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Helix Review: Silver-Eyed Stare

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The illusive Ilaria Corporation arrived at the base this week to check in on their investment.

Boy, was that Constance a piece of work or what? Guest star Jeri Ryan was a welcome addition to the Helix cast and I hope she sticks around until the finale.

The introduction of Constance Sutton, CEO of Ilaria, in Helix Season 1 Episode 7 finally shed some light on the purpose of the virus.

Saving Walker

Though we've known for a while now the virus is man made, this episode confirmed Hatake is its creator.

It didn't come as a surprise that Ilaria not only wanted a virus, but its cure as well. Makes total sense, the pharmaceutical company could infect the population and later make millions profiting from the only cure.

We don't want to kill everybody, just thin the herd a bit.

Constance Sutton

It was interesting to learn, however, that Constance was unaware of the Narvik-B strain. Hatake explained it as an alternate attempt when a cure for Narvik-A proved elusive. My personal theory that SODRA (the cure-all) was used in the Narvik-B strain is still a possibility.

Constance wasted no time proving herself quite ruthless. She not only threatens Hatake, but makes him pledge that no one gets out alive. It goes without saying, Ilaria can't have any witnesses to everything that's gone down. Get ready to say goodbye to more of your favorite characters.

We're at the midpoint of Helix Season 1, and this is where Hatake begins shifting allegiances. It's pretty clear why he's "gone off the rails" as Constance puts it, Ilaria is our big bad.

Alan has one simple request of Constance, he needs Julia (the RNA Structure expert) to find a cure. Constance prepares a team to go down to Level R and retrieve Julia. I found it strange that Sutton seemed unaware of Julia's importance.

Last week, we kept hearing how this is all about Julia. Then again, that all took place in Julia's hallucinations. Maybe the whole season is not just a dream of Julia's after all.

Though necessary, Anana bringing Balleseros back to the base, and the talk of missing children felt repetitive. Balleseros mentioning missing kids while he was growing up in Brazil was new though. Still, I don't trust the guy as far as I can throw him. Was there any truth to it?

So Julia has silver eyes now. She was healthy again and a quick blood test determined there was no black goo in her system.

Peter Farragut: Maybe you're survivor zero? First one cured?
Julia Walker: But if I'm cured, why am I still hallucinating?

I have no theories as to why Julia continues to hallucinate Peter. If you do, dear reader, I'd love to hear them in the comments below.

While you're at it, if you can enlighten me as to why Constance was filing her teeth down, I'd appreciate it. That went over my head.

Hatake takes his secret passageway down to Level R, discovers that Julia is healed and her eyes are silver like his. Was it me or did Hatake seem genuinely surprised by Julia's silver eyes? Was he not 100% sure the two were related until this point? I'm going to stick with the theory Hatake is Julia's father. The serum he injected her with contained his DNA, allowing him to cure her but not the other vectors.

Daniel confronts Anana and Balleseros when they arrive at the base. She shows him the picture with his twin and his reply was classic. "Impressive, but I can use Photoshop too."

He eventually comes around, remembering there were always children at the base in his youth. I'm sure we'll learn more about this situation next week.

The secret passageway opens and out stumble Hatake and Julia. Daniel and Anana demand answers but not before Hatake hands Julia a set of contact lenses. As security marches Julia out of the room, it appeared Hatake was going to say "I'm your father," but stopped himself.

Julia and Alan are finally reunited, and though she tried hard to conceal her silver eyes, she lets him see.

I'm not sure how those vectors hitched a ride on the lift from Level R, but now they're loose on Level B.

There were a couple of reveals tonight that were totally predictable, Constance's silver eyes and the fact she and bad boy Balleseros were a thing. Constance tasking Balleseros, independently of Ilaria, to look into Hatake was a cool twist. I have a feeling her relationship with Hatake is much deeper than we know.

If you can explain the things that went over my head, please share them in the comments. This is a show that demands a re-watch or two. Don't forget, you can watch Helix online right here at TV Fanatic.


Ok, Heliacs (did I just coin a fandom name?), this week's question is: Who do you think "Survivor Zero" is?



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Wow! I this was "Episode Zero" for me; it contained so many important clues to the answers we all crave! I think that Hatake implanted the gene into himself, then hoped it was passed down to Jules and simply dormant in her blood. I think that next week we will see that Jules is more powerful than anyone ever imagined as she has the paternal gene that combines with the virus and Hatake's tears were tears of joy as he wasn't sure she would have it. I think we will see a shift as Hatake isn't the villain anymore but it is Constance instead. As far as Constance & her teeth shaving, I think that she had Hatake implant the gene into her as well, and as many women try to improve upon themselves with plastic surgery, she has scientists from around the world make her into a more powerful human and one of these other procedures causes a deformation (fangs, etc.) of her teeth. I go over all this and more in this week's post entitled "Episode Zero" that is out NOW and gives us answers to the questions we crave @!


