Hawaii Five-0 Review: A Father's Greatest Gift

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After a week off from Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 13, which was largely Chin-Ho centric, it is nice to be back to see what all our favorite Five-0 characters are up to this week in Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 14. Alas, all hell seemed to break loose and it was an incredibly tense and tear-jerking episode.

This week's theme was about a father's undying love for his daughter, and showcased the parallel stories of Danny and Grace against an escaped con and his estranged daughter.  

Danny & McGarrett are Handcuffed!

The lighter and funnier story, of course, was with Danny and Grace and about how she was suspended for hitting a boy at school so hard that he needed four stitches.  When asked if she had a good reason for striking the boy, Grace merely apologized and said she did not.  But when Danny asked her about it later, she admitted that she had hit him because he was bullying a friend of hers, but she did not want to say anything to the principal because she was "no rat." 

But peeved that Grace had made him look foolish before the principal for standing up for her believing that there had to be extenuating circumstances, Danny was unable to see past his own embarrassment and punished Grace by grounding her.  

If only the father-daughter drama could have ended there.  But, unfortunately, this week's case of the week involved a con who escaped to clear his name and prove to his own daughter that he was not the vicious crook she thought he was.  

In the parallel story, the prisoner's escape from the guards at the courthouse was hard enough to believe with so many police officers around, and the fact that he was able to get into Danny's car and get the jump on Steve and Danny seemed implausible.

But allowing a suspension of disbelief for this episode -- assuming a momentary lapse of police training and judgment and that Danny and Steve were ridiculously foolish enough to leave the car unlocked and not to check the back seat before getting in, and knowing full well that there was an escaped felon on the loose -- we got to see how that tense situation played out between Danny, Steve and Ray Parrish.  

By the way, special shout-out to Michael Madsen who gave a stellar performance as Ray Parish tonight.  He made the role both believable and chilling, then endearing as the kaleidoscope shifted and we saw Ray for the man he truly was.

The scenes with Parrish in the car as he plead his case to Steve and Danny was perfectly nuanced.  It began as terrifying and tense, then slightly puzzling, then almost with a feeling of warm camaraderie and understanding.  That shift in perspective and alliance was nicely done by all three characters and made the implausible story a bit more believable.  It was actually getting to be fun watching the three of them interact as they tried to think how Parrish was set-up and framed and how they were going to prove it. 

It was all that more sad when the local police finally caught up with them before they could work out Parrish's surrender.  It put Steve and Danny in a tough spot of having to outrun their own fellow police officers and make everyone wonder what the heck they were doing. 

It endangered lives and Parrish's own panicking nearly got someone shot before things were under control again.  It also meant that they were without back-up or vests when they reached the witness' house and they found themselves on the receiving end of a machine-gun blast of bullets.  No back-up and no vests.  What on earth were they thinking?!

Lady-luck was with them and the only casualties were the lying witness and the fake fed from the real estate scam.  But then everything unraveled further from there as Parrish escaped (again) and it led to another bad situation, where Parrish's daughter lured him unknowingly into a trap and he ended up shot.  Parrish got his final goodbye with his daughter, but did it really have to end in such a bloody, condemned fashion?

There was a glimmer of hope in this episode as we were led to believe that not only was Parrish innocent of the crime he had been convicted, but that there may be a way to prove it and it would give him a second chance of a life with his daughter.  Alas, that second chance was ripped away when he sustained two bullets in the chest.  The real culprit was caught and killed, but Parrish only got that last moment with his daughter before he passed away as well.

Was this the ending that Parrish truly deserved?  It seemed so bleak and heart-breaking after all they had gone through in those final hours to try to earn him a chance to prove his innocence and secure his freedom.  It was a cruel bait-and-switch method of storytelling.  To lure viewers into believing that a happy ending could be attained, only to rip it away at the last second.  Cruel.

But perhaps there was a second lesson to be learned from this story:  sometimes a second chance comes too late.  Life is fleeting and all it takes is one wrong choice to lose it.  Parrish's choices all led him to that final stand where he was shot protecting his daughter.  He gave up his second chance to save his daughter's life.

Parrish's name was ultimately cleared as his conviction was overturned and his name cleared.  But that is only some solace for his daughter who grieves for him and the life they missed out on together.  It was a nice touch that Kono returned Parrish's letters, so that his daughter could finally get to know the father that she barely knew.

It was a tragic end to the Parrish story.  Justice was served in the end, but even a reformed con cannot outrun fate forever.

The episode did end on a lighter note with the entire Five-0 team meeting up for drinks and Danny realizing that he had been too harsh in punishing Grace, brought her along.  It was also a nice touch when Danny apologized to Grace for grounding her and told her that he was proud of her for defending a friend and that he would love her no matter what.  It was a time for more tears, but this time, tears of joy. The crowning moment was when Steve told Danny at the bar, "She's a great kid" and Danny simply smiled and said with obvious pride, "She's got a mean right cross too."  Danny wears the proud papa look well.

One final note for the night is it was great to see the whole team working together and so efficiently.  It gave the sense that the Five-0 team has been working together for a long time and that they trust each other enough to know when something is wrong and when to back off when they need a little space to get a tricky situation under control.  But they never hesitated to have each others' backs when it counted and that love and trust really showed.

Re-writing fate is never wise, but thinking about it, would there have been another chance at a happily ever after if Parrish had survived on H5O?


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To the people hating on Catherine and asking why Kono wasn't on the field well because she just had a baby and it's too soon to be doing stunts or actually be on the field. Be patient and she will soon go back to her old job in the field !!


