Grey's Anatomy Review: Listen to Your Heart

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Grey's Anatomy is finally back!

Japril fans must have been thrilled to find out that April listened to her heart and actually chose Jackson. I know I should have just accepted it from the moment April ran out of the church but I couldn't stop thinking:

Poor Matthew! Poor Stephanie!

I was glad that Japril wasn't shoved down our throats too much as the two appeared to be on non-speaking terms at the hospital. Come to find out, they were just keeping their relationship marriage a secret. That's right! They got married. Go big, or go home, right?

As a Mapril fan, I always thought that April was much more tolerable with Matthew by her side. Surprisingly, I didn't hate seeing the newlyweds together. Now, how will their colleagues take the news? More importantly, how will Jackson's mom find out and react? I can't wait to see what she has to say. 

Side note: Do you wish the writers should have shown us what exactly happened in the barn? I'm honestly kind of happy they cut to the chase. Maybe I would think otherwise if I really cared about April's decision, but I just simply didn't care enough. 

On another note, I was excited to find out more about Derek and the POTUS storyline. However, it also left me a bit confused. So, not much was uncovered in the White House's investigation. Their only concern was questioning why Derek was sending $3,500 to a family for an incident that happened when he was a child. 

I wanted to find out more about his project with the POTUS. Also, how will it affect his promise to Meredith? Is she going to be able to continue with her research? How will taking on this new endeavor affect their marriage and family?

Elsewhere, Alex found peace when saying goodbye to his father. That happened after he punched the crap out of Ross. Alex's final scene with his father was utterly heartbreaking. Luckily, Jo was by Alex's side in the end. 

By the way, I've been rooting for Jolex forever but I'm definitely with her. That special moment outside the barn was not a proposal by any means. Come on, Alex!

Meanwhile, I don't get how buying a new home will solve all of Calzona's problems. The installment started off with Arizona sounding so sure that their marriage was over. Three weeks later and they're signing documents for a new home?! What?

Sure, Arizona explained her reasoning but I'm just not convinced that moving is the right fix for their troublesome marriage. 

Other Thoughts:

  • I snickered every time Bailey tried to find out more gossip and especially when she asked Ben for the scoop.
  • I laughed a little harder when Ben found out that he grabbed Tucker's lunch by mistake. The countless age jokes were kind of cute. I think I'm going to like having Ben around.
  • Seriously, the cat man really frightened me. I would have screamed like that little girl if I had awakened to see him so close to me as well. 
  • Is redemption even possible for Ross? I can't see it happening anytime soon. 
  • Don't forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey's Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 13 answered a number of questions with April's decision at the forefront. If tonight's return was any indication, the rest of this season is going to be just as strong and will keep us on our toes.

I, for one, am especially intrigued by the potential of Stephanie's (it has to be her, right?!) complaints to the board concerning sexual harassment and want to see how the doctors deal with the repercussions.

Were you surprised by April's choice?


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Sarah silva

So glad to have this show back after such a long break.
I am not a fan of April's but I knew she would run off with Jackson and even though Shonda tried to trick us by having April run out of the car and Leah say that April, Jackson and Stephanie were all unhappy. I knew they were together, however I was not expecting them to be married but I like that revelation at the end.
Shane should be gone! He should not have been allowed back at the hospital. Yes people will argue that Mer should not have been allowed back after messing with the trial awhile back, but still Shane should be gone.
I like Webber but there are times he forgets he is no longer Chief and he disrespects Owen every time he does that. I am glad Owen said something to Webber.
I do not see a happy ending for Callie and Arizona. They are fine at the moment but I just do not see Arizona ever giving Callie a break.
I felt bad for Alex, being turned down for his proposal and losing his dad in one shift. As much as he will fight it, it hurt to lose his dad.
Sorry but Leah gave Stephanie the wrong advise and I think telling the board she was harassed was awful. The idea of it being Leah that complained is interesting, maybe it was.
Jo and Alex will have to sneak around.
I want to know how Christina and Mer became friends again, I love it and want to know more.
I also liked that Ben and Miranda are doing better.

@ Mrs alex o'loughlin

If Stephanie did file sexual harassment against Avery, a judge would throw it out as there is evidence they were in relationship and people will testify to you that it was a relationship. Leah would have more of a case given only few know of her fling with Arizona, though for some reason I feel Jo may turn against fellow resident cause they are in the wrong.
If Izzie was allowed back for cutting LVAD wires, I don't see why Shane back. Meredith should have been fired for the prisoner on death row incident too.
They kind of touch on this story with Mark and Nurses but that got resolved in one episode.

@ cacherr1

I disagree, sexual harassment suits can become messy. This is not about co-workers. This is about teacher and student. Attendings are the bosses and teachers and they have to make evaluations upon these residents to continue in the program. That is why the White House vetting crew frowned when they mentioned Meredith's relationship with Derek. If you are having a sexual relationship with someone you have to evaluate for promotion or grades then your evaluation WILL be considered biased by most court of laws. It is never about your students conduct. It is about yours as a teacher/boss. The courts will say you hold the power and you do, maybe that student was afraid to say no for fear of losing their job or receive a bad review. It may not be true but they can say it. Which is why most companies have declaration of relationship statements relieving the company of liability. I liked that Owen had the only ounce of fear because he understands this. Grey's has been living in a bubble.
Second, Mark Sloan and the nurses are completely different. Doctors are NOT bosses of nurses in a hospital setting. Their bosses are other nurses only. They are hired and fired only by other nurses. Doctors can make a complaint that may get them fired but that is it.

@ cacherr1

LOL that was so funny...Bailey bringing him in front of all the nurses..."This man is a whore!" :)

@ sha_angelico

Wow, how I miss Mark now!


