Hart of Dixie Review: Nothing Left to Say

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This installment of Hart of Dixie broke my heart. Big time.

On Hart of Dixie Season 3 Episode 12, Lavon destroyed not only Annabeth's heart but the whole fandom's as well. Indeed, wha seemed to be a endgame relationship, proved to only be a waste of AB's precious time.

Throughout this episode, Joel followed Wade around for inspiration, learning that he is actually quite the manly man. Especially when Wade takes his shirt off, right ladies? While Joel was shadowing Wade, he learned what we've all know: this guy is quite the sweet talker.

Is it just me or is Wade just consistently surrounded beautiful women? This is too funny. What a player!

Elsewhere, just as Zoe thinks she has a real shot at being partner again, Brick plays her. Raise your hand if you're surprised... I didn't think so. However, Brick and Zoe are one of my favorite pairings (as friends) on the show. The jokes and pranks are out of love.

Another episode passes, more reasons are revealed as to why I love Joel. He may not be macho but he has a way with words and has courage knowing that at any moment, he could die of allergic reaction. To top things off, he PUNCHED a guy! Swoon! Am I right or am I right?

In another turn of events, there wasn't a blow out between Lavon and George as I had expected there would be. Instead, there was a simple understanding that Lynly was indeed crazy. At least naive Lavon can see it now.

In the most dramatic moment in all of Hart of Dixie Season 3, Lavon broke Annabeth's heart when he confessed she wasn't the love of his life. This hurt deep. Annabeth always knew that Lavon was the one but Lavon does not feel that same. Does anyone else need a tissue or a hug?

Now that I think about it, Lavon has done nothing but made me mad all year long. He's incredibly ignorant, he gave up on his fight to stop the merger and now he's letting a great woman like AB go!

Lavon, where is your head?

Also, where the heck is Lemon! Every episode she is gone, the more the show needs her. I have been seeing on Twitter and Facebook how people are commenting on the gap that Lemon has left. I agree. Lemon is a key piece in Hart of Dixie and it's struggling with out her.

Overall, this episode was okay. I didn't find it as funny as I normally do, nor was the plot all that intriguing. The drama was solid, but it didn't outweigh what was missing.

Here's to hoping Lemon returns soon so Bluebell will be all good again. As Annabeth said, theres nothing left to say.

What was your least favorite moment from the episode?


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Weird season so far. Zoe is not as likeable this year. She acts like a dipshit most of the time. Also, the story does not revolve around her any more. Joel seems more interested in Wade than Zoe. Seems like the show has lost it's purpose since Zoe is no longer a fish out of water, and she is in a steady boring relationship.

@ Joe

Truth. The writers have a show with majority of the characters aged 25+ and a fandom full of viewers in the same age range plus those younger BUT their writing isn't something many of us connect to. This show is about life - where they hell are the situations based on life (like seen in s1 and s2)? I liked AB scenes last episode because she did the situation justice but it's been a while since we've seen a true to life interesting scene like that on this show. Along with realistic life experiences we also like to watch shows that take you out of everyday reality by providing good drama. Right now there's a minority still enjoying the show but the majority are JUST hanging in there week after week. The show has just gotten worse and worse and by now the writers/exec producer would be hearing the fan base but they seem to like their show the way it currently is. Unfortunately it's currently a dud and continues to just get worse. :( Also, steady relationships definitely don't have to be boring if the two people in the relationship are interesting characters and face difficult/fun/sexy situations steady couples face. They've just decided to finally write Zoe into a steady relationship but have chosen to not make Wade's character be apart of that. :/


Omg Lavon and Annabeth are breaking up I gonna cry !


What was the name of the band on stage? And where Ann I supposed to download a free copy of the song they sang - as promoted at the end of the show?


Could see ab wasn't going to wait around foreverer I think lavon deserves to lose her she is far too good for him and I have been saying for weeks to give him the flick. I am sorry to say the writers have fooled us into the tragedy of a Zoe & Wade they have given us 2 seasons of them now they have just pushed a zade completion aside. I am so disappointed in them I cannot see a zade connection there at all now they both seem to be happy with the way things are wade seems to be happy with Vivean and Zoe with Joel so happy they have bought a house although theirs isn't a torrid affair but more like siblings I wonder what the writers are thinking whatever it is it isn't the way to keep fans for hart of Dixie the one thing I liked about monday nights episode was that George finally grew some balls and went after tansy


The reason Lemon hasn't been in the last few episodes is cuz she was pregnant during the first part of the season so she was probably close to having her baby around the time they filmed these episodes


Good episode. Joel scores more points with me every episode. He hasn't cheated on Zoe, and when he acts the hero, it's hard for him, where it always came easy to Wade. Joel really cares about Zoe and her happiness, and they're growing together. Nice to see.
Now, with Wade and Zoe the passion is Intense, and Zoe and Joel are more sweet than passionate, but it's enjoyable to watch, only in a different way. I do still hope they get back together, but Wade Did break Zoe's heart in the worst way possible. And while he may have changed, in my opinion, he should have worked harder at apologizing...
I saw the breakup with Lavon and AB coming, so it wasn't a shock to me. They're a good couple, but again, they lack that passion and emotional depth we love so much.
Love that George and Tansy are getting a second chance!
Wanda and Tom had their fist disagreement, and it was very cute.
Sometimes I wonder if AB and Joel could be a good match at some point in the distant future (is that just me?) or maybe Vivian and Joel, though? I do hope ultimately that Zoe and Wade find their way back to one another. But I suppose, the pain Wade caused Zoe may have been too much for a second chance?
Maybe with AB out of his life, Lavon will come to realize what he's lost?
Whatever happens in BlueBell, I can't wait for next Monday!


is the right things to do lavon never love AB the way he love lemon there was no sparks or chemistry with AB lavon had more sparks and connection with lemon he love her so much is good of give lavon and lemon a schot and follow they romance in season 1 never know much about what to knew more about that I,am glad they break-up nice job writters .................x


I wanted to cry when Lavon didn't say anything to AB.. I was secretly hoping that he had hid a ring in her scone or something.. They are AWESOME together!!! I really hope that he crawls back to her and tells her that without a doubt she is the love of his life.
I would love to see the remodeling of the house fall thru, Joel leave, and Zoe move back into the carriage house, and her and Wade slowly get back together


'A waste of AB's precious time'- they might as well be writing about this entire season. There hasn't been any flow or arc, it seems like disjointed "surprises" instead of a good story.

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