Ok there was a lot of talk about "evolved virus" ...but what if that's not the case at all?? I mean there's lots of shows, obviously Helix is still unique, that have non-humans besides humans. I mean when Hatake teared up, that was not from joy at all! I have seen a lot of happy tears and sad tears, and hhis face said "oh god what have I done" it didn't swem like he was happy she was cured, and it didn't look like he was sad about her eyes, it look like fear. We don't know her parents, but I do believe he is her father. Maybe what he gave her was the cure for the disease (which he's hiding from Constance, obviously) and seeing her and what HIS virus did to her is the reason his shift in alliance is really quickened. I think that the silver eyes signifies a whole different species, not just an evolution. Kind of like vampires I guess so to speak. Hatake could be feeling despair because he doesn't want Walker to go through what he has to.
That brings me to Constance. That wasn't just filing her teeth, she had soooo many instruments out! Almost as if she's trying to make herself look HUMAN. its one thing to file your teeth, hell i have friends that did it, but what about all those other tools that were layed out like order matters?!
We really haven't seen Hatake alone so we don't know if he goes through the same 'maintenance' as her and so we have nothing to base it on. All in all, what I'm saying us Hatake could be Walker's father. But him, Constance, and now Walker could just be a difference species. Not so human. With the redhead vector and Walker, and with the other vector and Hatake, that wasn't just 'oh that's odd' that was either full out fear or submission, or both... Sorry I kinda jumped around in this, I just have so many theories haha


I think the only reason Julia is seeing Peter and not Alan is the same reason she was drawn to Peter in the first place: She couldn't talk to Alan; he was emotionally unavailable. Alan and Sarah are alike, they are both driven. So let that be a lesson to anyone out there who is putting work first ;)


I think they are the evolved version of the virus. and that only some people can bond with the virus, and makes them this evolved being, probably with fast healing abilities, her eyes when she learns to use them will adjust and she can see things, and in the promo it looked like she also had agility from the looks of it. like a super human, and those infected dont attack because they recognize the adapted or higher version of themselves. but i feel like it might have a darker control, and julia might have to fight dark urges or something, and the filing of the teeth could totally be a side effect of her body changing. and i think constance and hitaki were the first, and now want to try and find a cure because they cant live with themselves. idk we will find out.

@ taylor

Hm, that sounds like the Extremis story from Iron Man (comic, not the movie).

@ Payton McMullen Jr

Really? How so? I'm not familiar with the comic Payton.

@ Henry A. Otero @Henry that's the storyline I'm referring to. The Mandarin wanted to release Extremis on world. Only a small percentage of the population is able to survive the Extremis process. It was a very James Bond villian-esque plan.

@ taylor

Hatake does mention to Daniel at one point that he had no interest in the cure. It was quick and in passing but I caught that. Perhaps Constance is "Survivor Zero" and is suffering different side effects? It's possible Hatake's red serum is a cure and he's had it all along just not sharing it with Ilaria Corp. With Julia infected and their possible father/daughter relationship, he cured her. In the "First Look" for Episode 8, we do see that vectors can distinguish between regular humans and evolved humans. Have you seen that clip yet?

@ Henry A. Otero

I havent seen the first look for episods 8, but from past episodes the vectors dont touch the "evolved" ones only humans. And my thing is if that was a cure why was hataki crying so much. He seemed happy to see her well then when he saw her eyes he started to cry. As if it didnt work. Like the cure is suppose to get rid of everything but this locked and sealed it in fod her making her what he is, which he didnt want?? I feel they have alot to answer from the kids going missing and stolen brother, it was odd seeing him turn on the guy who raised him so quickly.

@ Taylor

Ok yeah I see what you mean. Hatake was hoping to cure Julia altogether, but she's now an evolved vector like he is. Daniel did turn on Hatake rather quickly. Then again, I'm sure he's always felt that something was off with Hatake. Also, it's not like Hatake denied anything right?


my biggest wonder is when Hatake cries after seeing Julia's silver eyes is it happiness, sadness, or fear. When the vector saw her eyes it ran off scared. Can't wait to see what is to come. My theory on her hallucinating Peter is a transfer of knowledge as he infected her. The virus mutates the body alters the brain but to cause fear of silver eyes that has to be learned seeing someone with silver eyes its not scary just odd. Fear is part of the fight or flight instinct response so to fear something so small has to be learned via genetic memory so I believe that the vectors can pass there knowledge to those they infect causing the ghost in her head.

@ Cyberscann

That's an excellent theory... since Peter infected Julia, she's still hallucinating him. As far as Hatake crying over Julia, like I mentioned in my review it's possible he wasn't 100% sure the serum would take. Perhaps he wasn't certain they were related until this episode. That's what it seems like at least... for now.


I think the filing of the teeth was to show how hard core bad ass Constance is! (Who does that?) Or to prevent her teeth from turning into fangs! (She's a monster!) Peter is Julia's "ghost", messing around with your husband's brother will create one! (If you have a conscious!)

@ Bey

I'm badass. I file my own teeth down. Just call me Constance! :-) I'm also a monster, so...

@ Bey

Ok that makes sense, to show she is hard core. If the silver-eyed club were growing fangs, Hatake would have to file his teeth down as well. Hey you never know with this show right?


It was my favorite episode since the premiere, but I wish they'd tone down the static sounds during the scenes to try to create a creepy factor. They're unnecessary. I love the silver eyes. I'd be all for a genetic mutation to create those in real life. Hatake seemed surprised she had them, which made me even more confused. It's obvious I'm not going to guess what's going on. If they're aliens, why look for a cure? Constance is one, but she's fine. Low percentage of successful mutations... Into what. We will find out someday. Or not!

@ Carissa Pavlica

Carissa said: Hatake seemed surprised she had them. AND he was crying when he was bandaging her eyes. Glad she is cured or overwhelmed that she had to become one of them? And the teeth filing...either keeping fangs down or sharpening her teeth to bite better...I could see her sink her teeth into someone...wolf-like with those eyes.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Same here, favorite episode since the premiere. Who's Natalie? Not sure it's aliens anymore. Everything seems scientifically based. I guess it could be an ancient organism found in the ice? Hatake is a scientist, so it makes sense that he found this thing and tested it on himself. Why Constance though? Hmmm

@ Henry A. Otero

Natalie is Hatake in iPad. God I had this machine. Hate hate hate.

@ Carissa Pavlica

Oh man I just laughed so hard hahaha