was a supervisor or agent for the defendant;
5. That the plaintiff was harmed; and
6. That the alleged harasser’s conduct was a substantial factor in causing plaintiff’s harm. A. What Must a Victim Show to Prevail on a Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment Claim? A victim must establish that:
1. He or she was subject to unwelcome sexual harassment;
2. The harassment was based on the victim’s sex;
3. The harassment was sufficiently severe or pervasive so as to alter the conditions of employment and create an abusive working environment; and
4. The relationship between the employer and the person committing the harassing conduct is adequate to impose liability on the employer. (See Chapter Five, Employer and Individual Responsibilities for further discussion of an employer’s liability for sexual harassment.) I just don't see that either of these claims works.

@ rabeau123

Actually, I re-watched the end with captions and he said it was one resident with three separate complaints. The other one was "directed sexual harassment" which I cannot find any reference to on the web. The only thing I could find was sexual harassment with "direct" contact. Still don't see anything that happened applies to any of these since everyone was reciprocal and nobody gained or lost or was promised any promotions. There also wasn't any "hostile" unwanted sexual advances or language.


It is about time someone complained about the bosses having sexual affairs with the trainees. Seriously that is so off the decency chart and would cause trouble in the "real world". I liked this turn of events.


It's so obvious that it was Shane. Shonda said that for Christina second half of the season will be very hard and I think this is it. He is able to do such tning just to save his careere

@ Kate

I doubt it. He knows Christina was one of the few that wanted him to come back.


Shonda likes 5 residents, Ben was an obvious shoein. I'm so happy Matthew was able to escape getting married to Kepner. Not much soul searching or guilt from Kepvery over how their actions affected others.
I'd loved to have seen more of Der's meeting. I want to see a lot of Mer being mad at Der, LOL.
Betya the zero tolerance policy will have a hiccup when Crowen have a fling again.

Sixxx 6

It wasn't the best episode but by far wasn't the worst. I wish Owen was the one that died in the plane crash, he has gotten on my nerves since he stepped off the ambulance in season 5 and just gotten worst. Last night I wanted to punch him in the face. All the interns expect Jo can leave. Shane is just a whiny idiot who doesn't deserve to be a doctor, Stephanie (while yes I do feel a little bad for her for what Jackson did) she is still super annoying, they were never meant to last she knew he still loved April so the way she is acting like he was the love of her life is annoying. And Leah well yeah she is kind of annoying too but by far the least annoying, I think it was her who filed the complaint, she was the one fired up about everything. I am happy to see that Callie and Arizona are ok, they still need ot have a talk or else things will just blow up again, but here's to hoping a better story for my couple. I love that Meredith and Christina are better and back to their normal selves cause when they were fighting it just made the show too tense cause Christina is always the one to bring the jokes with Mer and without that it was too dark. That's my 2 cents anyway


Owen said multiple times the complaint came from a "resident" so, if this is true, then it could not have been Leah or Stephanie. This should be interesting... Yayy Japril!!!

@ LizzyB

But they are residents, aren't they? They're in the resident locker room now, not the intern room. And I thought their class took the exam a while back.


I have struggled with Grey's this year... but it was nice to welcome it back.
- April and Jackson... finally! While April isn't my favorite, and think her and Jackson make an interesting couple, and their rapid elopement will probably lead us to some interesting issues throughout the remainder of this season - The rest of the interns... still so annoying, however I was glad to see Ben got thrown into the mix. It's good to have him back, I enjoy his character, and it get Bailey out of the 'crazy OCD' crappy storyline, which I really never totally got... yes, she had a bad surgery, yes it's tough to deal with... but realistic to me.. I'm glad she and Ben finally talked it through, and they seem to be on a better path... don't mess with this relationship anymore please... there needs to be at least one sort of stable one in the mix lol - Callie and Arizona... the argument at the beginning was kind of weird, but I do get the whole starting fresh since the accident situation, although I imagine it much be really tough for Callie to be moving away from her home, and all her memories of Mark Sloan... ahhh Mark... how u r missed! - Mer and Der... I think the whole POTUS vetting thing was a little weak... really the only thing that came out was that he was taking care of someone he injured by accident? But I can't help but wonder if there might be a Scandal/Grey's cross over with POTUS and Der... could be fun - Alex and Jo... seems to be going steady... I like them together... I hope Alex has finally found someone who is good for him. - HR complaint... really no more superior misconduct... how can there be a Grey's Anatomy with these kind of shenanigans? Everyone seems to be speculating that it's one of the interns launching the complaint... but I think it might be Richard Weber... how crazy would that be? He was not happy with how Owen was treating Ross... so he might be making some waves here... he did try to talk to Owen about it, who just shut him down... may be an interesting twist... Overall welcome back Grey's... even though I have been frustrated with this show more this season... it's nice to have you back! :)

@ Jenn

Omg! I think u are right! It has to be webber!!! Omg u are a genius for figuring this out! Yes!! Especially after the blow up with Owen and seeing how he let his personal feelings interfere with teaching! So true!!! U called it! I agreed with u! Let the record show!


ANY episode that Mer doesn't cry in, is a good one. Sorry but her "cry" scenes remind me more of Bozo laughing with the croup. Personally I think it was Owen that filed a complaint.


Whew..the first five minutes of the episode was a doozy. So much was going on and everyone was arguing and yelling at each other. Then it skipped ahead three weeks and I kind of felt cheated because it never was explained what transpired in those weeks to get to where we were at that moment.


April terribly annoying. I think she should be on every flight going out of Seattle.

@ Fudgefase

That's Hilarious.

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