How I Met Your Mother Review: Weekend at Barney's

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Ted and the mother popping champagne was a fitting open to a half hour worth toasting. 

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Episode 18 featured all the ingredients of an amazing episode, as Ted and the gang set out to recreate Stinson's Hangover Fixer Elixir.

Much like Barney couldn't imagine the wedding being any more legendary than the story he was fed about Weekend at Barney's, I can't imagine an episode topping this one - but I hope to be proven wrong.

Amid the flash forwards and flashbacks, we were treated to many aspects of the show fans have come to love. The best of which featured a "True Story" by Barney; Ted and Marshall off on a mission together; and of course Robin and Lily pulling no punches while trying to revive the drunken groom.

Marshall was so taken aback at seeing Barney's state render him devoid of his photogenic super power that he vowed to never get "that" drunk again.

From there, we got to see how he hilariously broke his promise, but also the moments when Lily and Robin found themselves back at the bottom of the bottle.

Marshall delivering his victory speech as Batman's Commissioner Gordon was outstanding. It has to rank up there with his Beercules moments of seasons past. However, the best of the vow breaking scenes, without question, was Robin's.

First, I was so excited to see her waking up next to Barney in 2016, even if it was on the floor of some hotel in Argentina. Then came the capper, as we heard a baby cry. My elation at thinking we were about to meet baby Stinson was quickly replaced by a fit of laughter.

Robin having reflexively walked over and scooped the crying child into her arms, turned to Barney and asked "whose baby is this?"

Passing out in the wrong hotel room certainly can be written off on hefty bar tab, but there was no blaming the booze when Robin and Lily made out... for what was the third time I believe. Not only was it a great scene, but it also worked momentarily as Barney sat up clapping like a seal asking for more.

Meanwhile, Ted and Marshall were out tracking down the ingredients for the elixir. After revisiting and old joke by "throwing a Tantrum," the only thing missing from the known parts of the formula was grease. Standing in their way of securing some was a tray full of bacon.

No no no! Ted do not give me that look.
Ted; A mountain of food, a ticking clock? Come on you live for this stuff.


As Ted ultimately stepped up to dig on the swine, he wondered aloud if he would even like the meat he for so long thought he was allergic to. How great was the look Marshall and the chef gave the camera? I always love a little fourth wall breakage.

Ted was hysterical as he growled over his tray of bacon and even funnier when he professed his love of the previously proscribed pork product.

I finally found the one Marshall. Her name, is Bacon.


We know, of course, who Ted's true love is and as he took a page out of Barney's book to make her feel better on New Year's Day 2022; we got to see the kids come barreling into their bedroom. I can't deny it, my heart did a little skip as they jumped up onto the bed.

My favorite moment, though, even if it was just a "placebro" like "Dumbro's" feather, was seeing Weekend at Barney's acted out. Complete with the string rigged high-five.

I don't think it was ever in doubt that Barney loved his friends, but seeing the measures he took to cheer them up in some of their darkest hours was special.

Inside that suit coat of his, along with a white dove no doubt, beats a big heart. How hard did your heart beat with love of this episode and where do you rank it among the season's best?


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Weekend at Barney's Awesome!!!! Not gonna miss the show but sure as hell gonna miss Barney :(


Great episode, but I am argentinian and the way the show referred to my country was so offensive not because the woman spoke like someone from Mexico or Miami but the fact that the city, the accent everything were totally wrong, they didn't even bother.


I must say that, eventhough I liked the episode, I was a bit dissappointed about the portrayal of Argentina. I know it's definitely not a central point in the episode and no one really cares, but it annoys anyone that has actually been to Argentina or knows and Argentinian, to see yet again how clueless and ignorant USAs movie/series makers are when portraying foreing cultures and places. That woman yelling in spanish and the apartment they wake up in are definitely not in Argentina, probably more around mexico or somewhere in central america. I know its a silly small detail, but it takes like 0,15 seconds on google to do it right, considering it's a show that airs all around the world, including the prime time in Argentina!

@ Ro

ahhh c'mon himym takes shot at Canada ALL the time. Don't get offended it's part of the shw and just be glad Enrique Inglesias represented you people at some point, it shows great regards :P


Another great episode for sure. I'm glad for such a lackluster season that they're at least going out with a bang for these past how many episodes. That was actually one of the most touching moments I think we've seen from Barney, I loved it! Even Lily wanted to break down in tears! I thought it was really funny how after Robin and Lily finally kissed that Robin was the one wanting to do it again and acting all giddy about it and Lily was just over it. I had just seen the other episodes on reruns of Lily really wanting it to happen a couple nights ago, so it was pretty fresh in my mind. Hilarious! And I love that it actually worked to wake Barney up. And yes, I was also glad we got to see Robin and Barney in the future as many were questioning whether they were actually going to get married this season or not! I hope that means yes! I really wish we could find out the mother's name already. I'm just dying to know! And when is she going to meet Robin?!


i liked it!!!!!. all of it it was funny


I loved this episode. I loved seeing Robin and Lilly do everything they could to wake up Barney from dropping him down the stairs to dunking his head in water to threatening to cut off his tie then finally to kissing and him waking up wanting more. The flashforward to where Barney and Robin were drunk in Argentina and Robin getting the crying baby but then like who's baby is this and the woman coming in and yelling at them in Spanish was funny. I loves the Ted and mother scenes I can't wait to see more of them and I loved seeing the kids when they were younger. Can't wait till the next episode.

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