Nashville Review: Call It Like You See It

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Despite the fact that Teddy's storylines and drama with Lamar usually take a backseat to, well, everything else on Nashville, this week they were front and center.

With Lamar's release from jail on Nashville Season 2 Episode 14, Teddy was out for revenge and Tandy had all the proof. There was no shot that Rayna would be able to look the other way.

What started as a cute homecoming with the musical stylings of Maddie, Daphne AND Rayna quickly turned sour when it was obvious that Tandy couldn't be in Lamar's presence for more than two seconds.

Before Rayna even got the chance to discuss things with her sister, a frenzied Teddy came over to tell Rayna everything.

Rayna may not have believed things at first - after all, Teddy is still mourning Peggy and his demeanor definitely shows signs of that emotional distress. However, after Rayna confronted Tandy and Tandy brought over the evidence from the private investigator, there was no turning back. Plus, this is Lamar Wyatt. Did anyone ever think he was truly innocent?

So Lamar's version of events is that he was on the scene, but he did not kill his wife. He thought she wouldn't really leave him and followed her and saw her crash. Lamar claims he was not involved, but he also didn't call for help because he saw it was too late and he was scared.

Does anyone buy that?

Let's say Rayna gave him a pass and really did believe he didn't kill her mother, what about Teddy? Part two in her confrontation with Lamar was whether or not he put the hit on Teddy that ended up killing Peggy. Lamar's brief "psh that's crazy" but not outright denial gave Rayna all the proof she needed.

Did you try to murder the father or my children?

Rayna [to Lamar]

In the concluding scene when Teddy and Lamar got into a heated fight that led to Teddy spilling the beans that Tandy was his rat, Lamar had a heart attack. Teddy, just like Lamar said he once did, stood by and did nothing to help. Will that come back to haunt him? Or was it a weird sort of justified karma?

Elsewhere in Nashville, Juliette was agoraphobic and hiding out at Avery's. Avery has got a lot of patience putting up with everything Juliette is leaning on him for. To add to that, she's also rearranging his apartment and playing housewife, but Avery has proven in his Nashville season 2 makeover that he's actually a really good guy.

He even stepped in and gave Deacon a stern piece of advice when he was going to drop his first track from the show out of spite; and that Deacon is one stubborn dude.

Honestly, I love Deacon and people do fight, but sometimes I can't believe that people put up with the crap that comes out of his mouth. Megan has now taken two verbal lashings from him for no good reason. He always hits below the belt too.

Are you some kind of tragedy junkie or something? Is that what it is? No, no that's it right? That's why you're with me. I'm this hot-headed alchy that you seduced to fulfill your savior complex.


I hope these two work out and i hope Deacon's record works out because I genuinely do like his character. Sometimes I think he just needs a kick in the ass or at least someone to call him on his BS. Speaking of calling people on their bull, that is where I see the Scarlett story leading. Zoey has now picked up on Scarlett's weird behavior and Deacon knows she is wearing herself thin.

How well has Clare Bowen perfected that dead doll eyes look she gets when she's totally burnt out? I see a meltdown in Scarlett's future and I think it will happen when Liam pushes for that hook up in the next episode. And who has experience with substance abuse? That's right, Uncle Deacon. 

This whole episode was about calling people on their crap. Gunnar was very upfront with Will about his album, his relationship with Brent and his need to start selecting songs. The problem is, that talk inadvertently led to Brent getting fired. Is there any way Will is going to perform better under the iron ruling of Jeff Fordham? Yeah, right. 

So what do you think? Did you believe Lamar's account of the accident? And is Teddy going to just stand idly by as he dies or will we see him call for help last minute?


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Sarah silva

Teddy will watch Lamar die and they will do an autopsy and see that he did not die right away and that Teddy could have saved him and I am sure somehow Teddy will be arrested for watching him die.
I really hope Tandy goes to jail too, she needs to pay for all the bad stuff she has done.
I really like the song Will sang that Gunnar wrote. I felt so bad for Brent being fired. I hope Will smartens up very soon!
I thought it was super crazy that Juliette, took over Avery's apartment after one night! Any other guy would kick her out in a second after that. However Avery has become a great guy and he really like Juliette and is trying to help her get back out there in every way he can. It was nice to see her listen to him and go to the Blue Bird.
I agree that Deacon is super stubborn and he has been harsh to Megan twice. I think that is just part of their inevitable breakup.
So when are people going to catch on that Scarlett is not herself. They all seemed to think she was acting odd but no one showed any actual concern. Avery is happy that she is fine he is with Juliette and Zoey was just happy that Scarlett was talking to her again.


Enjoyed that Rena finaly found out about Lamar. Glad to see friends are noticing Scarlett's issues. Hope it's not to late. Juliette seems to becoming more grounded with Avery's help and love.This is my problem with preview for next week. Juliette is surprised in bed with man. Please tell me that it wasn't anyone but Avery. Deleted it before I had chance to review. Any help.

@ reality addict

No, she's not with another man, she's with Avery. ;)

@ Jovana

Thank you. I really like Juliette with Avery,and I think she is a better person with him.Was driving me nuts thinking she was reverting back to old ways.


Just an observation on your poll seems to me that NOBODY these days care about older characters.............. It was clear from the previews that Lamar passes........but if Teddy does anything that remains to be seen........ We can clearly see where Scarlett is headed...........she will have some kind of break down............. Deacon is back on long will that last? I also wonder how long Juliette and Avery will last............. I'm annoyed at the direction they are going with Will. How long are they going to drag out him NOT accepting who and what he is?

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Nashville Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Juliette: I'm quittin everything.
Emily: Before everyone quits you?

Ask your sister why she didn't testify on your father's behalf. Ask her what your father's capable of because she knows better than anybody.


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