I'm guessing that it was Leah Murphy who complained. It would be too obvious if it was Stephanie. Also, if Murphy was the one who complained, then the source of her complaint will eventually be revealed: her relationship with Arizona. Does Callie know about Murphy and Arizona? This would then put a wrench in their seemingly happy, moving forward with buying a house stage of their relationship. No one really gets to stay happy for long on Grey's. I still don't care for the interns... any of them. Though I feel like Jo's character (her personality) has hints of Meredith in it. Also, um, whatever happened to Matthew?

@ Trixx

I think Callie knows they hooked up or something but doesn't know the extent of it. I'm not sure what happened to Matthew. I just know he's available now...:) If I worked there I'd have a massive crush on him. He's so sweet! That flash mob? Totally something I'd love!


I looooved seeing then together! I love that they got married! I love that Avery freaked out with her and that she wasn't alone in thinking and dealing with the consequences. The reality of what they did started to sink in for him too and I felt like that needed to happen. As terrible as it is, I couldn't wipe the smirk off my face seeing them at the end of the episode! I'm also really glad it's not back and forth, at least for the time being. They're together. I would have been really annoying for April to hurt Matthew like that and then not even be together with Jackson.


I totally agree with jl williams. Jackson and April DO NOT belong together! I felt super bad for Stephanie. April is a skank!! And Jackson is a deutsche and a hypocrite, he was all like I am not Karev back in season 9, nope you are NOT Karev, you are worse!! I also felt bad Alex, glad that he had Jo at the end when Jimmy died finally that was a beautiful scene. Other than that I LOVED the rest of the episode and I LOVED how they tied next weeks episode with tonights episode that was genius and AWESOME. I LOVED Jo's reaction when Alex introduced her as his fiance and she was like when did that happen, that was AWESOME!! I loved Leah telling Stephanie talking about how Jackson and Arizona used them. I do feel bad for Alex and Jo with this NEW rule because it looks like it will affect them most all. :( Even though in the preview you see both Jackson and Alex making out in the closet, now if the only relationships allowed are married couples then Jolex is in trouble and so is Jackson and April. Now Alex and Jo don't know about the NEW rule so they are okay in the closet but Jackson DOES KNOW and he did say we won't have to worry about sneaking around. But come on it took Jo 3 weeks to realize that she accidentally got engaged. And now the NEW ONLY married couples can have relationships. I say that Jackson, April, Alex, and Jo ALL know about the new rule which would explain both couples in the making out in closet and it might explain about Alex and Jo's fight in the halls, the rest of the season IS DEFINITELY going to be about those four which is about time because Jackson, Alex, and April have not had that much storyline in the past. ;) Again I can't wait until next week's episode!! Season 9 and 10 ARE THE BEST MOST AWESOME SEASONS!!! PLUS I LOVE ALL THE RESIDENTS ITS LIKE GREYS ANATOMY IS NEW ALL OVER AGAIN! AWESOME and EPIC =D

@ kiera14

I loved April and Jackson together :)


This episode was absolutely horrible!!!!!
I don't know where to start. First of I think April is a big shank for leaving Matthew at the alter all the things he did for her. Poor Guy. I hate Alex so much now. For the last eight years he consistently brag about horrible his father was and when he is sick and dying he has a change of heart and now wants his father to have the best care!!!
What he did to Shane was no unprofessional and ridiculous. He should get fired!!!! Everything else was boring. Once Cristina leaves Im officially done with this show. It has gotten ridiculous.


The only two people who make sense as the complainers are Leah and it probably isn't them...always expect the unexpected with Shonda!
I really don't get the whole Calzona storyline anymore...
I loved how Cristina and Mer both came to rescue for Alex...those three are awesome :)
And I really liked how they didn't force the whole 'April left Matthew at the altar and ran away with Jackson' thing on was the exact right amount of April...
And Bailey and Ben were hilarious...The pouty look Ben had when Bailey brought his lunch was epic...
And I thank Alex for decking Ross...He totally had it coming...


Quite frankly Leah is the one behind this whole lawsuit crap and she is just a total and complete idiot mess.
Five minutes ago she was shagging Alex and being all clingy, then during a night of drunkeness she becomes gay and in love with Arizone? I don't buy it. Shonda should just get rid of her, Shane and Steph. I was getting used to Steph esp after her run in with Catherine but if she is going to listen to that bag of crap Leah then she deserves to just die. Avery didn't force her to have sex with her. She wanted it too. What he did was wrong but I'm sorry they were not a couple.

@ Sa'ad702

YES. get rid of Leah. gah. just take the chance of get rid of all the interns. i know i'm supposed to be used to them by now... but just kiss 'em all goodbye already.

@ greyslover

I *do* like Jo, though. I like her *for* Alex and *with* Alex, if that makes any sense. He's better for being with her.


I like the complaint plot. The attendings, mainly Avery certainly deserved that and it gives the residents some different stories other than the usual hospital stuffs.


Great episode! I personally am convinced it was the white house who filled the complaint: they asked derek about meredith and then did a little research and voila!

@ Garance

That would be interesting...but didn't they actually meet by hooking up at Joe's bar? That's what the pilot has us believe. But then, I suppose there was really no way he could answer that question well-the bar thing could be taken to mean he lacks discretion as well.


I am so thrilled and happy japril finally got back together. I do feel for the exs but we knew as watchers they were meant to be. I also believe Shane filed the harassment complaint. If it was Murphy, I hope she just fades off. The writers have done such a horrible job writing her.

@ Meg

I agree, I am so happy too, that was a long time coming... I am happy that they went all in this time, no running back and forth. This whole complaint will force them to reveal their marriage, though. I think both Murphy and Stephanie are badly written, I just don't like them that much.

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