I thought this was a very good episode, loved the Grace and Danny part. Loved the group ending except no Max. Where is Max?
As for Konos deminished role has anyone considered the possibility that, as a new mother, Grace Park may want a diminished role in some episodes in order to spend more time in Vancouver. By shooting around they could probably shot her part in a day or two, just a thought.


I finally watch the episode and according to some spoilers I read before this episode was broadcasted, the episode was going to have bromance, and a Steve and Danny bonding bromance that had ben lacking for the past episodes. Well I watched it and let me tell you that I did not see any bromance, it was lack of it,lets say just a few lines between Danny and Steve making fun of each other, but it was just like 4 lines and that was it. Wow what a bromance!!! (not true) First season: the best season so far. There is no doubt about it. It was an ok episode there had been much better episodes. Im glad Kono is back I miss her but Catherine still out there doing what Kono has to be doing. Catherine needs to say in , searching for information on the computer and visiting police departmetns to gather info on the case not out chasing guys, that is Kono;s job and had always been Kono;s job. So now there is no 4 core but 5 core?


Ok Kono is fully back but this episode she was not out in the field chasing the bad guy as the rest of the team but she was relegated to the headquarters and playing with the magic table searchign for info on the bad guy? Instead Catherine was front center doing KONO's job????? I dont like it. Kono should had been out not Catherine. I know Catherien is now a 50 member but she could have stayed at headquarters doing what Kono did today. Besides Catherine is INTEL and tech she can do those things and still help the team. I dont like Catherine doing Konos job, Kono needs to be out in the field not Catherine


I loved Danny being the lawyer for his daughter, and Grace saying she's no rat. I also would have loved seeing her punch the kid. She really is growing up. Madsen did another great acting job. I got pretty angry at him calling Grace, that was horrible. But the scene at the end with his daughter saying she loved him was very touching. H50 has great endings.
I was glad to see the whole gang back together, and loved the bromance moments, it was different from others, but still great. This is a great season. The ratings keep going up, people are liking the Friday time slot.


This was a great episode. I was shocked at the end when Parrish died I thought that he and his daughter would get a second chance but we don't always get a happy ending in TV but the good thing is that he was cleared of all charges and his daughter read his letters at the end so she'll get to know him better even though she'll never really get to know him. Grace punching a kid in school because he was being mean to her friend and him needing 4 stitches was funny and I kind of wished we could of seen that. I knew that Danny would talk to Grace after what happened to Parrish and his daughter and the elevator scene at the end was perfect I loved it. I loved how we had the whole team working together they work so well together and I can't wait to see more of it. Can't wait for the next episode.


HI GUYS, who knows the song played in the car at about 15min20 pleaseee ??


In 3 1/2 seasons, no one has ever accused H50 of being a stark, realistic cop procedural. Those that still watch faithfully are very good at suspending belief and enjoying a weekly fun in the sun romp in Hawaii. I think we have all come to the conclusion that the Hawaii Five-0 team is larger than life and some of us even look forward to what semi-ridiculous fixes the team can get itself into (and obviously out of) each week! For me, this episode was great - it had the delinquent bromance front and center, it had a villain who ended up being actually sympathetic, it had action and a couple twists (never suspected the fake FBI guys) and it ended with the whole Ohana together - THAT's what we've missed the majority of the season!

@ Jlopie1

I agree completely. They are always in some hot mess and they will get out of it in no normal way. That's the attraction! That, and the essential humanity of the characters, which scenes like the final one treat us with from time to time. Loved the Ohana, loved seeing all 5 5-0s working together for the first time, and loved seeing them with their whole family at the beach bar. I feel like I'm a little part of it too.


I am good with suspending reality when it comes to H50. Loved this episode. It felt like coming home to the core 4. I was so confident that Chin and Kono would be able to figure out the case that I sat back and enjoyed the teamwork between both partnerships. I thought the storyline was advanced with the team working like a well oiled machine. Steve and Danno's reaction when Parrish phoned and spoke to Grace was awesome. I could feel their fear that Grace could be traumatized along with their restrained anger at Parrish. I enjoyed Steve and Danno working themselves out of their predicament. After the last episode, seeing Chin looking like himself and working the case with Kono made me ..happy..for lack of a better word. : ) The mix of Catherine and Grover was perfect...not too much and not too little. Loved the Ohana ending the team and Grover and Kamekona was funny. Proud Papa and Uncle was awfully cute and I loved seeing Kono and Grace together. And oh yeah, Chin on a motorcycle was hot. : )


The very end of last night's show was dumb. The show could have ended at either one of two points before this. One, where Danno realized he had been too harsh on Gracie for chewing her out at the beginning of the show where she got suspended from school for punching out another student. Two, where Roy Parrish's daughter was shown reading the letters her father had sent her from jail which she had refused to read because she hated him so much, accompanied by sad music. Instead, we get another beers-on-the-beach finale with McGarrett telling Danno words to the effect "Gracie is a great girl." HELLO! We already know this from the double-whammy English 100 possible endings with these father-daughter parallels!

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Grace: "I'm no rat."
Danny: "Who are you and what have you don't with my daughter."

Danny: "I have no idea what's gotten into her."
Steve: "Really? She reminds me of somebody else I know. . . Let's see: she's scrappy, stubborn, hot-headed, and loyal to a fault. She's you, pal."
Danny: "That's disturbingly insightful."